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Charmed By The Billionaire's Baby

Charmed By The Billionaire's Baby




Anastasia never imagined that simply being a kindergarten dance teacher could get so euphoric and change her entire life when the Billionaire's daughter became friends with her dog "Dior" sparking a bond between Ava Black and her. The ferocious Aaron Black has a soft spot for only one person in the whole world, his daughter "Ava" and will do whatever it takes to give her what she desires. Even if it means getting into a contract marriage with her dance teacher to grant her a wish of having a mommy. But the new deep and strange tingling butterfly feelings Aaron Black is beginning to develop for Anastasia Peters wasn't part of the deal.

Anastasia's POV

"What is it, Johnny?" I asked, suspecting the gleeful expression on his face. Johnny grinned.

"A steamy hot guy wants to pick up little Ava Blacks. But I don’t know how he is related to her..." He said with that snickering gossip tone he loves using when he has some Juicy gossip to say.HoHotuy huh? Must be her elder brother, cousin or probably a young parent with the way this century is giving rise to young parents I concluded in my mind.

"What is his name?" I asked just the way I ask every other parent or guardian that comes in to pick up their child to avoid stories that touch the heart but majorly for security reasons. This is supposed to be my best friend's class but she is off to only heaven knows where to audition for a fashion or is it a model role? Can't keep track of Jennifer's seemingly unending pursuit of dreams and passion.

She bribed me into babysitting the kindergarten kids till their parents come to pick them up. I was using the free time to get acquainted with the kids while dancing, trying to forget my predicament before the end of the year's parents and teachers association PTA meeting begins later in the day.

"If you are happy and you know, clap your hands!" The kids excitedly clapped their hands jumping up and down on the kid-friendly rug installed in the kindergarten classes to reduce injuries from falls especially during exercises like this.

"If you are happy and you know and you want to show. If you are happy and you know clap your hands" The kids continued jumping and that was when Johnny the chief security guard on duty came bursting in with that his signature silly grin.

I happen to be the dance teacher for "Queens and Kings Academy" therefore I am already familiar with all the kids but just a few of their parents since I don't have direct contact with most of them, only the kids during dance and yoga classes.

"But I think he might be a movie star." I laughed at Johnny’s not so subtle whisper.

"I’ll be sure to get his autograph for you," I whispered back teasingly.

"Forget the autograph. Just let him know I’m single." Johnny said with all sass and confidence.

"What makes you think that the man is single?" I countered. Johnny raised his left hand. "Durr,no  rings."

Our little chat got interrupted by a dogs persistent bark. There is only one dog here and her name is Dior. I once brought my dog to dance rehearsals and the kids seem to like her. After much persuasion the principal allowed me to keep bringing Dior but on one condition, she has to stay in the playground.

Looking conflicted because I don't want to leave the kids alone, Johnny came to my rescue. "Maybe I should go and check what the fuss is all about." He said adjusting his security uniform.

"Oh that's lovely of you, thank you " Johnny gave me a mock salute and headed out. I soothe down the gown I was wearing and straightened my shoulders and opened the door to the playroom class. Stopping short when possibly the most divine-looking man I had ever seen turned to face me.

Damn those eyes.

Hot guy? Didn't even describe this man, not even close. The man was scorching. Tall and leanly muscled in a beautifully cut grey suit and black open-necked shirt. He had a chiselled jaw sporting a five o’clock shadow, heart-stopping blue eyes framed by jet-black lashes, close-cropped honey brown hair and there was this sensual allure and confidence he carries, no wonder Johnny came blushing I silently prayed I wasn't too.

Various movie stars and celebrity names ran through my head but none of them seemed to match. I can't recall a star that had this air of controlled menace about them. Not that I have met that many or any. My gaze rose back up over his superb physique and my breath stalled somewhere between my throat and my lungs as our eyes met.

Those dangerous blue eyes raked me from my head to toe and made the strange feeling in the pit of her stomach slide lower. I cleared my throat and mustered up the most professional smile I could cajole up.

"My name is Anastasia Peters, How may I help you"

"I came to pick Ava Blacks" Was the only thing he said, not taking my hands and looking past through the door. Add arrogance to the description but the way his voice was so dark, yet husky and there was something about it that I couldn't explain.

"Give me a minute please " I gave him the one-minute index finger and checked through my parents and guardian notepad. Before remembering that I need his name.

"Sir, I can't release Ava Black into your custody till I get some information from you?" He quilts his eyes and when the two men in black behind come dangerously close. He gave them the hand and they stopped midway.

"Go ahead" This giant hot Greek god towering over me must be a man of few words.

"What's your name Sir and how are you related to our student ,little miss Ava?"I asked as he  looked straight into my eyes "My name is Aaron Blacks and my relationship with her is none of your concern "  Okay, I whispered to myself checking through my pad just to appear busy and let the insukt slide.

"I am so sorry Sir but I can't let you take Ava with you, your name is not on the list " He looked at me with utter disbelief showing on his face.

"Sir, hot or not. School rules are for the children's safety. So can you please excuse me and do have a goodday" I didn't wait for his reply just like the way he ignored my hands and went back into the classroom not wanting to be too far away from the children.

I knocked my forehead, closing my mouth with the other hand when I recalled that I just outrightly called him "hot". Oh well, it is not as if I will be seeing him again I consoled myself after making this embarrassing mistake.

"Jennifer, how did you get in here?" I asked Jennifer who appeared from nowhere startling me.

"Shhhh, I used the exit door so that no one will notice okay"

"You crazy girl, how was the audition?"

"I will tell you all about it, let me have the parents' pad and you can go ahead and prepare  for the meeting," she said whispering even though it was just me and the kids around. I shook my head and smiled

"Thank me over tofu lunch then" She nodded and went out to meet an elderly looking man who just came in for his child I guess.