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Two people fell in love when they were child. One was confident and outgoing where as one was Cold and not outgoing But because of small (can be big) they started to hate eachother aera left place After coming back from abroad what will be their reaction and what kind of relation they would have between them .

Description is Aera :

Kim Aera, she is a beautiful girl. She was born in daegu, South Korea. She has a big brother. She isn't close with her family. She spent childhood with her grandfather in Busan. Her grandfather was a retired military man. Her grandfather was close with Jeon family who where there neighbors. So, she was close with them too. Because of an incident she was sent to America by her father when she was eight year. Now she is eighteen year. She was now returning to her family now.

After being in America for more than a decade aera changed. From her appearance to her attitude she was no longer a bubbly girl she used to be she was a whole new version of what she used to be. She used depend on other and gave a opinion to what others think as child to be loved and now she doesn't care about others and has cold personality. When she landed in the airport she didn't get any emotion but got some vivid flashes she wasn't sure what was it or she was pretending to not recognize it.

Instead of going to her home she went to an unknown address which was sent to her from her aunt. Before coming here she already informed her aunt about her return and asked her to rent apartment for her .she hailed a taxi and went towards her destination. When she reached there she was not seeing a house rather she knew her aunt won't allow her to live alone so she wasn't surprised. She went towards the house and rang the bell. After few second, her aunt opened the door and hugged her tight as she hasn't seen her nephew for 2 years now.

She used to live with her aunt when she was in America. She didn't live in her apartment which was provided to her to stay by her family and stayed with her aunt as her aunt forced her to live her. She also hugged her aunt. Her aunt Kim woojin invited her inside. She knew her nephew would ask why didn't she rent the apartment for her to live in so she said " I know what you will ask so I didn't rent apartment because I don't want you to live alone when I am here" . I laughed and again hugged her because I was missing her warmth and I inhaled her perfume . She laughed and said " You are grown up now but still act like that huh, how will you get yourself a boyfriend? huh". Listening this aera face changed, and said with anger " you know, I don't believe in love so getting a boyfriend not even in my list " hearing this her face became gloomy she remembered how she has suffered to not believe in love. She changed the topic and said " Come, I will show you your room" saying this she took her to her room and asked if she liked the room. When aera saw the room she knew her aunt spent a lot of time to decorate the room it was according to her liking dark and comfy. Seeing this, she suddenly felt guilty to hide a big thing about her.

Her aunt left her to freshen up and to take some rest. She took a bath and was sitting in the bed. She was feeling guilty to lie to her aunt who loved her like her own daughter. She was tired and tried to sleep but she couldn't then she sighed and then sat on the study table and took her sketch book from her bag. She still had to manage all her dresses and stuff she brought together. She was tired and thought of doing it later. She opened her sketch book and started to look at her sketch. First sketch was of her aunt then when she was about to look at her second sketch her aunt called downstairs to eat she went to eat as she thought her aunt will start to yell if she didn't went downstairs asap.

When she reached at dining table she saw so many delicacies which was her favourite. She sit down on the table and started to eat. She was eating fast so her aunt scolded her to eat slowly. When she was in America she wouldn't eat cooked food and used to eat ramen or any junk food after her aunt left. After, dinner they were eating some sweet in the living room while watching the t.v. like old times in America. While watching television,aera phone rang she looked at her phone to see who called her at this time. She didn't picked up her phone. When she saw the caller she was emotionless she didn't feel any emotion she was heartless. The phone kept ringing but she didn't picked it up and kept her phone in silence. Her aunt wanted her to tell to pick up the phone but she knew she wouldn't pick it up. Then, her aunt phone rang . She looked up in the phone and said " it's your dad." Hearing her aunt she kept silence for awhile and said," if you pick up his phone I will move out from here and won't even come to meet you"

Hearing this, her aunt knew she was dead serious. She declined the phone. Again aera said," if he calls you. You can pick it up but if he ask if I am with you or not then say him that I don't know about it."

It's my first time writing it if there's any problems you can comment below I will fixed it up. Thank you