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Bloody Romance

Bloody Romance



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New Story Alert. Coming soon. . ❤️❤️ *By Blood or By Love* . "A brilliant captivating coming of age novel." . . PROLOGUE . My twin brother and I used to be best friends, our bond for each other was stronger than that of any other twins in the world. . But something happened.... "I heard that you guys are the greatest assassins in the country" I said to the clansmen. "I have a job for you, and I promise to pay you N1,000,000 if the job is done successfully" I said. The guys exchanged look. "Mention it... we'll give you the best work ever" The leader said. "I want you to kill someone!" I said, looking straight in his eyes. "Who?" I allowed a minute passed before answering. "I want you to kill my brother tonight. Then bring his head to me" I said. They all widened their eyes. "Your brother??" "You heard me well" "But why????" . . . Grab your popcorns and anticipate for episode 1. Is gonna be fire... For Blood or For Love. #nigeria/america .





"My name is Smith Femi Akindele. I'm the twin brother to James Jimi Akindele. I'm from Lagos, Nigeria and I..."

James dragged my phone and ended my life video.

"What's that for?" I asked

"I know what you wanted to do. You wanted to announce to the whole world that we're leaving for London today" James said.

I rolled my eyes.

"So what's the bad thing there?" I snorted

Just when he was about to reply, Mum called.

"Smith and James"

"I guess breakfast is ready" James said and hurried off.

I sighed and followed him.

"James, your flight is by you need to hurry up so we can leave." Baba said in the dinning.

I and James exchanged puzzled glance.

I turned to Baba and asked; "Why did you specify James. I thought its suppose to be the both of us."

Baba shook his head, "not anymore".

Oh my God!

"What do you mean by not anymore!" I yelled and Baba shot me a hard glare.

"Sorry" I mumbled. He hates disrespect.

"Next time, if you ever yell at me. Trust me, you'll regret it" he said.

"Sorry Baba" James and I said.

Baba went back to his meal.

Mama was silent.

After a while, Baba said "Smith, your Mother and I have pondered about this and we think that it'll be best if we sent you both to different school. So you're no longer going to Cambridge. You'll be going to Harvard." 

I stood up like someone possessed "That's not possible!" James and I screamed the same time.

Mama stared at us in shock.

"If is Harvard, then we are both going there. Same goes to Cambridge." James retorted.

"Have you guys lost your manner?" Baba questioned.

"The thing is that, there's no way I and James would be apart." I said.

Baba glared at Mama. "Talk to your boys." He said and left the table.

Mama looked at us with hurt in her eyes. "You guys are hurting your Dad"

I snorted "He's the one hurting us, he's trying to separate us"

"But is for your own good."

"How?" James asked.

"You won't understand" Mama said.

"Really? Is that what you have to say?" I yelled.

"James will be going to Cambridge today, While you'll be going to Harvard tomorrow. That's all I have to say" Mama said and stood up.

"No!!!" James yelled, he followed her as she walked away.

He was crying, cursing and pleading. He was screaming at Mama saying she planned all this. He accused her of trying to break the twin bond between us.

Then, he called her a witch.


No one dare calls my mother a witch, not even my brother.

I sprung from my chair, jumped at James and gave him a hard punch.

Mama rushed to me and prevented me from giving him another.

James stared at me in shock.

I saw the blood on his lips and I felt like crying.

"Look, I'm sorry! I never meant to..." I said.

He looked blankly at me and then he walked away without saying a word.

"Look why I don't want you guys together" Mama said after James left.

"You've the hard hand. While James got the hard mind. If you guys are together, something might happen and you'll both hate yourselves. That's what I and your Dad is trying to avoid."  Mama said.

This time I didn't argue with her.

By 12, Baba took James to the airport. By two, Baba came back.

"Where's James?" I asked, though I knew the answer.

"He's on his way to London" Baba answered curtly.  Then he said "You'll be going to the US tomorrow."

I ran to my room, shut the door, sat on the floor and wept.

James never said a goodbye.

Just as Mama said, "His mind is as hard as stone".


House was boring so I visited my friend; Tayo. He lives down the street.

I told him about my trip tomorrow.

"So real real, you guys are going abroad?" He said, bewildered.

"James is gone already. Mine is 18 hours from now."

"Wahala for us wey go school for Lagos." Akin said.

"So what about Adaeze?"

I sighed "That's why I came here. I'm handing her over to you. Protect her with your life" I said.

Tayo is the only person who I trust to watch over my girlfriend, Adaeze.

............................... ....................

When I got home, I headed straight to James' room which is now empty.

I spotted a small book on the floor.

I recognized it to be James' diary.

I was tempted to open it and I was overcame by the temptation.

I opened the first page and read. Something caught my attention. I read the next page.

My eyes widened.

I turned over to the next

I gasped.

I ended up reading, 15 pages.

After reading the fifteen pages, I understood why Mama said it wouldn't be good if we both stay together.

If he were here. He would've been dead.

His little diary has exposed him.