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General Romance

MC Book 1 Lana Reyes was the daughter of the leader of one of the most powerful biker gangs in the US, Samuel Reyes. When his second in command, Ryder Donovan, was released from his 3 year sentence he was welcomed back to the gang instantly. When Lana runs into him for the first time in 3 years she discovers just how closed off her friend had become. Will he stay closed off from the woman that used to be one of his closest friends or will he give in to the feelings he had for her all those years ago?

Ryder POV:

Finally, after three fucking years, I was heading home to the club. In a way I missed the crazy bastards. They are the only family I have ever really known.

My so called father was an abusive drunk, and my mother was a drug addicted whore. Neither ever really loved me.

When my sister died my father took his anger of her death out on me and my mother turned to the drugs to numb her pain. She was so drugged up that she didn't even know what was going on with my father.

So now, I'm finally out of that shit hole and going home.

Lana POV:

I sat at the makeshift desk in the corner of my room, listening to my beloved classic rock music that blasted in my ears.

Simple Man, the song that took my mind off of the worry for my father as he went out and did his business.

My father, Samuel, was the president of the local biker gang here in Tennessee. He was a good father but he could get angry.

Don't get me wrong. He never once raised a hand to me or screamed. He was scarily calm when I would get into trouble. He used that to his advantage.

Like every parent, he had his favorites.

My twin sister, Sarah, was his. She excelled in ways that I didn't. She had friends, a popular boyfriend, and was the head cheerleader at school.

I on the other hand, was a loner. I kept mostly to myself. My sister and I are close and she tried to involve me in the things she did but her friends made me feel awkward.

"Lana, guess who is coming in today." Sarah said, barging into my room.

"Who?" I asked. "Ryder!" She yelled happily.

Ryder and I were very close before he had taken the rap for a fellow club member and got three years in lockup. No one told me what the charges were and I didn't want to know.

I looked at her in shock not knowing what to say.

Sarah's face fell slightly.

"Aren't you happy? He's your best friend." She told me.

"I mean... Yeah, I'm happy but I didn't know he was getting out so soon." I replied.

"Over crowding. You believe that shit?" Sarah asked causing us both to laugh lightly.

"Oh, there you girls are." Our father said walking into the room.

"What's up, dad?" Sarah asked.

"Ryder will be here in about an hour. Lana, you two were close, mind making something for dinner?" Dad asked.

Dad always showed respect to his members because each and every one showed him the same.

"Of course, dad. No problem at all. I know exactly what he'd like." I said before turning the stereo off and grabbed my car keys.

I haven't a clue why, but Ryder never liked pizza unless it was home made. The first time I made it he almost had a food-gasam. The thought of it made me laugh lightly.

I missed my dear friend and couldn't wait to see him.

Ryder POV:

When I knocked on the door after my long three hour ride back to the club house, Sarah Reyes was on the other side. She and her sister Lana are identical twins but I could tell them apart. I was one of the few who could. Sometimes even some of the club members would get them mixed up.

"Ryder Donovan. Good to see you, man." She said, stepping aside so I could walk in.

I had become a little closed off while in lockup. I didn't trust anyone anymore.

I merely nodded and walked inside.

When I looked to my left, in the kitchen was the twin I really wanted to see.

Lana Reyes was my friend for years before getting locked up. Her hair wasn't the light brown it used to be. It was now pitch black and much shorter, barely reaching below her shoulders.

I couldn't keep my eyes off of her as she cooked.

When she looked over at me, a smile broke onto her face.

"Ryder." She said and wrapped her arms around my torso. It left strange to feel such affection after so many years.

I lightly hugged her back, but didn't say anything.

She looked up at me, a smile still on her beautiful face.

"I'm so glad you're back." She said.

"You look different." I told her. When I got a better look at her face, I noticed her nose was now pierced.

I saw her face fall slightly. "Yeah. Sarah and I got tired of getting mixed up so I changed my look a little." She replied.

"More like a lot." I replied. I said keeping my face emotionless.

When Lana gets uncomfortable she changes the subject.

"I'm making pizza." She said a bit cheerfully. "I'm not hungry right now, but thanks." I replied.

"Oh." She said a little quieter. "Is your father here?" I asked.

"Office." Lana replied before going back to making the food.

I didn't utter another word, only walking to Samuel's office.

Lana POV:

I was extremely hurt by the way Ryder brushed me off. I've been working really hard to make his homecoming perfect and he didn't care in the slightest.

He's changed a lot. I shouldn't have been surprised though. Prison takes a tole on people so I tried not to let it get to me.

"You okay?" Sarah asked quietly. "Can you finish dinner? I need to be alone." I said softly. "Of course Lan." She replied before walking over to the stove.

I locked my bedroom door behind me and finally let my tears fall. My best friend in the world blew me off as if I were a stranger. The fact that he didn't want to eat what I made him didn't hurt. It's the fact that he didn't care that did.