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For the love of family

For the love of family



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This is a story about a large family in the Northeast that has many twists and turns. They family lives on a farm and you never know who is coming or going, no day is the same as the one before, one day there maybe 5 people the next maybe 20 you dont know where anyone came from till they start to tell you their story.

  The Northeast is a big place full of crazy stories, but the people that tell the stories have lived a life that some people would love to live. My family has always been the ones with stories that people look at them as if to say how did you live that live and keep your head up.

  To get to all that I guess we need to go back a lot of years, sometimes it hard to get my mind around the story I am about to tell you. As I look at my babies playing in front of me, it comes back to me in little peaces.

  My childhood comes in waves, never have I been able to put any two days together I feel that somedays should be together but I dont remember it that way. A lot of my life before now were stories told to me or they really happened and I feel as if it should have been a story, no way could someone make it through that life to tell about it.

  I was one of the younger children in my family so I really didnt get to have my parents young, they were older so when I went out to play it was more like I was going out to see what the older kids were doing and what could I do to make them upset.

  I lived most of my life feeling I need to make sure my parents were okay and heathy, I never felt that I had the right to go and be a child because my parents need me. I felt this way when I was young than I went off and found freedom but freedom was not the thing I needed.

  All this will be told as well as I can remember it, somethings may sound crazy but isn't that what a good story is all about.

  The whole thing started with a woman that married a man that she met on sunny day, he was about 15 years older than her but when you live in a small town age is only a number. Why make it more than that?

  She is the one that really holds this story together, till she doesn't. She make this whole this a love, hate, romance, war, family kind of book. She is the one that does it all but does nothing and a lot was told to me and a lot I lived.

  You would feel that family is what makes your life better but I can tell you that some family will never make life happy they came to fight no matter why they were there. They will come in with a smile and give you the biggest hug so warm and loving I myself sometimes feel they are seizing you up to see if it was a good day to start something. I always made sure when I came it the walls were up and the gloves were on, that is what made my family so different than what people really thought they knew about us. We should have been related to the Addams family. We really had to laugh about our family and the things they did or some of us would be headed to prison and some to the nut house. Let's get to it so you to can ask was this for real?