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Redeeming Love

Redeeming Love

Author:little munchkins



  It's the story of one girl name Adrienne Nelson who try to find her happiness. She never know who is her mother is because it's only her dad who's taking care of her since she was a little. She got herself a boyfriend and also she has a best friend that always be with her. Adrienne thought she already got the loves, happiness with the people around her but she's wrong. She was tested with all sort of things. Adrienne only want her life is full with love no more and no less but with all the test that she got, she feel so sad and lonely because her own best friend betrayed her and leave her. Her boyfriend also leave her. She feels so betrayed until she got herself a new friends which is from the popular group too. She start to feel happy again but then another news that makes her feel like this is the end of her life. Why is her best friend and boyfriend leave her? Who is her new friends?Will she be able to meet her mother?What news she got and feel like it's the end of her life?Follow the journey of Adrienne Nelson in finding the love and happiness in her life in Redeeming Love...

Hello, it is me, Adrienne. Adrienne Nelson. I am currently going to Lakewood High School and in my last year there. I'm gonna graduate just a few more months and I will go to my dream college.

Since I was a baby, my dad was the one who took care of me until now. I don't even know where's my mom and my dad never told me about her. Sometimes I felt curious about my mom and where's she but thinking about my dad, I just keep it to myself and try to find the answer by myself. I love my dad so much and I don't want to break his heart.

My dad works as a lawyer and he usually went out of the town in some cases. For some reason, I wonder why my dad is a lawyer. That's not I complaining though but I just hope that my dad will stay at home more often. Okay whatever, I start to be a crybaby when I talk about my dad. Let's carry out about me.

My dad bought me a mini cooper so that I can go to school without taking a bus or anything. I love my car because it's cute. Well, who doesn't love their car?

Next, I have one best friend name, Piper Thompson. I and her been friend since third grade and I think it is so fun be friend with her. She's a good company and always be there for me every time I have a problem. She got blond hair and her eyes are brown. Also, she has a perfect body also an ideal height.

While me, I got brunette hair and my eyes are blue. I have some freckles on my face that Piper always want it. I don't know why. My body just more to normal shape or size or whatever it is. I am at the same height as Piper. For some reason I love me, myself and I. I'm not that kind of girl who always complaining about their body or hair or face because I think I am beautiful. Everyone is beautiful and got their own advantage to be beautiful. Isn't it right?

I also have someone that I like, it's my boyfriend. His name is Willy Reid. We've been in a relationship for one year and a half. He's a good guy and always makes me smile and laugh. I think I am lucky to have him as mine. He's a soccer player at our school. The first time we met was at the school field. When I remembered it, I felt so embarrassed because our first meeting isn't that good.

I was walking near the field at that time to go to my car. Actually, that was a shortcut to go to the parking lot. I usually used that way to go to my car because if I walk in the hall, I felt like a sardine. Too much of students in there makes me hard to breathe and walk. So I used this way. I walk like usual and suddenly I heard some voices shout at me but I just thought that the guy just messing with me. So I just ignore it and walk straight until my head being hit by something hard.

I fell down and felt my head so hurt. Then the players came to me and ask me if I'm okay and all. I just nodded my head and try to get up but I can't until one of them willing to help me get up and walk with me to my car, its Willy of course. Since that day, we become a friend and getting close to each other. Sounds cliche I know but that's the reality.

From that day, I think if the ball didn't hit my head that time, I will never meet Willy and be his girlfriend like now.

So.. That's a little about my life and the person that I love. "Adrienne! Stop your daydreaming and get yourself down here now. Lunch ready!" I hear my dad shout from downstairs. Well, I and my dad stay at the two—story house and I love this neighborhood because it's calm and kind of safe I think. Today is Sunday and my dad doesn't have to go to his office today. I get out of my room and rush downstairs.

"Sorry dad, I have some big issue to settle just now," I said and he shakes his head.

"Yeah and the issue is that you try to make another book of your life. I know." I follow him to the kitchen and take the food.

"I'm not," I reply and grin to him when I sit down in the chair.

"I know you more than you think. You're my daughter after all." He said and I nodded head without any reason. "Why are you nodding your head like that?" I look at my dad.

"Because you said that I'm your daughter. That's why I nodded my head... I think." I talk with my mouth full of food.

"Stop talking when your mouth is full. Oh gosh, Adrienne." I smile at him and eat my food. I love my dad so much because he's the only person who knows myself more and understands me more than I understand myself.

After our lunch, I and my dad sit in the living room and play FIFA 2018. What? Is it not weird, right? I've been playing games with my dad since I was a kid. even though I always lose to my dad but I still had fun. "Dad! It's not fair! How can you tackle my player like that! You need a yellow card for it." I said and try to steal the ball from my dad's player. Even though he's an old bit he still masters in this game.

"Yes! I win again and you lose Adrienne. Don't cry loser." My dad said happily and I like usually don't happy.

"That's a fine dad. I just giving you a chance to win this time. Just wait next time I'll make sure you lose and that time don't cry loser—to—be." I said and walk off to the kitchen to get some drinks. "Here your drink." I give my dad his coffee and sit next to him.

"Let me ask you one question." I look at my dad weirdly but nodded my head and let him ask me a question. "Is Willy treating you right?" I burst out laughing when my dad asks me that. "Adrienne." I look at his face and he shows me a serious face. I stop laughing.

"Yes, sir Willy is treating me right and always makes me laugh," I reply playfully and then my dad smile again. "Dad, don't worry, he is a good guy. I know that. Just stop act so serious in front of him whenever he comes here. He scared of you, you know that?" I said.

"Well, that's good then. At least he didn't try to hurt my one and only daughter. If he hurt you, I'll drag him to the court."

"Stop it, dad. Don't be so serious."

"I said 'if'."

"Alright, dad," I reply and hug my dad. "I love you, dad."

"I love you too my daughter. Oh, I need to tell you that I have a case to be done tomorrow." He said and I release from the hug then look at him.

"You always have case dad. What's different this time?"I ask.

"Well I have to fly to Washington tomorrow morning and I'm gonna stay there for three days or maybe one week." I sigh.

"I can't stop you. Just go then but promise me that you'll take care of yourself and don't work hard until you get a headache. Alright?"

"Alright ma'am and you too don't hang out with Willy too much. I don't know why I said this but just don't give much hope to him. Do you hear me?" I wonder why my dad said like that but just nodded my head.

"I heard you," I reply to my dad. This is it. One week without my dad again. I can say that he is one of the famous lawyers in this country. I understand. Besides, he works hard because of me. I know he wants me to live a good life.