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General Romance

Simione needed to become a mistress. Not just another rich man's mistress, but M Conglomerate's President, Hawk Monsanto. Truth was, the young billionaire does not interest Simione of any sort nor was his very attractive gorgeous looks concerned her. She just needed him for one thing, his fiancée, Feather owed her big time and that ballerina bitch had to pay with the most precious thing Simione desired, her broken heart. Hawk Monsanto rose to the top for one reason; he wanted to be the perfect match for the Han Scintillait's heiress. When he thought it was the right time to get what his heart desired, he willingly bleeds millions just to arrange a wedding engagement. However, whether it was work of fate or work of an evil seductress, he stumbled upon a rare beauty that he cannot set his eyes off. And before his money and rationality could ever warn him, Hawk had fallen into something his billions cannot buy.

  In one of the rooms of the El Ceilo Chateau, the sun streamed in like a flamboyant guest, not waiting for an invitation. There, peacefully taking rest on the rug of delicate gray were a pair of weimaraner and a beagle who were faithfully waiting for their master. They were the usual companion of Lee Hawk and probably the only thing that don't irritate him to no end.

  The dogs picked up their heads and flattened their ears briefly at the sudden noise that came through and after a minute the big door opened revealing their master.

  "Mis perros" Their master greeted them, bending down to scratch the tops of their heads. They returned his affection by thumping their tail happily and followed him as he lounged on the huge couch at the center of the room. Hawk managed to loosen up his silver twill tie and freed himself from his suit while he was playing with his little friends, but this blissful moment was ruined the moment his assistant came in.

  "President, Miss Han will be returning from her tour at the twenty-second" Lucas, his assistant, declared and the name he mentioned easily swept away Hawk's attention from his hounds to him, as if the name he mentioned was a magnet that contained an irresistible force.

  The reason for that force was simple, it was love. Hawk was in love with the Han's heiress. Crazily and obsessively in love with her that all these years he had been so faithful with her despite the fact that Feather probably was oblivious of his existence or probably she does know him, but wasn't aware of his mad love for her.

  For who does not know Hawk Monsanto? The last name Monsanto itself already rings a bell in the business industry as the Monsanto family was not only famous, they were feared and loathed off by other businessmen and the entire upper class for their filthy dealings and transactions that made them extremely rich but to a disgusting extent.

  Their debauched lifestyle and evil deeds came around and destroyed almost all of Monsanto Conglomerate. The entire Monsanto household then went into hiding, afraid that loan sharks and their business nemesis will wipe out their family tree for good. While on the run, Hawk met the lovely granddaughter of the Han's and vowed that one day, when he is capable enough, he will come and make her his wife.

  True to his word, Lee Hawk worked his way back to the business industry on a clean slate and rose as the youngest billionaire in the country.

  In this country, he was one of the most sought-after bachelors whose offer of marriage proposals and affairs comes as easy as writing his name. Hawk was not only extremely rich, he too had the kind of looks that can make one get lost in with a very little effort. He was gorgeous and that's even before one could look down and gauge at his broad shoulders and toned muscles. Nevertheless, the Monsanto Conglomerate's President had remained nonchalant to all marriage proposals since he got his eyes only to the Han's granddaughter.

  "What did Mauro Han demands?" He asked his assistant about the father of the woman he wanted. Several days ago, he had declared his intentions about Feather Han and the former, despite his shock, managed to offer some business transactions in exchange for his permission.

  "He offers a partnership for a new venture which costs a hundred million US dollars" Lucas revealed. He was happy for how his master's love life was improving but the amount of money the other party was demanding was quite too much for his expectations.

  Hawk let go of a feral smile "I did not expect that Mauro Han became this greedy overtime. I have underestimated the man. He started as humble as a monk when I first met him. Funny how money changes a person"

  "Indeed President" Lucas agreed. He and his master had closely watched the Han's activities for the last couple of years and knew of the fact that as much as Mauro Han work his ass out to keep their business in the loop, his uncontrolled vices counterfeited all his hard work by sweeping out their profits in a single loss "I've heard that his recent gambling expenses nearly made Han Scintillait bankrupt. This new venture might be their saving grace"

  "Great" Hawk hollered sarcastically as a concerned expression etched into his face. "So, he was planning to dry out my Feather's inheritance"

  "Don't worry President," Lucas immediately cheered him up a Hawk had this habit of overly worrying about Feather's affairs. "I'm sure with the popularity that Miss Han had now, she won't need those inheritances from her family, more so if she becomes your wife"

  "Give the man what he demands. Tell general manager Wu to make the necessary arrangements" He instructed immediately without giving the thing a second thought.

  "President, a hundred million dollars is a big money" He reminded Hawk of what seemed to be another reckless investment in the name of love. Lucas was more than a personal assistant to Hawk. All these years of being together, they treated each other as brothers. So as much as Lucas was a little concerned about his master being too obsessed with the Han's heiress, he cared more about his finances.

  "A hundred million dollars is nothing if I can't have her," Hawk replied with a tone of finality and let go of a deep sigh "Lucas, you know I wouldn't be here if not for her"

  "I understand. I'll go and talk to general manager Wu" Lucas retreated and spoke for the last before he dismissed himself.

  "Lucas…." Lee Hawk called on to his assistant before he was able to close the door. Lucas turned to back to face him.

  "Yes?" He asked frowning. "Did you miss to mention something to me?"

  "Yes. Call the organizers too. I want to throw an engagement party for Feather" Hawk added one last instruction but probably the most important on his list "I want a grand one"

  Lucas swallowed a good amount of saliva when he heard him.

  Damn! This stubborn master of him was willing to spend his entire fortune for that ballerina.