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Reincarnated Sorceress

Reincarnated Sorceress




Labeled as weird was the norm for me, and from the society I lived in, I took that surname as a compliment, but I didn't think that weird would be branded even in my death. Transported to another realm where magical creatures and magic is nothing unusual was not what I expected to wake up to when I thought I was dying, nor more than I expected to get thrown into a fight between supernatural forces, and definitely not him.

  Going through life, I was called a lot of names, since I wasn't the most social person on earth and wasn't afraid to show it. Add to that an eccentric and hotheaded person, and you got yourself a strange piece of

  art. But from those names, the one that would match me the most would probably be weird.

  I was an introvert who had a knack for fighting I don't know how that happened, but it always brought me an exhilarating feeling. And given that I was tall and a bit chubby I won most of the time. I was also into

  giving hugs and kisses to cute things like I was a bear that was searching for his honey. I know quite contradicting, but with age, I got to

  better at controlling myself.

  I usually kept myself away from people, but I hated when someone was being ganged up on, for no other reason than the bully had too much free time. Ultimately it was good for me since I always had a good excuse to fight when the director asked me, why I had bitten the face of

  my classmate? Yes, I also had a huge inclination to biting my opponent.

  So, basically, I was a weird kid that grew into a fine weird person. So, as I crumble to the ground, my members becoming numb while the pain in my stomach was literally killing me. I watch the motherfucker who had tried to racket me bleed out from his jugular after I had bitten into it, and at this moment, I've never been so proud of my weird habit more than now.

  I was in so much pain the knife still stabbed in me, tears falling from my eyes as I recall the twenty-nine years of life, but I couldn't stop myself from laughing. I should probably be calling for help, but my phone was so far; and frankly, I was unable to bring myself to move. I could feel my eyes wanting to close, but I refused to as the moon was quite beautiful today, and I thought it was a shame to not enjoy it a bit more, I told you I'm weird.

  The scenery went from the moon to a ceiling in the blink of an eye and with it a headache that made me groan. I held my head in my hands and pressed on it because it definitely felt like it was going to explode.

  I felt like was falling from a high height even if I'm pretty sure I was laying down since I could grasp sheets in my fists. The strange vision kept

  appearing in my mind. I don't know how much time passed before I was able to open my eyes without feeling like they were being grilled.

  After a while, when I was no longer assaulted anymore by pain, just slightly dizzy. I look around the room to try to get a clue, to where I was. It clearly wasn't a hospital since it was too beautiful, a Victorian bedroom

  with gold and red, that was far too much shiny for my eyes.

  I tried to get up, but I had some difficulty before I was able to get myself steady on my leg. Once on my feet, I looked around and then walked straight to one of the doors to find out where I was. It turned out to be thebathroom. I was going to look at the other doors to look if there's

  someone who could explain to me where I was.

  However, I ceased moving as I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I couldn't move a muscle, afraid that the person I was looking at will do the same, but after stopping breathing for a minute, I finally had to take a

  breath. And to my horror, the chest of the person in the mirror moved with me.

  My panic was increasing at each step I took toward the mirror until my shaky hands made contact with the cold surface. I just kept staring at the stranger's face that was starting to become familiar, and it suddenly clicked with the vision that had again started assaulting my brain.

  As a fan of fiction, I don't how much I've read about this kind of thing, but to truly live it, it's like a slap you just don't know where it came, and as I was staring at my new face, it unquestionably felt more than one slap.

  I raised my right hand to my cheek and pinched the skin, a smooth milky skin that contradicted with the black hair that fell like a cascade over my skin and brought out the purple in my eyes.

  It was then that I noticed that I was shorter, to be more accurate, I was younger. This body couldn't be older than ten or twelve years. And as if that wasn't enough, this body was wearing a dress with bunnies. God,

  I'm going to get a heart attack. I may like hugging bunnies, but it's a whole other story to wear something that makes me want to puke rainbows.

  I leaned my head in the mirror while closing my eyes, hoping that I'm having some kind of dream, but every time I opened them I still saw the same thing, which was a cute little kid.

  I took a deep breath and tried to think it through instead of panicking. I hate hysterics, and I hate it, even more, when I let myself panic. Okay, I'm not dead, and I was transported in someone's body. That thought

  alone made me blank out for a moment, but it took some time to quickly get myself back.

  I'm definitely not going to freak out. I'm just going to deal with what lifegave me, like always. It won't be the first, nor will it be the last time thatlife just tries to turn me crazy.

  First I need to get more information; where I am? Who am I? and if I'msafe? And what better way to find out, than to concentrate on the memories that had been stored in my mind.

  Little by little, memories started getting constructed, and it was as fascinating as it was creepy, since I could feel as if a bridge filled with visions was created in my mind, and as I cross it I got to absorb the information stored inside. While I was going through what is now my

  memories, there is one thing that made me flip out and get excited at the same time.

  Magic! Now, it looks like this world has magic, and it's called Teregnum. It isn't medieval, which I thank god; since the thought of wearing dresses of the eighteenth century made me want to suffocate.

  Strangely, this world has similarities with the modern earth, but with afew differences. The most important one is that there are dynasties and royal families that rule each country, there is also technology, but it is

  mostly run with magic. Oh, and also let's not forget, that supernatural creatures are the only kind of people that exist in this world.

  This world motto, the stronger you are, the more you are respected, And the weaker you are, the more you wish you weren't born. 'So, basically, the rule of the jungle didn't change even in another world.'

  I'm known as Alexandra Atrox, ten years old, the only daughter of the prestigious Admiral Drake Atrox. But after Drake's leg injury, and the death of his only son the Atrox family is slowly losing its prestige, and adding to that the only daughter turned out to be an idiot, slash spoiled

  brat, that seems to have no interest in no one else other than herself.

  The only thing keeping the family afloat is the admiral reputation and the army that holds the deepest respect for him, and who would discard their life for him.

  As I look at my memories, I cringe at some act this spoiled brat had done, which makes me ashamed, like seriously asking the attention of everyone that dared to cross her way.

  "Ugh, I become the person I loathe the most!" I breathe out while hitting my head on the mirror repeatedly. God, if this is a game, this bitch would be the first to die or wish she was dead. It seems that in Teregnum, the kids are homeschooled until the age of fifteen where they are sent to the academy to learn how to control theirmagical abilities depending on the nature of the person, which will be known once they've hit fifteen years old.

  I need more knowledge on magic first because I'm crazy excited to use it and second because I'm too vulnerable, and it will be the fastest way toshow my value to the Admiral after falling from grace, from all the stupidity the late Alexandra had done.

  I need to become a diamond in the rough, to be properly protected, until I become stronger. As I kept looking through my new memories, I got the impression that most of the mistakes that the late Alexandra has made

  were bizarrely orchestrated. The sole purpose of it seemed to be for breaking the relationship between the Admiral and Alexandra. And it appears to be working fine.

  I don't know who is the mastermind, nor what is their goal, but I'm sure it won't be pretty for me. 'I should've known nothing good happens to me, without a crazy shit sticking to it'

  So, first I need to get close to the Admiral, and at the same time, try to acquire a father's love for once, considering the asshole of a father that I had in my last life. A dad that runoff in the middle of the night, while I was five, only to come back years later asking for money. I got out of the fantasy of a loving dad, but for now, I'll be needing it to survive.