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The Street Fighter Meets The Gang Leader

The Street Fighter Meets The Gang Leader




Dominic is a girl with a hidden identity. A street fighter, known for being a demon in the ring. Outside of that though, she's just a girl going to school when she meets Nickolas and the rest of his gang. They're ruthless and cold but they have an objective. To get The Mysterious Demon. Unknowing that it's the girl they torment at school. So, what will happen when she says no?

  -Dominic's POV-

  I step into a quiet corridor.

  Most of my days start like this one and it's not quiet because I'm alone, nor is it quiet because I instruct it to be. Instead, it's quiet because of the crowds of people who are here all stop and stare. I'm not popular here but you could say that I seem to stick out like a sore thumb despite how dark and plain my clothing is. Maybe it's because I don't fit anywhere else that everyone seems to notice.

  But if I were honest, I couldn't care less.

  I carry on walking with my necklace bouncing gently on my chest as the bell rang signalling my first class: science. I'd be lying if I was a straight-A student, science itself was one of my lesser favourite subjects, but it was one of my first three lessons, so I went in.

  I got to the seat which was left empty specifically for me and sat down. It was far from everyone else and there were seats left empty around me too. Again, I didn't necessarily choose this seat but it's where I and the rest of the class came to a silent agreement on during the first week where I made it obvious that I didn't want to talk or be talked to by anyone. It was my nature to be alone here.

  As I was sat down and started drawing habitually in my book, the voices in the class lowered into murmurs. I didn't have people around me, so I couldn't hear what was going on unless I found out myself, so, I lifted my gaze towards the front of the class and the first thing I saw was a pair of grey eyes staring back at me. We held onto each other's eyes before breaking off at the same time. As he looked to his right I mirrored him and looked to his left, watching four more guys following the first one.

  A piece of paper was given to the teacher who, after reading it, smiled while nodding, "you five must be the new students I was told about!" She exclaimed more excitedly than necessary.

  I sighed once hearing this. It was inevitable that they would have to sit next to or near me now since those were the only seats available but before they could come and sit down the substitute teacher made them introduce themselves which almost made me roll my eyes.

  The last one to come in started, "Well I'll go first! My name's Zack Winsky, I'm 17 and I like the colour blue!" Zack seemed like a cheerful and enthusiastic character with his dirty blond hair and bright blue eyes. His clothing was casual, no emphasised effort was put in. He grinned at the end of his introduction and the class seemed to ease into him.

  Next was a guy with dull green eyes and a smile which lacked effort. "Hey, I'm Jason Telix and I'm also 17." Jason had jet black hair and his clothing style was similar to Zack's except the colour pallet was darker, yet his physic could still be seen from under it. He was strong.

  Two other guys went after him and introduced themselves as Blake and Jake Lucifer. Twins with opposite personalities. Blake seemed similar to me, laidback and calm with a slight murderous aura. Jake, on the other hand, seemed more like Zack was. Energetic. But one thing they did have identical was the dirty look in their eyes, making me want to roll my eyes again. Other girls in the class didn't seem to think about what I did though and were quick to fall for them.

  As my mind wondered, I felt someone watching me, so I turned to the last person who had yet to introduce himself. He looked as if he cared more about his appearance, more modern and a controlling feel to him. From the corner of his shirt, I also spotted a tattoo crawling from the collar of his neck, but I was too far to identify anything it said. What intrigued me the most though was his eyes which were identical to mine. As grey as a rainy day's sky. "I'm Nickolas Sector."

  There were girls in the class who instantly fan-girled over his strong British accent, but his eyes wouldn't leave mine nor did mine falter from his. It almost turned into a contest but after a moment we pulled apart again.

  After that, the guys were told to take a seat so they all walked towards me but before they could get to their seats a random person decided to bring me into the unpleasant light. "Demonic sits there on her own though, doesn't she?" she asked, and everyone turned to face me but before anything else was said the teacher started her lesson.

  I tried ignoring the three people behind me and the two on my row, but it came to no avail. Zack, who was sitting next to me, turned and started talking, "is Demonic really your name?" he asked so I turned to him slightly to face him and respectfully put my hood down.


  behind me I heard one of the guys whisper to Nickolas, "hey Nick she has the same accent as you" but I ignored it.

  Zack gave me a smirk and answered, "I mean you look angelic to me so why are you demonic?" I guess I was supposed to be touched but instead I couldn't help but smirk right back.

  "It's not my name but I wouldn't be called demonic if I didn't do something to deserve the title," I said and let my face go back to monotone before turning back to my drawing which was starting to look like a bouquet of wilting flowers holding one plastic one which stood out in the middle. There was nothing significant about it and I was probably going to throw the page away once this lesson had ended but before it could, the drawing was snatched off of my table and Zack held it in his hands whispering a ‘woah’ before nudging Blake who was on his other side and getting him to look at it. I would have cared more if I even cared in the first place.

  Time past, the lesson ended, and the teacher left, giving the class the opportunity that they had been waiting for in order to come and swarm the new guys. I took this time to get the hell out. Fortunately, I was ignored as I packed up and was able to leave the room with little difficulty.

  As I walked I received a text from Xavier which pulled me back to reality. I read the text informing me of tonight's fight schedule and replied with an, 'I'll be there' before turning my phone off and getting ready to go but before I could move further, someone stood in front of me, blocking me.

  "Where do you think you're going?" I looked up at his face to see it was the same pair of grey eyes that was sitting behind me in class.

  "Far from where your business lies" I responded with a smirk before walking past him and out of the door.