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The Last Mistress

The Last Mistress



General Romance

They say it's bad to be a villain in a peaceful story, But for me to ruin a family and a good story is the best of all I'm happy because I'm a mistress when I swing in bed with you, that's also the strong flow of tears of your real family.

  "Maaaaa! Our favorite show is about to start!" I loudly call mama reason to hurry it too.

  "I'm coming" she laughed as he stood next to me.

  "YOU WILL NEVER HAVE THE RIGHT BECAUSE YOU'RE A MISTRESS!!" loud shouts of the star on the television we were watching.

  "Ma" I called mama who was a bit surprised.

  "why?" she asked me.

  "What is mistress?" I ask again here.

  "Ahh, they are the women or men who huddle or force themselves to squeeze with someone who already has a family, In short, they will destroy the family" said mama.

  "Ahh" I said as there was still wonder forming in my mind.

  "You're too young for that, just focus on your studies" she said again while walking to the kitchen.


  "Where is your mom?" papa asked while taking his shoes off.

  "It's in the kitchen, yet" I said while continuing to watch.

  "Mahal!" mama called loudly to papa.

  "Hey love, what did you cook?" papa asked here.

  "Just a snack love" mama said.

  "Veron, sit down and eat right first!" mama shouted so I immediately sat down at the table.


  When we finished eating, I was left alone here in the living room because mama and papa had already gone to the market to be able to cook tonight.


  "Kringgggg! Kringgg!" The phone rang in the living room.

  "How are you?" I asked ellaine.

  "Bestie, come here" ellaine said.

  "I don't like bestie, I'm watching over the house" I said.

  "All right bestie, bye!" she said and turned off the phone.


  While sitting in the living room, I was a little bored because my favorite show was over.

  That's why I use my cellphone.

  While scrolling, I saw a picture it was a picture of my crush and a girl.

  "Yuck!, such an ugly girl!" I said in disgust while looking at the photo.

  "Seriously? You can't crush me back because of her?" I said while look'n at my crush picture.

  "Gosh, i forgot there's no us anyways." I added.

  "I need to take my beauty rest." I said and went upstairs.