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The Billionaire Assassin

The Billionaire Assassin

Author:Lord Shinji



Damon DeLuca was a Billionaire a wealthy and handsome human being but when his family died, he didn't want his money to do the deed he wants to take revenge on his own hands, A Billionaire who was use by her wife, after he knews the cause of his parents death he became furious and join thr Assassin's Organization.


"Oh, D ohh~" I thrust my fingers more on her wet hole making her moan in pleasure, she wants to kiss me but I move my face to let her kiss my neck.

"I'll bury my co*k inside your tight hole.." I said as I sprang free my co*k on my jeans, her eyes sparkled when she saw my thing I smirk, I tease her and rub it on her wet clit.

"Oh, D bury it inside me" Her prostrate tone echo I smirk again and lick her neck to make her more arouse and wet, "Answer my Question 1st honey.." I huskily whisper she even moan when I tease her more and bite her earlobe slightly.

"I'll answer anything ohh~" She's anticipated what my next move is, her body movements tells me that she is aroused and anticipating my next move.

"Did William bring you to his drug factory?" I ask softly but moving my hips fastest to tease her more, she moans feverishly.

"Yes oh Yes D he Brings me there, of course, ahh yes~" I tease her more by thrusting faster, her moan echoed that's it woman tell me everything.

"Where is it?" I ask and slowly insert my thing into her wet hole, "I'll tell you if you're gonna insert your thing deep inside me" she said and moan.

"As you wish".

" ahh!" She screams in pleasure when I thrust my thing inside, I look at her and cupped her pretty face she has a pretty face and body William Wang is one hell of a psycho who wants a pretty face that can do his beddings.

"Now talk or I won't move" I whispered again in her ear, she looked at me and I smile.

"It's in **** st ****" she informed me the details, I smirk again and move my hips fast and hard that she screams in pleasure.

I was watching her moaning and screaming the hell out of her, I smirk when she wants me to stop I didn't.

"Stop ~ I cannot No ahh~ Stop!" She complains but my movements became fast and hard that she even push me but she can't, until her eyes became lifeless I smile just like that?.

I slowly close her eyes and slowly stand up and put on my shirt and shorts.

"Nice job" I heard Justine when I went out into that room, I take off some of my disguises on my face, and now it's back to my original face.

"Clean that mess".

"Assasin D Agent A was now on the move on capturing you, don't have a plan to trap her?" Justine said as he approached me when he commands some of his subordinates to clean the mess, "Let her she will be tired when the time comes" I walk and enter my car.

I turn on the Bluetooth in my car and connect it to my phone then I called my Sister in 3 rings she answered.

"This better be good Big Brother I'm busy with the files that the bread factory send to me, and your wine industry President wants to see you" She complains I laugh and shook my head, although my sister is nagging at me all the time she was still there helping me with the company that our parents left hanging...

My grip on the steering wheel tightened.

"I'll meet with the president later as for the other stuff baby sister please take care of it," I said I've been busy flirting with Williams girl the whole night so I can get information, and I succeeded.

And oh about the woman who was killed just like that it's not about that, I was investigating that woman's background she has asthma sometimes it triggered so when she was so pleasured and it's too much that she can't breathe so that was the cause of her death.

"You needed rest? Did you do some missions again huh?" She asks angrily, my sister didn't want me to join the Assassin Association because it's too risky.

"You know me Lil sis okay bye now and be careful okay they are still out there," I told her in a warning tone.

"Okay, brother I know 2 guards inside my office 5 outside, and 5 in the parking area is enough" She mocks with sarcasm I laugh when our Parents died mysteriously and the investigation says it's an accident, accident my ass.

When they died I put so many guards on my sister I know someone wants us to die that time, and then now I know who are they but they just know that I'm keeping a blind eye to their evil schemes but.

They didn't know I was the one slowly making their drug den down, I enter as an assassin when I knew all of the evilness they do.

I stop in the middle of Nowhere and a Huge wall opens, It's hidden the gate wall is full of fake grass and even fake trees that even if you climb it, won't break.

I park my Sedan in my underground parking lot, Yes I build an underground house like batman will I'm a billionaire and this underground house slash facility is my haven, my Sister is living at our mansion with heavy equipment and guns.

When I got out of my Car my Butler approach me and help me take off my coat.

"Good Morning Master, how was the mission?" He asks as we walk on the main lobby of my fortress.

"It's easy using my charm, anyway did the other assassin do their job?" I ask he handed me a paper and I check on it.

"Ohh so it's the little branch tss what a bitch" I cursed when that woman tells me the information address with just the little branch William and his friends have.

"How was the Society goes?" I ask when we arrive at the lobby 2 people approach me, "Master an unknown Assassin wants to talk to you" He informs me I nodded, my butler handed me a silver half mask when they saw I'm ready to open and connect the Assassin who wants to talk to me.

The big screen opened and a sexy woman with a silver mask like me, It's our symbol by the way.

"Hello, Assassin D so you're on a mission?" She asks her voice was sexy, I think she's new I didn't see such a sexy assassin like her.

"And Who might you be beautiful lady.." I smirk, my mask is silver half on the right side so half of my lips was seen. I saw her bit her bottom kissable lips her mask is half silver but it's in the top that it covers her beautiful blue eyes.

"Sweet Talker indeed. I'm Assassin Aly, Assassin D nice to fucking meet you" She cursed but her curse turns me on, her voice was angelic yet dangerous.

"Did you meet me harder Assassin Aly?" I smile, I'm enjoying her company.

She bit her lips again, I gulp can I bite that lip instead? "I would say harder then, but your D*ck was too dangerous it can kill Assassin D" She flirtatiously said it and cross her legs, her boobs bounce slightly when she makes that move.

"Ehem Anyways Ms.Aly how can I help you?" I compose myself if this continues, my long buddy would scream in pain.

"Oh just want to help you, I'll surrender my Assassin card for you to trust me," She said I nodded look at her again.

"Okay Later then at King's Bar see you," I said she nodded the call went off and I look at the 2 men.

"Any reports?"

"Hmmm, Your wife was spotted dating one of Wang's friend's Bachelor heirs" I gritted my teeth in anger, that woman why can't she just die? I want to kill her but she's full of guards just like me.