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Bloody Kutya

Bloody Kutya




“You’re so cute! I’ll keep you!” - Anya Zinyu (A witch in training) “What a beautiful lady… Argh! Did she just kill that man with a snap of her finger?!” - Asven Logun (A formal prince and werewolf Omega) “Is that pup my lunch? You’re so kind, Anya.” - Bavalos Aknos (A vampire younglings) “Who wants to be my meal next…? Oh, I think someone's bone stuck in my throat. Ven, help me!” - Laria Kikster (A siren) Asven Loqun, a weakling and a werewolf Omega, was badly injured by the street bullies. His body was forced to change to a pup to allow his body to recover. While he was sleeping under a small box that was soaked in rain, he noticed a lady in a dark suit and tight attire that showed her slim figure and big bust chest, was staring at him. He was too tired to lift his head and felt a little dizzy because of his hunger. All he could do was look back at the lady with tired eyes before he closed it again and fainted. The loss of blood and fatigue was the reason for it. When he awoke again, his surroundings were no longer in the dirty alleyway but in a beautiful mansion? Where is this?!

Heavyweight. Obnoxious. And… Useless.

That was the label people put on the only prince of the Kutya Tribe, Asven Logun.

"Finally! We can now get rid of them!"

Someone with sharp vertical yellow eyes said with an excited voice.

"Yes, dear sister. They, being here, are wasting all our resources." Another person said.

Both were looking toward the spaceship through a visible glass wall. No one could see them from outside the glass since it was tinted. The people they mention were a young boy with an obesities figure and an old weak woman.

The two were forced to enter a local spaceship by a few black attire men. The spaceship was going to another planet to transfer people. No one cares about them since they know the black men belong to the Kutya Tribe.

"Leave and never return again. This is the order from the new Empress." One of the black men told Asven and his mother.

Asven didn't reply nor look at the man. He was clutching his mother's right arm, worried about her health. Since his father, the chief of the tribe died, their tribe turned vicious toward them. He knows the reason for it and there's nothing he can do about it.

Kutya, it was a Werewolf Tribe. They were one of the most powerful tribes, feared by the weakest and rivals of the same level. His father was the most powerful werewolf and also a King Alpha. Yet, he died from the curse that consumed his life.

The curse was placed by the same powerful being, the Queen of the Witches Tribe. Everyone had tried to remove his father's curse with the help of other tribes but it still failed. His father's curse, as mentioned by an expert healer, told them that the curse can only be removed by the same witches who placed them.


Yes, the answer was impossible. Because the witch's queen died after she placed the curse on his father. His father and the queen have fought to the death. The queen wished to get his father's heart so that she could turn into a more powerful being.

Why did they choose a powerful being's heart?

Nobody knows other than the witches. After all, all witches were crazy and wicked!

They only want to become powerful and their tribe consists and was ruled only by women.

How did they populate then?

They just kidnap any men and have an intimate course with them until they were pregnant before killing the men and eating their hearts. The born sons would be killed mercilessly while the girls were trained to be witches.

Asven, when he read about the witches, shuddered in fear and hoped the witches didn't have their attention on him. Please don't come to their home planet either. He wishes to stay safe and live out his life in peace. Well, that won't be happening now.

Asven's father slowly died because he fought the witch's queen to protect their tribe. Now that his father was dead, his step-sister, Arbony Logun, took his place as the Empress. She was the strongest Alpha after their father and she was chosen with the votes of the council of the werewolf.

The council consists of the wisest and oldest werewolf that had lived more than three hundred years. Their decision overpower the king but allow the king to decide in the end. The members were all Alphas.

What is Alpha?

It was a category. The werewolf tribe and some others, have Alpha, Beta and Omega. Alpha has the strongest physic and power to control their surroundings. Beta has a mid physical body while Omega was the weakest in their society and low in strength. The ratio for these populations was 3:6:1.

Asven was an Omega, the same as his mother, the formal Empress.

The reason he didn't talk back to the man was also because his instinct shows fear toward the man who was an Alpha. His instinct told him to obey. If he was in his werewolf form, he would have his tail tucked between his legs while laying down in the submissive form. But, he still had his father's blood in him. As the only prince, he doesn't bow to any Alpha or Beta.

Yet, he would be exiled along with his mother from their home. They, in the eyes of their tribe, were just a burden on their back. Her mother was useless because she was not a strong or confident Omega.

She couldn't even guide their entire tribe by his father's side and always hid in her marital room all day. Because of her weak appearance, his father remarried another Omega who had a stronger personality. The stepmother, of course, wished them to die or leave the planet a long time ago. Now that her daughter has the throne, it was easier to remove them.

Asven couldn't have a say since he was just an Omega. He only lived peacefully until now because there was a rule that the male child from their chief family would not be harmed or discriminated against even if he was Omega. So, you can think about what life he had.

Free to do whatever he wants and have anything he wants. If he wants to be lazy, no one can stop him. A rich freeloader and his favourite hobby to do was eating.

This was also the reason his body became fat…

"Royal mother, are you alright?" He asked when they were seated inside the spaceship.

His mother nodded slightly. "You can't call me that anymore, Asven. Just mother."

Asven looked sadly at her. "Yes, mother."

Her mother patted his hand on hers. "Let's live somewhere far from here."

Her light brown eyes which were lifeless before had a slight twinkling.

"Yes." He smiled softly at her.

Without another word, he brings her to hug his side. Through his one arm around her, she could feel her weak breath and body. His mother was never in good health. And she never looks energised or interested in anything.

This was also the first time that he saw she wanted something. So, he must do everything he can to make her happy now.

Three years later…

"Shit! Dirty rat! Die already!" An angry man kicked a very thin young man.

The young man was protecting himself by balling his body and protecting his head with his thin arms. Currently, they were in a dark and dirty alley.

"Haha! This rat still lives here after all. Why not kill him with a shot. Maybe that would save him from his misery now." Another man said while smoking and had his back rested against a wall.

"I didn't bring my shotgun! So, this shit is lucky today! Hey, give me all the money you have or I will cut your finger again like before."

The angry man pulls the long dusty hair of the young man and shakes it viciously.

"Urgh..." The young man grunt lowly before nodding slightly with blood trickling down his lips.

His brown eyes, which can be seen by the two of these street gangsters he learned, were dark and lifeless. He slowly crawls toward a stack of messy boxes while holding the pain in his entire body. His body was trembling while pulling out small silver and copper coins from under a box.

He was about to turn around yet was unable to when his head was stepped down harshly from the angry man's foot.

"Just that much? What kind of job are you doing? I thought you were selling your body in the red-light district. Stop fucking around and give me all of your money!" The angry man kicked the young man's body again.

"I… I only have th, this…"

"Where. Is. The. Rest?!"

"I, I don't hav-… Urgh!"

The young man couldn't finish his words and was kicked in the face. Before it happens, his hand moves fast to protect himself. The force from the kick got him to fly and hit the stone wall behind him. He groaned in pain. A second later, his body shuddered when he feel murderous intent from the angry man.

I must escape!

He thought. The two men were surprised when the young man's body popped and changed into a small dirty pup. The pup then ran toward the opposite path from them.

"Shit! He's getting away again! Not this time, you rat!"

A dark purple fireball appeared in the angry man's hand and he fired out at the escaping pup. The pup didn't slow down even if his body got burned slightly by the fireball. His mind was only thinking of escape.

He must live! Because he had promised his deceased mother to live.

Asven, who was the pup now, wanted to do everything he had to keep his last promise. Her mother died a year after they had to live on this lawless planet. This was the only planet that would accept them since they have no pass card to go to a better planet.

They were supposed to live on such a planet but Asven guessed his stepmother and his step sisters would not want to let them live a happy life. So, they must have tempered with his and his mother's pass card.

The pass cards were found invalid and unusable when they arrived at the space station on that planet. So, they were forced to leave. Another planet they reached was also shooing them away because of the same problem.

Asven and her mother's expressions turn worse when their savings had to be used on moving from one planet to another that might accept them. When there was no more money, they were sent here by the authorities of the spaceship High Order.

With nothing other than their clothes, they had to find a job to feed themselves. Asven didn't let her mother, who became sicker, do any job. Since they also don't have any place to live, they had to go to a place where the poor beings or burglars lived.

At first, they were shooed away by the poor there. Some even threw stones at them. Asven protects her mother while escaping them. They couldn't live there but they have nowhere else to be.

"Asven, sell our clothes. This should leave us enough to eat for a few days." Her mother told him.

Asven nodded. He knew these were their last resort to survive. Asven found some rugged clothes that were left without owners and wore them. Her mother too changed into them. Then, Asven keeps away their fancy clothes before he brings them to a bundle house.

He felt depressed because he only got a few tenths of silver coins for it. The cloth should have cost a hundred golds but if he didn't accept the coins, nowhere else would buy them. If he wants to sell it in another city, it will cost the ride. He has no money after all.

He was not stupid but he was desperate to have money to feed his mother. He also needs to find a treatment centre so that they can have a look at her health. Once he got the coins, he brought her mother to a small stall to eat first. Then, bring her to the treatment centre. The cost of the check and medicine surprised him and his mother.

After they left, Asven decided to find a job. Three fourth of the leftover money was used to pay for the rent in the dark district for a year which has a lower cost than any district. So, he had a year to find a job before they had no home again.

Asven was upset and discouraged when his fat body caused him to be rejected by lots of workplaces. He could only go around until he reached a district with red lanterns, hanging all over the house lining up the district.

"Could, Could you give me a job? Any job is fine." He asked a beautiful female creature with butterfly wings.

She had an exposed figure that looked sexy enough to attract a lot of people there. Her long black hair was styled with gold accessories. Her clothes were the style of red gold cheongsam.

She had just come out of a flying car toward a three-story house when Asven stops her. He thought she was the owner because she looks so rich.

"Hey, you! How dare a pig like you talk to our Second Lady! You're unqualified to talk or look at her!"

A huge bear-man suddenly appeared from behind Asven. He grabbed the latter neck and lifted him like Asven was just a lightweight person. He wanted to throw him away from the female.

"Wait." The female said, stopping the bear-man.

Asven was astonished by her kittenish sweet voice. He had never heard such a voice in his life before. She looked at him with her pink eyes that were very enchanting.

"What's your name, pig?"

Yet her calls to him destroyed his view about her, which he thought she might be a nice person.

"Ve, Ven." He stuttered while he answered.

"How old are you?"


"What experience do you have to ask for a job from me?"

Asven has been practising his sentences to get a job since he was rejected for the first time.

"I'm a good cook." He said it with confidence.

"Pfft!" She suddenly laughed after hearing his answer.

Even the bear-man's serious face couldn't help to crack before he laughed out loud.

"What the fuck?! You come here asking our Second Lady to be a cook?! Are you brain damaged or what? Do you know what this place is for, pig?"

"Aa, emm, restaurant…?" Asven answered slowly and smiled sheepishly.

The surrounding beings who walked nearby couldn't help snapping their heads at him and started laughing. It seems they found an innocent person coming to their district.

This was the first in their entire life. After all, no one would think the place looked like a restaurant. Well, it does have that function but there was something else in it too.