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Royal Mistress

Royal Mistress



General Romance

Darling Sawyer is a very ambitious girl , who's only dream is to become wealthy and famous. Coming from a feeble family background ; she vowed to do everything possible to stop people from calling her the " poorest but cutest little doll of the city. " Her dreams finally came true , the day she met the handsome Prince Alaric , by coincidence , at a reception party. The latter was amazed by Darling's breathtaking beauty. After a torrid night spent together , at one of the Prince' cottage , he prosposed Darling to become his mistress . He said that Darling will have everything that her heart desires ; in terms of wealth , but only under two conditions. First : That their relationship remain strictly a secret ,and without any commitment or comromise. And secondly ; no boyfriend allowed. Darling should not see any other man apart from himself ! However , when the King decides to find a wife for the Prince , well, everything might change...

The blazing sun was warming the heart of the district of Romano. The streets were crowded with people, as were every day for that matter. Passers-by, street vendors, people who ask for the aumone ...

Well, there was everything, and of any kind. The district of Romano was very little, or even rarely, frequented by the rich. Some say that it was an “intractable” neighborhood, because of the number of poor people who lived there, and also because we often heard tragedies there.

It was already noon and Darling Sawyer was still in bed. Her mother; Mrs. Esme, and her two sisters were already at their duties. 

"Darling! Darling!  Get up, you lazy young girl! Have you seen what time it was? I guess no, right?! You're exaggerating! Your sisters have already gone to school, and yesterday you told me that you were going to wake up early to go and find a job! I can't do everything on my own! I'm tired! "

Her mother was screaming so loudly that probably everyone in the neighborhood have heard what she said.

Although her mother was scolding her, Darling didn't even get up from bed. She even rolled to the other side of the bed, stretching like a cat, then she took a pillow and buried her face in it.

"Gggggrrrr! Mom! Shhhhut, please! Some people are still sleeping! ", she growled.

"And you dare to ask me to shut up, huh? You ungrateful daughter! Come on, get out of that bed now! "

Her mother suddenly entered the bedroom, with a broom in hand. She then put it on the floor and walked towards Darling's bed.

This latter pretended not to have heard her mom coming, and stayed still.

Her mother pulled out the sheets that were wrapped around her body and shrouded them on the ground.

Mad with rage, Darling threw the pillow she has been holding, against the wall.

“Mom! Are you crazy? What's happening to you?"

"And you, what audacity do you have to say that your mother is crazy you little ed!

Get out of that bed before I kick your ass! Hurry up! "

Her mother took her by her arm and pulled her out of bed.

Darling scowled, then looked at her mother, with her arms crossed, and she was sulking. She didn't want to get up! Ginger! 

"What now? Are you going to stay there, looking like a statue? ", added her mother.

"Oh, mom... I'm tired!"

Darling stretched her arms and yawned.

"Tired? Huh?  And tell me, what else did you do today, apart from sleeping, snoring, and pretending not to hear anything? Huh? Did you wake up at five o'clock in the morning to prepare your sisters' equipment for school? Have you prepared their meals, breakfast, or done the laundry? Let me tell you, that I did all this when the damsel was still sleeping!  So shut up, and go wash now! "

"Mom please, stop! It's not fair! "

Darling replied while caressing her long jet-black hair.

"You were not supposed to go looking for a job in town?", asked his mother.

"In this city?

Haha! This must be a joke!

There is only the poor who go to this damned city! Huh! I'll not go there! I'll have to meet a friend of mine in a while,  so that we can go to the rich neighborhoods, at the other end of the city. We won't find anything here in Romano! It's useless!"

Darling frowned with disgust.

"My dear child, never denigrate the place where you come from. The people who live here may be poor, but they are happy! "

"And poor!" Darling replied with sarcasm.

"There's no point in arguing with you. Especially on a point where, you understand perfectly what I mean, but you are too stubborn and ambitious !"

"And hop! Let's not waste time! I'm going to take a shower and pamper myself because haha...

looking at herself in the mirror

,  I'm beautiful!

 So, I'll have to highlight this pretty little body, and that way I will have more chance of getting a well-paid job! And...who knows...maybe a rich sugar daddy too...! Haha!"

"Huh? What? What kind of work are you implying to do? I'm starting to despise this idea of looking for a job there finally! "

"Oh, mom! A moment ago, you told me to prepare myself to go get work! What now? Don't you trust me?"

"It's not darling... it's just that... with this obstinacy of always wanting more and being rich, it may end up leading you to a dark path!"

" Haha! It won't happen! So, calm down! ",

Darling hugged her mother, giving her little kisses on the forehead.

"Listen up little girl! You won't be able to fool me with those kisses okay!"

"Stop mom! If you continue like this, you're going to end up being an embittered old woman. Hahaha!"

Her mother stared at her, then picked her broom up. Darling suddenly ran to the bathroom, laughing hysterically.

A few minutes later, Darling was shouting; from the shower cabin.

"Moooooooommmmmmmm! The water is cold! Grrrr! I hate this city! "

" Yes... I didn't have enough money to pay the bills this month... so we'll have to deal with it! Okay, child?! "

"What if I get the flu on my first day at a big company? "

"I'll prepare some medicines then! "

"The poor's remedies! Right?! If we were rich, I'm pretty sure that dad would still be here with us today! "

"Darling! I don't want to talk about this subject! "

"Why mom?

Coming out of the shower cabin, with a white cotton towel wrapped around her perfect body

. I swear that if we had money, we could have saved him! "

"Stop...stop...stop... You know very well that your father died because he had an accident!"

"Yes, I know! But the main reason why he died, is because we didn't have money to buy someone's AB Negative blood! "

"This blood group is very rare Darling! Don't blame society for this! "

"I blame poverty! "


"But I promise you, mom

; that whatever it takes, I'll do my best to be rich!"