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The Witch And The Dragon Clan

The Witch And The Dragon Clan

Author:Wil B



Anastasia would never had believe that dragons were real, until a blue eye guy appeared into her life with the most unrealistic story ever. Not only did he say dragons were real, but that they become men by night and dragon by day. And now, she's the witch the dragon clan has been searching and waiting for...., for over a decade. The only way the spell could be broken was for Anastasia to travel back in time, to unleash her full power with the help of Arkalis her Ancestors. But What Anastasia didn't know is that to break the spell she had to pay a heavy and costly price. Her life or her newly found lover… (Christian, the blue eye guy)

"Long ago, Dragon existed... But how did they come into existence. There was a war, between two king's... The war was never ending, both sides were equally strong and had great Warriors. In a bid to end the war, one of the king's... King Gerald decided to seek help from a sorcerer. The sorcerer casted a spell on the warriors of the kingdom and that spell turned them into dragons by day and men by night. With the help of the spell, the war came to an end with king Gerald winning of course. The dragon's flew back home, happy to meet with their wives and kids.... eager for the spell to be broken, but a grave news awaited them. The sorcerer had died leaving no clue as to how the spell could be broken.... The dragon's were left disheartened, cause from that day, they had to live as dragons by day and men by night." Wow, just wow.. this is the very reason I always skipped Mrs Hardy class.. she's always full of nonsense and stuffs that doesn't make any sense. Dragon by day and men by night, what a joke.

"Excuse me Mrs Hardy." Cara Huggins my worst enemy and rival raised up her hand, drawing half of the.. if not the whole class attention to herself. You might be wandering how we became worst enemies and rival, I also don't know how.

"Ma'am, are you trying to say.. that this dragon men still exist, that they are real." Cara asked shewing briskly on a bubble gum.

"Yeah, that's right Cara. They are indeed alive and very real." Mrs Hardy smiled brightly. Ugh, one more of this nonsense dragon trash and I might just end up puking.

"Oh wow, who knows? My boyfriend could actually be a dragon, he always comes to me by night." Cara laughs playing with the strands of her hair, I rolled my eyeballs... "Probably because he is a frog by day." I said quietly, loud enough of for her and atleast half the class hearing.

The whole class burst into laughter, Cara had no choice but to sit down quietly, feeling a tad bit embarrassed. Anastasia:1 Cara:0.

"Well class, we have come to the end of the class. Don't forget... " I didn't want to hear the rest of Mrs Hardy words, I carried my book and dashed out of her class. I just never get that woman, she's supposed to be a history teacher and teach about history. America history, you know... History! But she always goes on and on about dragons and things that never existed.

"Done with classes for the day." Britney, AKA my best friend says standing next to my locker.

"Yup, I am free as a bird baby." I grinned, ouch that sounded way better in my head.

"O..kay." Briteney laughs.

"Don't you dare laugh, it sounded better in my head." I defended, closing my locker.. and started walking really fast.

"Wait up!!" Briteney screamed running after me, she did catch up with me eventually... she was breathing so fast, like she just ran a marathon.

I rolled my eyes, held onto my school bag, "Will you stop with the dramatic breathing." I eyed her.

"You are like the worst friend ever, do you know that?" She glared at me, taking out her water bottle.

"I am your only friend, since like... I don't know, daycare?."

She huffed, "Just because we have been best friends since like daycare... Doesn't give you the right to joke with me. Anyway, I've got a date. See you later." She flips her hair dramatically, and walked away... She catwalked.

"See you later too, and no! I do not take our relationship for a joke, and why do you always say that. Anyway, say hi to the guy and please just give this guy.. whoever the guy is, a chance!" I yelled after her.

"Fuck you!" She yelled back.

I shaked my head laughing, that's my best friend; she's dramatic, crazy, and fun to be with. I know for sure she would definitely be going for another date tomorrow, and it will not be with this guy.

Well, I better get going.. I have a shift at MIMI'S PIZZA PALACE.


Returning from work, I decided to go through a really dark alley.. it's a shortcut and I only take it once in a while.

Work was a bit tiring and now, all I can think of, is going back home, soak myself in a nice warm water filled bathtub. Ohh I forgot, I don't have a bathtub. Ouch.

I suddenly became very alert, I took notice of my surroundings... Every single detail. There was a big trash can at the side of a wall, a stray cat running around.. an owl not to far off, howling. I could feel someone eyes on me, I could tell that I wasn't alone... Someone is watching, someone is watching from the dark.

I took a step.. whoever was watching also took a step.. is this person following me? But why? Oh my God, is this person trying to rob, rape or do something really bad to me. Fuck! I look behind me but I didn't see anyone, since the alley is dark.

I breathe out then ran with all my might, and hid behind a dumpster.. I waited silently, holding my breath... My heart beating so fast. Not to long, I heard loud footsteps... In the dark I could make out the figure of a guy, looking back and forth.. probably for me.

I release a deep breath, held onto an iron rod I found next to the dumpster.. 1,2,3 I hit the guy really hard on his back. Ouch, that's definitely painful. Please tell me I didn't break his rib.

"Arghh. What the...!" He exclaims facing me, with the help of the shinning moon.. I could make out his face in the dark. He is handsome, really handsome.. but one outstanding factor, is his eyes. Blue eyes.

"I'm supposed to be asking you that. Why are you following me?. I don't even want to know why you are following me, just don't follow me anymore or else I would be force to hit you really hard on the head next." I huffed, then walked still holding onto the stick tightly.

"Wait!" The guy yelled, I didn't stop.

"Please Wait! Please...." He begged. I didn't stop.

"I need your help, please wait. I really need your help." He shouted, his voice resonating in the dark alley. This must be a joke right? He needs my help? With what?. Sorry blue eyes guy, but that ploy with not work on me.

Without stopping or looking back, I walked away.. leaving the blue eyes guy there. He probably couldn't come after me, because he wouldn't want his head splitting into two.