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A Cure For The Broken

A Cure For The Broken

Author:Ms. Unique



"I will never marry and pass this curse on to another human being. Do you understand? It's your fault that I'm broken! I will never give you the satisfaction of having a child from me! I will remain a lonely man! I promise you that!" They say you should; never say, Never. Dexter Lee is about to find out why that statement is so true. Though he meant every word he said, despite being tall, dark, and handsome, it doesn't hurt that he is the only son of one of the 3% wealthiest Billionaire families in the world. He's the kind of man a girl can only wish to obtain because he checks all the boxes perfectly on the outside. Yes, Dexter Lee would have been perfect if he wasn't a broken man with a haunting secret that only a unique martial bond could cure. But he promises Never to Marry. All that will change when he unimaginably meets the most unlikely and intriguing girl. Is Tameka Tran the cure this broken man needs? Or will she only make his lonely existence more miserable? It's a riveting sweet romance novel. No cheating. No cliffhangers. Happy ending? You'll have to read it so you can find out.

Dexter Lee:

Lead male Character

When I arrived at my parent's home, it was with caution. I entered the house, and the smell of sweet homemade bread infiltrated the air. My childhood home held good and horrible memories.

"Dexter, is that you?" My mother calls out from the kitchen happily.

Dexter whispers. "Hi, mom," he hugs and kisses his mother on her rosy cheek.

"Why are you whispering?"

"I must ensure you are at home alone, that's all."

"I tell you, the men in this family are some proud men." My mother says, shaking her head at me.

"Come on in here and take a seat, son. It's just you and me here. Your father is away on a business trip and won't be home until tomorrow afternoon. Guess what?"

"What?" Dexter said, happily relieved his father wasn't going to be around and that he had his mother all to himself this evening.

"I cooked your favorite meal. Salisbury steak with cream potatoes, fried bacon bits, melted cheese, and grilled carrots. You have to eat your carrots."

"Oh wow! Thanks, mom, you're the best. I don't know how long it's been since I've eaten a home-cooked meal."

"Dex, that's why you need a wife. You are so stubborn, just like your father."

"I'm nothing like my father," I say, disgruntled as my mother rub my jawline.

Her motherly touch makes me smile at her. I tell my mom. "I don't mean to come off as stubborn. I'm being careful, marriage is a lifelong commitment, and I only plan on doing it once."

Whenever I say words of wisdom, it makes my mom feel reassured. That one day, I'll marry and have a family. But truth be told, I don't ever plan to marry. I made that decision the day I had a conversation with my father. I got the greatest satisfaction from his shock and stunned reaction when I told him. I had finally pained him the way he had been hurting me for most of my life.

I remember when I made a vow to him and him alone. I was so hurt and angry. It felt like it happened yesterday. When I came home from classes that day, I had no intention of having a conversation with my father, but he called me to his office to share my good news with my mother.

There weren't many days I felt alive living under the same roof as my father. But I was so excited about my music and the rave reviews I got from my music professor in college that day. And I made the ultimate mistake of sharing it with my father. I couldn't believe the things he said to me.

With no regard for my feelings, My father asked me. "Why are you wasting your time doing something like music and singing? You must know that no one will want to pay to see a broken and an impaired guy on stage. So stop refusing and accept that you are damaged. Since you were a wasted seed and can't benefit me as an heir, and your mother can't have any more children. Shouldn't you at least try to do something right in your life? Like focused on finding a suitable healthy marriage mate and having a child. So you can give your mother and me a sound and healthy heir."

That day I vowed before him and the one in the heavens. "I promise you I will never marry or have a child. That day will never come. I would die before I pass on your genes to another human being."

I sit here today and look at my mom; we have a close relationship. But I could never tell her what had transpired between my father and me that day. And as for me and my father's relationship, I, unfortunately, can't say the same. From the day I was born to four, it felt like we were inseparable. I would follow him around and mimic his character. I admired him. He was also fond of me, and I can remember telling him.

"When I grow up, I want to be just like you."

But things change drastically, ripping what was once a close bond to shreds! As an adult, whenever I visit with my dear mother, she always tries to share this story with me about the day I was born. To remind me of my father's love, a love I can't see and haven't felt in years.

Taesha Tran:

Female Lead Character

Since the breakup with my rotten fiance', I have had a lot of trouble sleeping. I would be up at all hours crying and eating, depressed and feeling worst than I've ever felt in my entire life. So for a solid year, I have been stuck in the same place.

Looking back, I hated not recognizing or ignoring all the red flags, but I was so in love.

"Hey Taesha," Her best friend snaps her fingers to get her attention.

"Oh, Girl, I'm sorry. Now, what did you say?"

"Look, Girl, I'm going to tell you straight. You need to move on from him."

"Cam, you don't think I want to?"

"Taesha, love can be a wonderful thing."

"Yes, and you know I was all about love. But I learned it could also be dangerous. I would know. Look at the pain it caused me. So that's why I stay away from it. The thought of having that wonderful feeling and then having it ripped away can be disturbing and very sad."

"Yes, I know."

"No, you don't, Cam. I don't wish that kind of pain on my worse enemy. I put myself out there to that jerk, thinking he loved me. He was the person I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. But instead of him returning my love, he trampled over it. Do you remember how he called off our engagement?"

Cam shook her head sadly, yes.

"When I received a call on my cell phone from Sean. My fears became real when he confessed that he couldn't go through with the engagement.

I asked him where he was, which was my mistake.

"I'm out celebrating at a strip club. I'm gazing at this topless dancer gyrating her tits in my face. I love you, Taesha, but I'm not in love with you, and I can't marry you."

"That sick jerk had the nerve to tell me that. Not only was I devastated, but humiliated as well. Sean, my ex-fiance, confessed to me in a strip club while I sat there looking at all our guests. Then, he left me with the responsibility of explaining to all my family and friends the wedding was off."

"Tae, he was the epitome of horrible. I know that, but that was a year ago."

"I know it's been a year, and I am doing better. I am ready to move on with my life, but I can't be in a relationship because I will never trust another man. After being trampled over like that, it has made me re-evaluate the meaning of love, and I never want to relive that again. I thought I had everything under control, or so I thought. But love backfired in my face big time. After all the sacrifices to please him and his family, Cam, no more hoop-jumping for me to try to fit in with someone else's family and culture."

"I get it. But can you at least focus on having a good time? There are so many people and hundreds of men out there. Everyone isn't Sean. Try being friends. Can you do that?"

"Yes, with my shield up, I can do it."

"Good. Now let's have a great time planning our first winter vacation. And we will work on this so-called shield later. But wait! Girl, is it a Captain American Shield? Because that is a fine man!" Cam asked as they both laughed.