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The Holiday Romance

The Holiday Romance



General Romance

Supermodel Abigail Chase, travels around the world in order to boost her career and maybe find fame. But it is a lonely life she leads until she meets AJ. AJ is a wanna be DJ and his music is undiscovered until he hits a stroke of luck. Will AJ find his only true love and chase her around the world? Will there be more obstacles for them to overcome before they can confess their love? Come and join me on their journey

  I have done it a million times but this time I just can not get myself to breathe. But this time is different from all the other times. This time there are head hunters in the crowd and they are looking for the best models to join one of the top model companies in the world on their annual world tour.

  “Breathe, Abigail…you know your moves…just breathe”

  I talk to myself as one of the organizers shouts out.

  “Abby, you are up”

  I know I can do this. I really need to get this spot with this company. The makeup artist and the fashion designer put some last touches on my face and dress and then I must make the people fall in love with the dress. All my nervousness leaves my body the moment I put my foot on the runway. I know exactly how to make this fashion work in my favor. I walk with confidence as if I am the most beautiful girl in the world, like nothing can touch me, like everyone in the crowd is here to see me.

  It is of course all a lie but it is a lie we supermodels live by. You have to be overconfident on the runway so that your fashion designer’s clothes scream out to the crowd so that they would also want to wear them. When you have achieved that, you are considered a supermodel. I remember when you had to look a certain way to be even considered a model but at this age, it is all about if you can make the clothes talk to the crowd.

  So I walk to the end of the runaway and then give a nod to the crowd with a slight smile, not too much, just enough to make them want more. I then fling my dress and pull the string to reveal a completely different dress, appearing right before their eyes. Now I wait for a split second and listen to the crowd. If they applaud you, you know you did your job well.

  Then, like music to my ears, I hear the applause of the crowd. I smile within myself as I am not allowed to show it on the runway but I do walk even more confident and then, just as I am about to go backstage, I turn and give my signature wink and then disappear behind the doors.

  Every supermodel has a signature and this is how they remember you.

  “Oh my god! Abigail! It was brilliant! I am sure they will pick you!”

  Jacky is my very best friend and also a fellow model. She has supported me through difficult times in my life and I did in her life. To be a model, nevermind being a supermodel, is a very hard life, and Jacky and I have been supporting each other in those hard times.

  “You think so? I do not know, I did not do that one turn right. When is it your turn?”

  “I am almost up and do not be silly, you were great!”

  She is not a supermodel like me but she always wanted to become one. I am trying to teach her the trick of the trait but it is not something you necessarily work for, it almost happens by accident. I was just doing the right shoot at the right time and the right people saw me. Then the title of ”supermodel” was thrown around and now I am here.

  “When are we going to know if we have a spot on the tour?”

  “I think they are going to announce it after the show”

  “Jacky, you are up”

  “Good luck, break a leg”

  She stares at me and growls. She does not like it when I say that but what are best friends for. I just smile and wave. I stare through the curtain and I keep a close eye on the head hunters and what their reaction will be. Then I feel a hand on my shoulder.

  “You know, she is not going to make it”

  I turn around and not to my surprise, I find Meg lingering behind me. She is also a supermodel and that story is left to tell another day. She stole a shoot right from under a fellow model’s nose and then it ended up to be a shoot of a lifetime.

  “Urgh, what do you know? You only know how to steal, get out of my face”

  “I will leave but remember what I told you. She will not make it”

  Even her voice irritates me and I hate that she can be so cruel but then again, models are very cruel and backstabbing. Everyone here is fighting to survive the game of the fashion models world. It is not an easy world to live in and you have to be ready at all times for anything. They treat you like a doll that they need to dress up and never consider you to be only a human being.

  I watch as Jacky walks down the runway. I know that she can get a spot on the tour. I watch her as she follows my instructions to the letter. And then she finishes it with her signature. We have been working on her signature for the past few weeks and she just perfected it.

  She comes through the doors and I run to her, hugging her.

  “You did it!”

  “I did it. I did it perfectly as we practiced!”

  “You just watch, you will get a spot on the tour”

  Finally, the end of the night arrives. We gather all our things and make our way back to our cars. I say goodbye to Jacky and get into my car. It was a long day of work, lots of makeup, lots of hairdressers and don't forget the designers. You get different kinds of fashion designers. Some are nice and others do not even recognize you as a human being.

  I get back home and lie down on my bed. I know that my eyes will not stay open for long and just as I thought, I fall into a deep sleep.


  Music has been my life. I have always dreamt to be the best DJ in the world and play the best shows. But I guess not every man can get what he wishes for. So now I find myself being a DJ at my niece's party and I can not even say it is an adult party for it is a kids party. I have to get a life. I have to take more chances and go for the bigger fish. I know I have talent. I just need the opportunities.

  At least I can say that the snacks at this party are not bad for my uncle who is not one of the poorest people in the world. He likes to spend money on his little princess, hence the reason that I am here doing the music. She is turning sweet sixteen. Luckily for me, it is almost the end of the party. Now the other rich children's parents will come and pick them up and then my duty is done.

  My uncle did say that he will pay me handsomely for my work and usually that means that I can at least pay rent for this month. I started to pack up my things when one of the children's mothers walk up to me.

  “Thank you for playing beautiful music for our children today”

  “It is was only my pleasure, mam”

  “I am definitely not a “mam” young man. Please call me Cindy”

  “Of course, yes, Cindy"

  Then someone calls her and she tells them that you will be right there.

  “I am sorry but I am actually here on business. I wanted to ask you if you are open for the next few months?”

  “I am sorry, I do not understand the question. Can you please repeat that?”

  “It's a simple question young man, I want to know if I can make use of your services for the next few months?”

  I take a deep breath. I am not sure how to react to this question. I have been tricked and fooled by rich people before but this is a new low if this is indeed a trick. I decide to take the chance and answer her question.

  “Yes I am available but what are we talking about?”

  “Did I not mention it? I am the manager of the “New World Model” company and we are arranging a world tour for our models. Your uncle told me that you are the best of the best. So I had to come and hear for myself. And I completely agree with him. You have a lot of talent young man. So what do you say, are you available to take a world tour with our company for the next few months?”