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The Villainess

The Villainess




What would you do if are the villainess of a love story? Yes exactly the one who separates the male lead from the female lead just because she is burning with jealousy, hatred and love for the male lead. She is that person who separated those two lovers because of her love. She is the hated one. But no one cares about the fact that she was the first woman in his life. She was the one who got discarded after the entry of innocent, loving, unique female lead. She was the one who got her heart broken umpteenth times but at the end of everything she is like all those girls who throw themselves at the male lead. This is who she is and this is her story. The story of the villainess.

  She was running as fast as she could before stumbling on the cold marble floor of the mansion. Her hand scratched, her leg numb tears trickled down her cheeks.

  She did not know for how long she could run but with her small legs the mansion seems like a never ending path.

  "Find her" those words chill her. No she did not want them to find her. She needs to ran as fast as she could. After falling the fourth time she could not stand up anymore. She crawled near a decorated flower pot. Praying that they won't find her. She clutch her legs near her chest closing her eyes tightly.

  "Hey!" She jumped staring at the little boy infront of her. Her eyes widen in horror. The only thought race through her was did they find her?

  "Are you alright?" The little boy asked extending his hand so she could stand up.

  "N..o" her words come out as a whisper mixing with the air. He smiled at her kindly.


  Sylvia blinked sitting up on her bed. She took a deep breath, Was that a dream? Or just a distance past memory? She don't know anymore.

  She just sit on her bed silently when was the last time she said something like that? Sylvia sighed. Was that a concious part of her mind who wanted someone to ask her that?

  Sylvia rubbed her face, why is she even thinking about that? It does not matter. Her eyes wander to the clock. She get out of the bed and walked straight to take a shower and get ready to start the day. She needs to face a new day and repeat the same pattern of life.

  When she walked out of her room there where various maids  working talking and enjoying life. This is the view she always sees but now it involves mocking her.

  "Look at her" a maid whisper as if she could not hear their words.

  "Yes after she took everything form our Madam" another maid said.

  "If only master married our Madam. She is so kind and loving" She looked straight ahead not bother with their words, she is so used to this that she felt this is normal. A part of her life.

  "A thousand times better" another maid said. She could careless about what they say if only they have not say that.

  "She is not worthy of him" She would have let it be, let them be. But that was enough.

  Worthy? Who are they to tell her whether she is worthy of him or not?

  After all she already knows how much worthy she is. No need to rub it on her face. She sharply turn towards the gossiping maids.

  "You" the maid flinched turning towards her horrified. Yes they should after running their mouth off.

  "You are both fired" they gasp at her sudden words. What they thought she will let it go like she always does?

  It took a while for them to realize what is happening when  it did one of the maid fall down on the floor begging her.

  "Please madam" another maid fall down with tears in her eyes.

  Please? She raise her eyebrow.

  "Get out" she coolly replied.

  "Please I have family, my child is sick"

  Sob stories something she hates with passion.

  "You should have thought about that before ignoring you work and gossiping, I said out" she takes a deep breath this is the third time she is saying the same thing as usual they would  ignore her. Like her words does not matter like she does not matter. How much longer will this go on? She is tired of this now.

  "I already said two times if you don't get out I will make sure you won't get another job anywhere"  She pulled out her phone and called their agency.

  "We are so sorry, Madam" they bowed before rushing out. She rolled her eyes.

  "How cruel!" Again with this whispers. She was holding onto the urge to call their agency and make them pay. But if this continues on she would do that.

  "How could she do this?"

  "She has a small child"

  If this goes on she will fire everyone in this house. She needs to get out of here before that. As much as that thought thrilled her but she could not. Usually she could ignore everything and anything but the dream she has this morning where messing with her patience level. She sighed.

  The butler whose named she did not think of remembering stopped her.

  "What is it?" She narrowed her eyes not in any mood to involve in another hassle.

  "You should not have fired them, Master will not be happy to hear that" her face turned cold before she chuckled.

  "I can fire your master these are only his employees" Sylvia smirked.

  "Beware I don't give second chances, next time you open your mouth where it's not needed things won't end well for you" She said, the butler flinched back at her words. She turned and left. 

  Sylvia stare ahead chuckling everyone hates her in this house. Not that she did anything to change but once a person makes an opinion of you they won't change even if you try dying. She knows that very well to try it.

  The car she uses stopped infront of her. She opened the door taking  seat opening her laptop. Her secretary sitting beside.

  "What's on today's agenda?" She asked.

  "I thought you won't come" Clive her secretary said.

  "Why?" She stare at the files infront of her. It's not like she don't know but she just could not care about it.

  "Have you forgotten that yesterday you got married?" Clive asked almost sighing at his workaholic superior.

  "I really wish I could" She just rolled her eyes, letting it be. Why bother thinking of things which are of no significance in her life.

  "Then why were you here to pick me?" She asked her eyes still focused on her laptop screen. It's usual for her to concentrate on things rather then some topic she have no interest in.

  "Because I know you too well" Clive rolled his eyes.

  Slyvia froze, knows her very well? Not many people can say that without convicting their words. He does though, he knows her for ten years now. When she started working as Clive's subordinate and now being his superior.

  "But I was shocked your husband let you go" Sylvia sighed looking up.

  "Husband? Are you mocking me?" She raised her eyebrow staring at him. He flinched.

  "When there are conditions applied to your marriage things go a bit differently" brutal truth no sugarcoating, nothing. Just like that this awful conversation comes to an end from her side at least.

  "Conditions  are give to solve the problem" his words held deeper meaning. And she knows that but she also knows how this will end when she took this path. Than why bother?

  "When you are married on terms it's better if you stop living in fantasy and know the reality"

  "Giving reality check the next day of your marriage. Are not you being cold?" Clive chuckled jokingly. Well he is one of the few people in her live who could do that without any repercussions.

  "What can I say people call me cold!" She said rolling her eyes.

  "You are just pessimistic" Clive sighed shaking his head.

  "Who cares?" She just shrug her shoulder. He rolled his eyes at that.

  'You should after all you are more cold to yourself than anyone' Clive want to say that but keep quiet.

  "So, you did not answer my question what's on today's agenda?"

  "Nothing" Clive sighed. She raised her eyebrows and looked at him for the second time.

  "What? Did you ask someone to do my work?" Which is impossible as Sylvia knows but then again it might be because of the marriage. What goes on Mr. Martin  mind no one knows!

  "No. You just need meet to your father that's it nothing else"  She heavies a sigh. Meeting her father that's not something she looks forward to. She looked out her face blank.

  They reached the office quite early as it is.

  "Meet me in my office" Sylvia told him before walking upto her father's office knocking.

  "Come in" She took a deep breath before entering. A lot of thinks where going through her head but  how much worse could this get? If only she have any idea.

  "You asked for me?" She walked inside. Mr.Martin eyes coldly looked at her with a disapproval. She looked down for a bit before again looking at him. It's not the first time she saw that look. She is used to that look.

  "I was wandering something for a few days" He sit down on his rotating chair.

  "What?" She asked, though she knows he will say it whether she wants to hear it or not.

  "I have decided something" he sighed relaxing which was odd. He never relaxes in front of her than why the sudden change?

  "I have decided who will become the CEO" Her father looked down at the paper on the desk. She froze staring at him, her eyes widen.


  Is not she is the CEO already? What is he saying?

  "You competency is questonable" Mr.Martin did not question her or asked her but just tell her. She looked down bitterly.

  "Who?" Sylvia could hear her voice asking which was again another odd thing because she usually don't open her mouth infront of her father. Or is he really her father?

  "I decided Yohan will be the CEO"