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Her Sweet Revenge.

Her Sweet Revenge.




Samantha Peterson has wealthy parents. Her so called friends not only murder her parents, but rob them and become wealthy themselves and soon the richest people in the country as they built off this stolen wealth. Three years after this, Samantha returns for revenge. Not just any revenge. She has change her appearance and name. Samantha Peterson is gone and now her place is Victoria Strickings. Alexander Celeste. A man who shares the same hatred towards her main evildoer, Marcus Williams aids Victoria in her fight to regain what was hers. And hell. They might have succeeded.

I peeked from behind the bush, pulling my baseball cap further down my face. I adjusted my sunglasses, and fixed my hood even though it was the middle of summer. My dark disguise stood out oddly in the small town, but the people didn't seem to notice. I watched my target sipping onto his coffee as he smirked at nothing in particular. I couldn't wait until I could take this one down. He is my first target. The one who took the main role in the plan. The same plan that killed my parents.

* * *

3 years earlier

"Guys you know this is my parents shop, right?" I giggled as we entered my parents jewelry store, with Marcus' arm placed around my shoulders. He smiled at me in return as he messed up his sandy blonde hair, looking at me with his green eyes.

"Yeah babe. Just looking for a new watch," Marcus said eyeing the store, as he wondered around exchanging glances with the others. Catelyn laughed at something Max said as they trailed along behind us. I noticed the three kept looking at each other with unsure looks, but I decided to ignore it. I smiled widely as I saw my parents talking to one another behind the encounter.

"Hey Sam? Can you ask your parents where the silver chained necklaces are?" Catelyn asked looking a little desperate as she balanced her weight on separate feet, squirming.

"No need, the silver wears down there," I grinned at her as she looked a little disappointed, which made me frown a bit.

"Oh, I mean't the gold chains.." She scratched her head looking unsure. I had no idea where the gold chains were. I nodded my head and went over to my parents.

"Hey Mum, Dad," I smiled at my parents. They meant the world to me.

"Samantha! honey, I was wondering where you were," dad smiled gently as he straightened his name tag. Even though I was eighteen they still kept tabs on me.

My parents were wealthy. They owned the biggest jewelry shop in town; Peterson's Jewelry Merchandise. It had all the latest bling which celebrities are now wearing and the whole load.

"Sorry I didn't notice it was getting dark," I said sheepishly as my mum and dad shook their heads, grinning and dismissing it.

"Oh! Catelyn was wondering were the gold chains were?" I asked mum as I pointed to Catelyn chatting with Marcus and Max in the far corner.

"In the third row down the back honey," mum replied pointing to the back row.

Giving my thanks, I leant over the counter and kissed her cheek.

Walking over to my friends they stopped talking and looked at me, smiling brightly.

"Follow me," I said smiling as I walked to the back of the store.

"Here's the gold-" I began but Catelyn interrupted.

"Sam, whats in there?" She asked pointing to the store room were the faulty jewelry were stored.

"That? Thats the store room, no goodies in there," I chirped brightly as she smiled at me and nodded her head.

"You guys are awfully quiet," I said giggling as Marcus smirked and Max just smiled.

"Just thinking," Marcus said.

Shrugging my shoulders I kept on walking. As I began to walk past the store room, I felt strong hands grip my shoulders and roughly push me in the store room.

Not knowing what was going and slightly confused, I fell on my butt and I looked up to see Max closing the door.

"Sorry babe," I heard Marcus say as the door slammed shut.

"Guys?" I questioned confused as loud rackets erupted from outside of the store room.

Trying to open the door, I immediately stopped as I realised it was locked. Feeling scared I started banging onto the metal door.

"Guys! This isn't funny! C'mon, open the door!" Now I was yelling.

No one seemed to hear me as I stood there feeling trapped and very confused. Peeking through the key hole I noticed Marcus' figure pointing to a shelf.

I watched, shocked as my friends began to shove the expensive goods into large garbage bags.

Not hearing a word I pushed my ear up against the door and tried to listen.

"We're going to be rich," I heard Max's voice as rattles of chains and metallic objects made contact with one another.

"Sam? Is everything-"

As soon as I heard my mums voice I began to panic and bang on the door. I wanted to believe my friends were pulling a prank however it all looked so real.

"Mum!" I screamed as I balled my hands into a fist, banging onto the metal door.

Leaning my ear against the door once more I listened

"Mr and Ms Peterson..we don't want anyone getting hurt. Please, just let us walk out of this store," I heard the unmistakable voice of Marcus as I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces.

"Are you crazy? Put those bags down, and leave before I call the police!" My dad boomed which made me jump even if I was in a separate room.

"Wrong answer," Marcus said, in a sickly sweet calm voice that made me shudder.


"Oh, dear Lord! John he has a gun!" I heard my mums terrified voice.

Feeling the unfamiliar sensation of fear creeping into the pit of my stomach, I began shaking uncontrollably as my tears blurred my vision.

"Please! Someone open the door!" I pled. However I was starting to believe the walls were sound proof as no one answered me.

"Son, put the gun down," my dads low voice said. I peeked through the tiny key hole, and Max was there, pointing a pistol at my dads chest.

I gasped and felt tears well up in my eyes. The little gun looked like the one Marcus used when he took me duck hunting. One of his favourite 'hobbies'.

"Oh cut the crap Mr Peterson, don't try playing the nice card," the high pitch of Catelyn's voice filled my ears.

"How dare.."

I watched as my dad pushed my mum down onto the floor. He lept up into the air with force I've never seen.

He tackled Max to the floor who had the gun, and took a tight grip of his wrist; making the gun point to the ceiling. Marcus took an alarming step back.

"Stop now! I'll cut her throat," Catelyn threatened however her voice sounded unsure.

"No! Please don't! Mum!" I cried as now tears broke loose and the waterworks began.

The heartless girl I called my friend held a knife to my mums throat. She pressed it deeper and I watched the blood begin to pour out.

My mum screamed in agony and I screamed with her, crying as nobody heard me.

"Alright stop! Not my wife!" Dad yelled and lowered his guard.

"Give me the gun," Marcus said impatiently and I knew it couldn't be good. The thought that we were dating sickened me.

Just as I was about to begin my protests again, I heard the most terrifying noise that haunted me every night till today. The noise that rang in my ears, the noise that reminded me of my parents and the noise that tore my heart to pieces all over again.

The gun shot.

* * *

I watched from behind the bush, my target; Marcus finish his beverage and ask for a check. He was now a wealthy businessmen. So wealthy- he didn't even attend to his meetings.

The idea of how he even became wealthy makes me want to puke, as he tells everyone his fake story of building his career.

The night Max, Catelyn and the devil himself-Marcus killed my parents, they covered their tracks well. They introduced themselves to me with fake last names and ages.

They all are in fact two years older then me. However now we are all adults and I am ready to claim my revenge.

The police didn't believe my story. A part of Marcus' plan which I unraveled was that taking me to the new pub in town before the robbery, wasn't to have fun. It was that, if I were to have a drug test it would appear that I drank.

And exactly that happened. The police believed my story was fake and arrested two men who they pled guilty, which for all I knew; were innocent civilians who were framed.

My dad got shot right at the internal organs and died in minutes. My mum however bled to death on the way to the hospital.

Over the past three years I didn't come back empty handed. I changed my appearance and name along with creating myself a background story.

Instead of my long blond-childish hair, I now dyed it to a darker shade of blonde and cut it mid-length. My blue eyes remaining the same. My face however had matured past the years and I didn't look like my young naive self.

In other words I was a whole new person. I wasn't the cute, gullible and bubbly girl anymore; I was hot, dark and dangerous. My new appearance sent out an aura that would definitely catch Marcus' attention. Not only that, but I was wealthy. Oh yes.

My parents left me a big fortune, however in my background story; I transferred into this town to work for one of the biggest companies in the business industry.

Everything was set and ready to go. First I enter all their lives, get them to trust me and then attack.

I was more than ready- in fact I've been waiting too long. During the years, I've mastered my acting skills. I got a black belt in karate, a trophy for martial arts and combat fighting. Ive become familiar with a gun and know how to protect myself now.

Samantha Peterson was gone. Dead. Now in her place stood Victoria Strikings.