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Evil Spirit Hunter

Evil Spirit Hunter



A horrible game appeared on my phone. I tried it... It turned out that this was not a game, but the key to another world. There was obviously no one in the female toilet. Why was someone talking in the last room? Every night, why did elevator No.1 always automatically descend? The chef of the restaurant on the second floor worked very late every day. What kind of meat was he cutting all the time? Was it you in the mirror? When you turned your head, did you ever think that you were still in the mirror? In fact, you were watching him quietly all the time. "At the beginning of that day, I learned that all around me are things that ordinary people can't see!" Catching them became my job.

Buzz... Buzz...

The phone on the bar vibrated twice, and Johnson Andrew picked it up.

It turned out to be a system notification.

"The Demon Hunter has downloaded. Do you want to start the game?"

After reading the message, Johnson showed a blank look.

"What? I didn't download the game."

He thought it was some kind of garbage software and wanted to delete it.

However, something unexpected happened.

The Demon Hunter could not be deleted, as if the phone was bound to itself.

Looking at the icon carefully, Johnson found it was a hideous illusory skull with a hand grabbing it.

He looked up at the guest who was cursing his teammates in the Internet cafe.

Then he looked at the game called "The Demon Hunter" and sneered, "Where's the fun in mobile games?"

He didn't like mobile games, perhaps because mobile games had affected his Internet cafe.

Now there were only a few people in the large Internet cafe, which made him, the boss, have to eat instant noodles to save money.

He was eating when a female employee in a work suit came over.

"Boss... Can I get an advance on my salary?"

The employee was Salem. She had baby fat on her face, which was relatively plump.

Look, the buttons of her white shirt on the chest were so tight, as if the thing inside was going to break out.

Pulling his eyes out of the cracks of her shirt, Johnson looked at this last female employee of his Internet cafe, and his heart ached.

Didn't she see her boss was eating instant noodles? And how dare she advance the salary?

"How much... do you want?" Johnson asked as gently as possible.

She was the last employee who was very diligent, and seemed to be a new graduate who was a few years older than himself.

She was always night shift and still had to go to work during the day.

She was very pitiful.

If pay her salary in advance could let her stay, then so be it.

He couldn't be the one to clean the floor and the table in the future, could he? He would rather close the Internet cafe if that's the case.

"3000 dollars..." Salem lowered her head, stirring her white and tender hands together, as if she was very embarrassed.

Johnson cried in his heart.

Salem's monthly salary was 3000 dollars. Did she want all 3000 dollars this time?

"Salem, are you going to get an advance on your future?" He wanted to bargain.

Salem blushed slightly and said with embarrassment, "I... I... I..."

"Well, well, well, 3000 dollars, I will transfer the money to you." Looking at Salem who could not say a word for a long time, he gritted his teeth and could only agree.

It would be a month's salary.

He planned to fight for his cafe for the last month.

If the business was not good this month, it would be closed directly.

"Thank you, boss. You are the best person in the world!"

Salem bent down repeatedly to thank him. Her chest shook, and the buttons seemed to be open.

Johnson barely squeezed out a gentle smile and waved her to get off work.

After Salem put down her apron and took her bag to leave, Johnson sighed deeply.

Was the Internet cafe that his parents gave him going to shut down like this?

He felt very helpless when he thought of how the place was so crowded and bustling when he was a child.

Unfortunately, under the fast development of smart phone, who could go against the boom of mobile games?

The computer games were becoming less and less attractive.

"Forget it. It's the last month. If I can't do it, I'll sell everything, and go on a trip."

Although his words sounded free and easy, deep down he still felt sad. He grew up here, and this place was just like his home.

Seeing the collapse of his home, it was hard to describe his feelings.

Looking helplessly at the icon on his phone, he gritted his teeth and said, "I don't believe it. What's so interesting about a crappy mobile game? Is it as real as PC games? Is it as exciting as PC games?"

Once he clicked on it, an agreement popped out. He habitually did not look at it and scrolled all the way down to click [Yes].

After that, a burst of horror sound came from the phone.

It was like you went to the toilet at night, and then echoed a sinister smile in the toilet.

"The Demon Hunter, I hope you can live longer." The voice of the demon rang on the phone.

Johnson trembled, and felt that the voice seemed to come from his ear.

He looked around. Although there were not many people at the Internet cafe, it was still bright.

Seeing that the loud guy was still there, he felt more at ease.

This guy was there every night and came to play games. Johnson was used to him.

Looking at the time, it was just three o'clock in the morning.

On the initial interface, it was still that sinister skeleton, but it didn't have that hand.

There was no option to start the game, and no option to withdraw from the game.

There were only buttons like [Evil spirits], [Equipments], [Personal information] and other unimportant things.

The [Evil spirits] and [Equipments] sections were all empty. When he clicked on the [Personal information] button, he was stunned.


Name: Johnson Andrew

Age: 20 years old

Gender: Male

Level: 1

Health Points: 1000

Spirit Power: 45


"What's going on? I haven't registered yet. Why does my portrait still exist? This has experience and Health Points." He couldn't be more surprised.

He thought that the software might have stolen his personal information.

No, this could not be considered a theft, because he had just agreed on many agreements that he knew nothing about.

After thinking it through, he didn't hesitate any more, just felt a little interesting.

"Hey, hey, there's a shop." He smiled and clicked on it.

There were many divisions in it, such as weapons, armor, and some strange props.

He couldn't finish reading all kinds of things, and felt boring. So he simply went to watch the last one, which was the task!


The Initial Task: At 3:33 a.m. in your Internet cafe ladies' toilet, there will always be someone talking in the last stall. Do you want to know who she is?

Task One: Listen to her singing quietly.

Task Two: Tell her she is ugly, and no one wants her.

Task Three: Take a picture of her while she is glaring at you.

Task Reward: 100 experience points, 10 Spiritual Coins.

Attention: You are absolutely forbidden to leave the building during the game, otherwise your HP will be zero!

One could only start a real game after completing the initial task.

Can you distinguish between reality and illusion in a world that doesn't exist?

"The Demon Hunter, good luck."

The task accepting countdown: 62 hours.


Johnson was stunned. Looking at the task, he came to himself after a long time.

"This... you mean MY Internet cafe?" He looked in the direction of the toilet at the end.

He looked at the task once again, and then the choices of accepting and giving up. His thumb hovered on them for a long time, but he didn't choose any of them.

He went back to the starting page of the game. Looking at the skull and the multiple options, he looked back and forth several times.

"What the hell is this? You want me to go to ladies' toilet to eavesdrop on others' songs? And you want me to open the door and take a close-up?" He was confused.

"Also, you don't even have an option to start a game or quit the game." He was stunned. This was the first time he had seen such a game.

He reached out to get the paper and wanted to wipe his mouth.

As a result, he accidentally touched the box cutter inserted in the pen holder and made a cut on his finger.

The blood flowed out, and he quickly put down his phone to get the tissue.

However, when he put down the phone, he saw that there was a change in the personal information interface.

In the HP column, there was clearly 1000 HP before, but now it actually became 998.