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Brownie Smith, She's 24years old, she has a sister who's 18years old Susan Smith. They were both brought up by a single mother. Things became really hard for them after they lost their father, they roamed the street and circumstances turned her into a slut. * * Brian Stone, the heir to the Stone's property but that doesn't mean he don't have a sister, he does. Ruby Stone's that's he's sister's name. Brian was forced to take a wife just to get a huge contract signed. What will happen when Brian doesn't even have a girlfriend? Some things are best kept a secret

"chief Ayo, chief Ayo.." brownie hailed the so call chief on phone.

"yes, that's me!"he said proudly

"how're you doing, chief?"brownie asked while chewing her gum noisily

"I'm Good and you?" chief Ayo asked

"same as you, chief."brownie cooed."are you back from your trip?"she further asked

"not yet! I'm still trying to Solve the situation at hand."chief Ayo explained."nothing too worry about, I'd transfer some cash into your account for your upkeeps."chief Ayo stated.

"awwwn, thanks so much, chief." brownie exclaimed giddily.

"it's nothing, sugar. we'll talk tomorrow then."chief Ayo said dismissively.

"alright, bye."brownie said before hunging up.

"yes! that's how we roll."brownie giggled happily

"how did it go?"Quincy her best friend asked, as she walked into the sitting room and sat in a near by couch.

"he's sending some cash, and you and I knows it isn't some chicken change."brownie cooed with smiles splitting her lips

"of course, I know!"Quincy chuckled.

"uhm Quincy, I need to get going. I've been away from home for almost a week, that's if am not mistaking."brownie shrugg and stood up with her sizable bag.

"alright girlie, take care." Quincy saw her to the door before going back in.

so sorry I haven't introduced myself.

I'm Brownie Smith, am 24 years old and I have a younger sister Named Susan.

we were brought up by my Mom alone.i lost my dad at the age of 14. things wasn't easy for us, we starved almost everyday and God so kind, I met Quincy one evening along the road, I explained our situation to her.

I was expecting her to give me money but, she went home with me and bought enough foodstuffs for us.

my mom was so happy, including I and my sister.

soon, we became good friends, I always visited her and she sometimes do visit's us.

I pleaded with her to put me in her line of business and that's it, I joined her in her prostitution business though, my mom doesn't know about our kind of work


Stone's mansion..

"Grandma, you called for me?"Brian asked, sitting close to her on her bed.

"I did, son."she replied flipping over a book.

"alright, what's it?"Brian asked hastily

"it's about the contract the Martins company proposed."she muttered glancing at him.

"what about it?it will be signed next week Friday." Brian stated

"and that's the problem! take a look at this."she said passing the files to him.

he stared at the files confusingly, before collecting them.

he flip open the first page and there it is, written boldly:


"what's the meaning of this,grandma?he asked crankily

"that's what it is, son."she muttered." you know how important this contract is to us, to you! so please, do the right thing by getting yourself a wife." she concluded staring at him with pleading eyes.

"it isn't possible! were do you expect me to get a wife in the space of one week?he sneered

"suit yourself,brian. aren't you supposed to have a girlfriend?" she scoffed getting up from her bed.

"please grandma, help me talk to them. you and I knows it isn't possible."he pleaded frustratedly with sweats dripping down he's forehead.

"what about your childhood friend, Becky? she loves you and you know that."she uttered.

"I don't love her."he groaned angrily

"then, suit yourself."she muttered dismissively

"is that all you have to say?" he snorted

"leave my room Brian, I wanna sleep."she ordered him out

Brian gaped at her fuming with anger, before exiting the room


"why is the contract that way?"Tim asked confusingly.

"That's exactly what I don't get, Tim."Brian hushed.

"This is so complicated. what're you gonna do?"Tim asked sipping from he's glass of wine

"I don't know, Tim. I'm seriously confused right now."he groaned sending he's palm into his hair

"I guess you don't have any option than to succumb to Tracy. that's the only option you have right now."Tim suggest with a shrugg.

Brian gaze at him angrily.

"you of all people knows I don't love her, she's just crazy over me."he groaned frustratingly

"hmmmm."Tim hummed scrubbing he's lower lip with he's thumb.

"I've an idea."Tim suddenly gush out.

"what's that?"Brian asked hoping it will solve the situation at hand.

"why don't you sign a contract with a girl, at least for a year so, they won't suspect a thing."Tim explained

Brian thought about it for a while before replying.

"that's a super b idea but, where can I find such girl?"he asked uncertainly

"this is the main reason I wanted you to be a play boy. beening a play boy, solve little problems like this." Tim said and continue drinking from he's wine.

"This isn't time for that, Tim.just simply tell me how to get the girl, there's no much time."he rasped.

"I'll get one for you but, you'll get down to business with her before any contract thing."he lectured pointing he's index finger at him.

"gosh! is that necessary?" I questioned tired of the whole thing.

"it is, Brian. deal or no deal?"Tim asked with a sly smirk.

Brian contemplated about it before muttering "deal".

"good choice, bro."Tim chuckled hitting he's arm.


"Honey, why are you in a haste for him to marry?Mrs stone asked standing behind her husband who's business typing away.

"it's for everyone's good.he needs to have a wife beside him to make him more focus in the business." he rasped

"so you think forcing him into marriage will make him more focus?you are threading the wrong part, honey.

"what an adult See's when sitting down, if a child climb an iroko tree he wouldn't see it." Mr stone said not sparing her a glance.

"stop this, Andrew. it isn't fair."Mrs stone hush out,pissed off.

"he should get married to Tracy, she's the right girl for him."he said conclusively.

"and, how sure are you?" Mrs stone asked folding her arms under her boss.

"don't question me, woman! am busy."he yelled gazing angrily at her.

they glanced at each other angrily before she exits he's mini office at home.


"hello, how may I help you? Brownie asked the caller on phone as she cat walked out of the supermarket with the things she bought.

"hi, Quincy gave me your details, I need your services." the caller replied bluntly.

"oh! that's cool. when and where are we meeting up?"she asked has she opened the booth of her car, and dropped the bags inside before getting inside the driver's seat.

"later in the day, 8:30pm precisely at boom hotel."he intoned

"alright, see you soon."she muttered and hung up, pinned her seat belt down and drove off speedily.