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Female Alpha‘s Rouge Mate

Female Alpha‘s Rouge Mate

Author:Wrigley S



She. The Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack. She took this title from her father two years ago, when she was 18. She is one of the most ruthless and merciless Alpha. Also she is the first female Alpha since a long time. There is only one thing in which she believes the most - Mates are weak. And he, the lonely rogue. He was kicked out of his pack, because he was thought to have killed his mother. The only reason he hasn't killed himself is the little wolf, a 10 year old werewolf, kicked out of his pack 2 years ago because he shifted too soon. One day these two see each other. The first thought they get is to reject each other. But soon he accepts their bond. But will she?

Alexia's POV

"Alexia, can you cook something? I'm hungry," My 23 year old brother asks. I look up at him from the book that I was reading.

"Sure," I reply and go down to the kitchen.

"Ah, Alexia. My dear daughter," My father, David Crescent exclaims. He notices my brother behind. "Alexander, you are here too."

Hearing the disgust in father's voice, my brother growls. I roll my eyes at my brother and walk into the kitchen.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Alexia Crescent, the Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack. Currently I'm 20 years old and was given the title of 'Alpha' two years ago on my birthday. My brother calls me pretty. Long brown wavy hair, forest green eyes, 5'9" tall and slim. My wolf, Kara, is light brown. I love her.

I am one of the most heartless and merciless Alphas. I hate rouges and maybe for the fact that don't believe in love or mates. Till the age of 15, I hated my brother being blind. Yes, he has been a pain in the ass since the rogue attack. During the attack, one of the rogue hurt his eye badly. Being a werewolf he will heal and get his eyesight again, but not so soon. Only when he is in his wolf form, he can see a bit, like the shadows or distinguish between some colours.

But one day he made a deal. He would do all his work on his own for the rest of his life, only if I would blindfold myself for one day. I immediately agreed. That day I realised the pain my brother had to go through everyday. That day, by mistake, my claw dig into my skin. It hurt. Then the thought struck that he had sharper claws in his eyes at the time of the battle. Ever since then, I volunteer to do all the work he can't. That day, I also realised that my so called 'father' has been feeding me with lies about my brother. He never wanted us to call him 'dad'. It was always only 'father'. I never believed a word that came out of his mouth. I may act like a perfect daughter, but I am no more one.

However, I still don't believe that mates are good. They are what my father said. Weakness. I saw what Alex's mates, Rose, rejected him because of his blind eyes. Put him into depression for months.

My father and brother were never fond of each other. After Alex became blind, father lost all hopes in him. They hate each other.

My mother is a different story. She never thought of us. She used my father for his money. She thought that after the birth of their first child, she would get all the money she wanted. But no, it did not happen. But it happened after mine, their second child. Dad transferred a part of his money in her account and the next day - whoosh! She gone leaving a note and writing why she was with my father.

I don't hate anyone with my entire heart except for rogues. They took away my brother's sight.

"Alexia, are you making Mac n Cheese?" Alex asks interrupting my train of thoughts.

"You got me," I say smiling slightly. Alex is someone you would call drop dead gorgeous and hot. I know this because everyday I can see girls drooling over him. Jet black hair, forest green eyes like mine, 6'3" tall, lean and muscular. He still keeps himself fit. His eyes are beautiful, sadly he keeps them cover by wearing black shades over them. He never takes them off.

Before he became blind, he was a player. After he got rejected, he changed completely. He got more mature and responsible. I had once asked him if he wanted me to step down and let him be the Alpha, but he said that it would make him feel better if I controlled the pack.

After I finish cooking, I hand over a plate to Alex. I am about to move when he grabs my wrist. He gives me a face which clearly shows that he wants me to feed him. It's not like he can't eat, he just wants me to. Alex's senses are stronger than anyone's, even mine.

I sit down on the chair in front of him.

"What? No food for me?" My dad asks in an annoying voice.

"Dad you can cook on your own," I say keeping my anger at bay. I HATE talking to him.

"Right I can cook. But he can't. He is blind," He mocks.

I snarl escapes my lips. Alex places his hand over mine.

"You are right, father. I need help because I am blind. But you are in perfect health, but you still need help. That's shameful," Alex says.

"You are just like your mother. Ungrateful," My father replies coldly. At this I want to jump at him and kill him. No one compares anyone to my mother.

How dare he say that to our brother! My wolf, Kara growls.

"I understand that I look like her. I can't really help that. But it's much better being like her rather than like you," Alex says keeping his calm. My father growls.

"It would be much better if you leave now, father," I jump in. Growling at my brother for the last time, he leaves.

"You alright?" I ask Alex. He nods. Alex knows how to handle anger and insults. He's a pretty calm and playful person.

I grab a fork and began feeding him.

"You're an amazing sister you know," Alex says. "After all you've got my traits, haven't you?"

"Yeah right," I reply sarcastically.

"Alpha," My Beta, Kevin Dane, knocks on the door. I look up from the papers I was looking at. I am sitting in my office looking at a few letters that I have got from different packs.

"Come in," I say. He steps inside.

"We have found two rogues on our land." He says.

"Put them in the cell below. What are you waiting for?" I ask him.

"I would have done this without asking you. But one of the rogue is in the wolf form. He looks very young. The one in the human form says that he can't shift back. Also the elder rogue is very strong," Kevin tells me.

"Lock them both together in the cell. Tie the elder one with chains and let the younger one be free," I order after a thought. He bows his head and walks out.

I have heard of rogues being strong. But they are mostly in groups. Also I've never heard of a young werewolf who can't shift back. That's really weird considering the fact that I keep a track of all the packs and have learnt the history of werewolves.

I quickly clear up my table as Alex enters. He never knocks. But I don't mind. He's my brother.

"Seems like you are going to see the rogues," He says. All I do is stare at him in shock. How did he know? He can't even see!

"I heard you clearing your table. Also I couldn't help but hear your and Kevin's conversation. Knowing you, I guessed that you would go to see them. You're surprised too because this is something very different," He says, as if read my mind. Sometimes he gives me a heart attack because he pops out off nowhere and knows everything in my mind.

"I guess I should leave before you creep me out," I say.

He chuckles. As I walk down to the the cell, all the members of the pack bow down to me. I smirk. I hate all those people who don't bow don't to me. One of them went extreme and got his head ripped off.

I suddenly get the most amazing and alluring scent of pine and wood.

Mate! Kara shouts. Dread fills my entire body. No. I take a deep breath and walk inside. As I reach there, the rogues' eyes snap to mine. Kevin and a few guards are standing near the cell. The wolf whispers and the other growls. In other words, the wolf pleads me to let them go and the other isn't happy to know that he is my mate.

I have a close look at them. The wolf's fur is chocolate brown. The guy isn't bad. Blue eyes and brown hair. He looks about 6'2" tall. Like Alex, he is lean and muscular. Truthfully, he is pretty hot. A smirk crawls up my lips.

I wonder how much fun it would be to torture our mate.

No! Kara growls at me. I ignore her and ask the guards for a silver knife. The hand it over to me. I open the cell and walk inside. The elder werewolf keeps eye contact with me.

"Do you know what is the fate of those wolves who enter my territory without my permission? Specially rogues?"