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Mates With Alpha Maddox

Mates With Alpha Maddox

Author:Ashley Lugo



Maddox gently pushes me down on the bed while he straddles me and kisses me softly. The kiss makes my heart swell, its as if he is putting all of his love for me into that kiss. He pulls away slightly. "Are you sure?" Instead of answering I knock my hands on his hair pulling his head down and kissing his aggressively. He quickly responded with just as much as aggressiveness, my hands pulled some more at his hair before they started roaming around his torso. Maddox's lips traveled from my lips, down my jaw and to my neck leaving a hot wet trail of pleasure. I moaned softly making Maddox groan and suck harder on my neck, most likely leaving hickies. I wrap my legs around Maddox to try and soothe the ache between my legs but when that doesn't work I start grinding on him, trying to get some sort of friction. "Clothes" Maddox says, his voice full of lust as he slightly pulls away and starts taking of my tank top, after my shirt is off he starts kissing the valley between my breasts before taking off my simple black bra, his eyes never leave mine as he grabs one of my nipples and puts it inside his mouth. I moan loudly at the feeling. My back arched as pleasure fills me, this feels great, why haven't I done this before? **************************** Maddox Franco is the Alpha of the Howlers pack. He is 22 and still hasn't found his mate. He became ruthless because he thinks that he hasn't found his mate because something happened to her since it is extremely rare for werewolf to find their mates after they turn 18 so he thinks that his might be dead. Jayda Donovan is the daughter of the Beta of the Howlers pack. She lived with her human mom because Her dad found his mate when she was 10 and left her mom and her. She is now 18 and still hasn't found her mate but that all changes when her mom dies. She moves back with her dad and finds out she is mates with Alpha Maddox.


"You know I don't like new people in my pack," I growl at Leonardo, my Beta.

He has been bothering me about letting his daughter join our pack. She lived with a human so she doesn't know how to fight or anything. She isn't going to help us out, just hold us back.

"She is my daughter, Alpha, and the only living relative she has is me. I can't abandon her, not again," he says with sorrow in his voice.

It takes everything in me not to roll my eyes.

Before he found his mate he fooled around with some human, who ended up pregnant. He was in "love." Silly him to think he could love somebody who wasn't his mate. When he did find her, he left his daughter and the human without another word.

"Is your daughter human?" I ask, my voice full of disgust at the thought of those weak beings.

"No, she is a werewolf like us, I kept tabs on her and when she turned 16 and shifted. The only thing is that she has no idea other packs exist," he says.

I growl in annoyance. "This is unbelievable, a wolf who doesn't know about packs"

"Please Alpha, let her join the pack," Beta Leonardo pleads.

"I will meet with her, if I see she has any potential then she will join, I don't want any weak wolf in my pack," I said harshly.

"Thank you Alpha," he bows his head and exits my office.

"Mate! We will find her soon. I can feel it," my wolf says and I scoff. He has been saying that for a while now. At first I believed him, but after 2 months of hearing the same thing I came to the conclusion that he was just delusional.

Even though there is a chance that my mate might be dead, I still can't find it in me to be with another she-wolf. So unlike all of the other hormonal alpha's, I have saved myself for my mate.

Thinking about my mate gets me mad. So to blow off some steam I go do what I do best.

Torture rogues.



"I'm so sorry for your loss," another person I have never seen before says.

I give her a polite smile and keep walking.

This has been happening throughout the entire funeral. Strangers who didn't even think about visiting my mom while she was sick come and say how much they cared for her.


Since my dad abandoned us, it had only been my mom and I. After I shifted our relationship fell apart, she knew I was hiding something but I couldn't tell her. She would've feared me.

But at least I wasn't alone. On one of my runs I met my friend Ellie, she is also a wolf. She's helped me control my heightened emotions so I wouldn't shift and kill someone when I got mad or sad.

So if it weren't for her, I would have already killed all the fake people who came to my mother's funeral.

I feel a hand on my shoulder and tense.

"Calm down Jayda, you are glaring at everyone like if you want to bite their heads off," Ellie whispers.

I smirk, "Believe me, I do."

She rolls her eyes.

I start looking around the people that came to the funeral and instantly tense when I see my father.

He looks exactly as he did 8 years ago.

I speed walk towards him and grab his arm, dragging him outside.

When we are finally outside of the cemetery, I glare at him.

"How dare you! How dare you come here after what you did, what you made us go through!" I yell at him, my eyes flashing black.

"Calm down Jayda," he says tensely.

I scoff at him. "You have no right to tell me what to do Leonardo!" I hiss at him.

"You don't want to shift here Jayda, there are too many humans" he says calmly.

I instantly tensed. "Y-you know?" I stutter.

"Of course I know, I am also a werewolf."

I am surprised but don't show it. "Hmm, well what do you want?" I ask him.

"Well, you are going to live with me," he says with a smile.

"The hell I am," I hiss.

"You have no choice in the matter," he says coldly and I raise an eyebrow at him.

"Well my dear poor excuse of a father, if you haven't made the math, when you left me I was 10. That was 8 years ago, making me 18 and an adult," I say coldly.

"Yes 18, making you a legal adult without a pack, you are choosing to be a rogue and rogues are killed," he says.

"Pack? Rogue?" I ask.

"A pack is group of werewolves, they protect each other and have an Alpha, a Beta and a third in command, with the alpha as the leader. The beta is the second most important person in the pack and the TIC is the third most. A rouge is a wolf without a pack, they are ruthless and if a pack finds one they will kill it," he says and my eyes widen.

"W-what do I do t-to not be a rogue?" I stutter.

He smiles fondly, "Join my pack."

I narrow my eyes at him, "If I join the pack do I have to talk to you?"

He looked hurt before he composed himself.

"As a pack member you are not obliged to talk to me, but as my daughter you are expected to talk to me," he says after a moment.

"Good thing that I will only be pack member to you. You lost the right to call me your daughter 8 years ago when you walked out on my mother and I," I say coldly.

He gulps, "Honey, I can explain-"

"Save it," I cut him off, "I am over it! You should have explained it to me 8 years ago, now your excuses mean nothing. I will join your pack, but do not expect me to forgive you and start calling you daddy because I won't," I say glaring at him.

He nods, "I understand Jayda."

"Is there anything else?" I ask.

"You will have to meet the alpha," my father says.


"The sooner the better, so right now," I nod and follow him to his truck.

He drives for about 20 minutes until we reach the forest, and then he drives through it for about 45 more minutes when he parks in the middle of nowhere.

"We have to shift and run from here since the cars wont go any farther," he says and I nod.

I go hide behind a tree and strip out of my clothes, which were all black because I was at a funeral before coming here.

After stripping I call out to my wolf.

I feel her taking over an soon feel my bones rearranging and fur covering my body. Unlike the first time I shifted, it didn't hurt, it actually feels good.

My dad-- I mean Leonardo, looks at my wolf in awe.

Not to be cocky or anything but my wolf is very beautiful. She has blonde soft fur and golden eyes.

"Your wolf is beautiful," he says with a smile and goes to touch my fur. I instantly tense and jerk away.

He looks sad at my reaction but goes behind a tree to start stripping.

He shifts and his wolf is very beautiful too. It has brown fur but the tip of his tail and paws has a little bit of black.

I thought my wolf was big but he was way bigger than me and really intimidating if I do say so myself.

He nods for me to follow him and sprints through the forest.

I grab my clothes with my teeth and follow him, surprisingly I can keep up with him.

We finally stop and I look up to see a village, it has lots of houses, stores and even some restaurants. Everything was really pretty but what caught my eye was the really big house in the middle.

I shift back and quickly get dressed.

"I am pretty sure that will not want to live with Karen and I, so I will arrange for you to have your own house in the pack village.

I nod stiffly at him.

We keep walking and as we enter the village I feel everyone's eyes on me and my muscles tense.

"Calm down sweetie," he says with a smile.

I huff and walk faster.

We enter the really big house and dad turns to look at me.

"Wait in the living room while I go talk to Alpha," he says and then leaves.

I sigh and sit down in the comfy couch.


I sigh while getting out of the shower, those filthy rogues ruined my clothes with their blood.

"We will find her soon! I can feel it!" My wolf says again.

I growl in frustration and push him to the back of my mind. I already have a headache because of him.

I get dressed and go to my office to start working to get my mind off things.

I hear a knock on the door and my Beta walks in.

"Alpha, my daughter is here," he says politely.

"Bring her in, I want to talk to her. Alone," I say and he nods walking away.

Soon the most beautiful girl I have ever seen walks in, she has dirty blonde hair, pale skin, and light freckles on her cheeks.

She doesn't look me in the eye though, I sigh and look down at my work. I feel my wolf trying to tell me something but I ignore him.

"I just want to say that I am only allowing you to join my pack because you are Beta Leonardo's daughter, so stay out of my way! You are dismissed," I say raising my voice, my anger seeping through, I wasn't mad at her just at my wolf who kept trying to break down the barrier i had put up.

I hear a whimper and finally look up, her eyes are wide and red with unshed tears.

It all happens at once, I meet her baby blue eyes and my wolf finally breaks down the barrier, what he says has me frozen.

"Mate! Go get mate!"

At that same moment she runs out the room.

I stare at the spot were she was just a few seconds ago in shock.

I have a mate! My mate is alive!

Then reality sets in. I told my her to stay away. She must think I will reject her! She ran!

I quickly stand up and run after her. I smell her delicious scent and see that she ran out of the village. I shift in mid air into my black wolf and sprint towards my mate's scent.