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Come Home, Jihyana

Come Home, Jihyana



General Romance

Jihyana Angelique became homeless and hopeless when her Father chose his mistress over her and their family. She's in deep sorrow, her heart is wounded and she is hurt. Can't handle the pain anymore, she decided to end it. She tried to kill herself by jumping on the bridge. But unexpected things happened and unexpected people entered her life. She found her lights, her safest place and lastly, she found her home. But what if the new home that she found is just like the old one? Hindi matibay at konkreto. Easily destroyed by any storms that comes. Will she try to ran away and find another one? And will she finally found out the truth about her real self? Will she finally found her true home? A home where she and her little one truly belongs.


  "Thank you. Please come again."

  Dragging my date's small hand today we walked to the parked car not far from the grocery store.

  "Mom, are we going to tita's house?" he asked. I nodded as I started to drive.

  "Behave there later okay? Don't ask for anything again,"

  The boy frowned and narrowed his eyes at me,

  "Mommy, I'm grandpa and grandma's favorite grandchild. So even if I don't ask them, they themselves give," was her cool answer,

  "And didn't you tell me that it's not good to refuse grace? See, when they give me something, I accept it right away." he winked.

  I laughed and ruffled her hair with one hand,

  "Oh gosh, your excuses, Jian."

  "No mom, I'm saying the truth here."

  I ignored him and just focused on driving.

  He learned english so fast. It seems like it's only a matter of time before he almost speaks English, eh.

  "Oh there's my favorite grandson!" When Jian saw his grandfather outside the gate of my sister's house, he quickly unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car.

  "Don't run!" I shouted even though I knew he's just going to ignore it.

  "Hey Jian! How are you young man?" his grandfather picked him up and kissed him.

  "I'm fine grandpa! I missed you!"

  I smiled while watching them hugging each other. Jian's really a Lolo's boy.

  "Hey dad." I call. I approached him to kiss him on the cheek.

  He immediately lowered Jian who now ran inside the house.

  "How's my daughter?" he kissed my forehead.

  "Fine. How many days will you stay here?" I asked as we walked inside the house.

  "We're staying here for three days only. I have to announce something important at dinner later." he said.

  My eyebrows rose and I didn't bother to find out what he was announcing later.

  When we went inside, I found my son already cuddling with his grandmother. My father's wife.


  "It's been five years, sis. Jian is getting older, thinking. Don't you still have any plans to introduce his daddy?" I looked at my sister. I shook my head.

  "My gosh. What if Jian looked for him?"

  I sighed and turned and throw a dagger look on her.

  "Can you just shut up? He won't look for his daddy because I said he's dead." I said a little bit annoyed. It's annoying. Very talkative.

  "You're so mean!" she exclaimed.

  "That's just right. Because I really have no intention of introducing my son to him."

  It's been five years but the pain they all caused to me is still very fresh. I still remember how my son's father drove me away. Even though many years have passed, even though time has passed, the wound and pain that U received from them is still not healed.

  "But why? Jian is also his son. He has rights and responsibilities to the him,"

  "Right? Since he let go of me he already lost his son. Responsibility? What kind of responsibility? I can raise my son alone. I don't need his father , I don't need anyone. " I said a bit annoyed. She's asking too many questions! Thanks she's my sister. Cause if not, I would already have kicked her ass.

  It all came back to my memory. How they all turn their backs on me. Just as everything I leaned on fell so easily. How I begged them to listen to me but they didn’t. How the home I found and thought it was concrete and durable because it was made of love but I was wrong. Fragile and easily torn apart by a storm. Destroyed and nothing left. Only hatred and pain.

  "Are you sure? You can't hide that for the rest of your life, sis. Just try. You know he's already regreted. And you know again, he'll accept Jian," I didn't really know what's her point was but I shook my head.

  "No. He will never accept Jian ...." my voice broke,

  "Because I almost killed his child. I almost ruined their family again."

  I'm mad but I don't have to take revenge. I'm mad but I don't regret entering into their lives and making them my home. I don't regret that I loved him, cause when they broke me into pieces I received the greatest gift. My son. All I care right now is Jian. His father and everyone from my past should remain a memory. A memory that should not be remembered again. What's past is past.