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Catering to the Boss

Catering to the Boss

Author:Ms. Unique



Peta Moore was surprised when her very demanding Boss Mr. Legacy, noticed her potential right away— but when he said she reminded him of someone from his past. She didn't know if that was a good thing or bad. He quickly takes her under his wings, nurturing her skills and potential. Inspiring Peta to be better and challenging her to be more ambitious. She enjoyed the attention at first, working hard to make him proud. If he wanted it, he got it. When he asked, she provided it. But the more Peta gave, she began to see, the more he demanded. But how far will Peta be willing to go to satisfy her boss? And what will happen we he asks her to do something she never expected?

There was this continuous sound of labored breathing and the crescendo of gasps and moans overlapping with the traffic on the city streets tonight as his fingers caressed my lips while his other hand fondled the curves of my body. The heat from his touch traveled down the arch of my back as our bodies melded together beautifully. His tender caress caused me to exhale, with him whispering in my ear, "you sound and feel so heavenly, my love.

Only moments later, both of us felt shattered into tiny pieces. I lie boneless in his arms, too sated to move an inch. Our nude bodies are intertwined, holding each other tight, gazing into one another's eyes, so full of love. I felt the soft kiss he placed against my damp brow.

"Thank you, my love, for marrying me and becoming my wife," he whispered.

"Any time, it's my pleasure to say I do and surrender my love to a man like you." Even Our laughter mingled together as one. We were so happy as we snuggled even closer, drifting off to sleep in one another arms.

Then a sudden loud crash knocked down our hotel door! We were so startled and confused that the two of us immediately tried to unwrap our tangled limbs. But before we could put a foot outside the bed, we heard popping noises ringing in the dark! It was gunshots! I turn in the dim light from only the moon shining through the window to see my man lying there, riddled with bullet holes in his chest, gasping for his last breath of air.

"Oh No!!!" I cried out in anguish!

My loud painful utters and cries woke me up from the nightmare. My heart is frantically beating inside my chest as my hand stroke across the other side of the bed, feeling it to make sure it is just a dream. I released a heavy sigh when I realized the other side was empty. There were no bullet holes or pools of blood. So relieved, a deep wisp of air escapes my lips as I fall back against my pillow. I lay there motionless for a second, trying to bring my breathing and rapidly beating heart under control.

Only minutes later, I became filled with rage sitting in bed again. "Why do I keep dreaming about something as crazy as us being assassinated? I'm getting so paranoid these days. Now it's to a point; the guilt I feel is hunting me in my sleep." Tears began welling up in my eyes.

"I'm so tired of feeling this way. I have to come clean before these insane dreams become a reality. Surely when I tell him what we've done behind his back, he will want to kill us." That thought became too much to bear as I wiped the tears away.

I slipped from the bed and padded across the room with the sheet wrapped around my body. I slid the glass door open to get some fresh air. I stood looking out over the city from my balcony on the 25th floor. I watched the sun push forward, making its grand entrance, as it bravely emerged from behind the towering skyscrapers. I had made up my mind. So today, I am going to come clean and be brave. I will fix him a hot cup of coffee, as I usually do, and I will step into his office and tell him the truth.

"Mr. Legacy. I've fallen in love, and I have gotten engaged."

Oh boy! I can see the man's reaction. First, he will take a sip of his coffee. Then he will sit back in his chair, all cool, calm, and collected. Then he will say, with that deep baritone voice.

"Peta, end it now. I will never let you leave me."

"I can't! Did you hear me? I'm in love, and I am getting married!"

He leaned forward, placing his elbows on his desk, then taking and propping his chin on top of his large hands; he cleared his throat as if I didn't hear him the first time.

"You will end it now. Don't make me repeat myself."

"This is your fault! First, you put me in this situation, and now you want me to end my happiness?"

I shook my head at the whole scene as it played out in my head. 'How can I lay the blame at someone else's feet when I'm also partially to blame for how all this has turned out?'

When I first started working for Legacy Incorporated some years earlier. I was thrilled to have my first job at such a prestigious company. My boss made me feel like he created the moon and the stars and he would do anything for me to be successful. But something changed over time. Somehow, I'd slipped right into the pattern of expectancy. Yet, I was there for his happiness and whatever he needed and wanted me to do.

Back then, I was willing to do whatever my boss requested of me. It had been best for both of us. But, somehow, we became emotionally dependent on one another. I was in fear of being alone. That feeling was all too prevalent in my life then. And he made me feel secure, with nothing to worry about in my future. And I soon learned that my boss hadn't been able to be alone either; he told me he would surely die of a broken heart if I ever left his side. All the money in the world meant nothing to him without me there.

But now, I'm in love and captured by another man who makes my heart flutter with joy. He makes me feel so alive! And now I realize what my boss and I ever had for one another was emotional co-dependency. Sadly, we were a crutch for one another. And I'm so tired of it. I'm ready to break free.

So, what am I to do now that I've fallen in love? I'm a young woman full of life, and I feel it's time I enjoy my life the way I want. I'm no longer that innocent girl who desires to cater to my boss's every whim and wish. I've finally found a man who wants to cater to and make me happy and cares about my wishes and dreams. I care about him the same way, and that's an excellent feeling.

But how do I get out of this twisted relationship with my boss?