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Maid At Home

Maid At Home

Author:Trixie Kim



I was an orphan being adopted by a simple family. My dad was a driver of a very powerful businessman. My mom was one of their maids. She was in fact their lady butler. This family with gazillion bank accounts had an only heir, drop dead gorgeous young billionaire, Albert Michaels. He was always the talk of the news both in mainstream and social media along with either a popular pop star diva or a hubristic socialite with voluptuous body and kittenish voice. I, Samantha Reynolds, one of their servants had been stealthily trailing him since the day that I stepped in their grand top of a kind living room. His stone cold aloof aura as he stared at me everytime he caught me gawking at him made him even more attractive and charming than he already was. Till one rainy night, a magical or should I say disaster happened. Arriving at home late and intoxicated while I was busy wiping the glass tea table, he was almost dropping himself on the cold marble floor. Guiding him towards his room, his heaviness was weighing up my petite body. Till we both dropped on his king sized bed with me under him. His glassy eyes tingling my long time desire. His warm rims made me want to wrap them with mine. Till time stood still as the rain continued pouring engulfing the atmosphere with its coldness while him covering me with his burning libido. As we both reached the top, he called a name, ''Madeline!'' D*mn!

Michaels' Mansion...

A new model of black Cadillac was driving smoothly with two black sedans in front and behind serving as the guards for this gorgeous limo. As it drove in smooth curved wide iron gate with curved top Classique designed ground coated with red marbled tiles, the guards in uniform bowed before one guard pushed the button making the wide door open in a smooth slide.

The Cadillac drove to a path where Italian giant cypress trees were lined in rows like soldiers saluting a general. As the driver looked ahead, he smoothly turned the wheel to right avoiding bumping the two layers round fountain with the statue of a woman holding a pot in the renaissance era.

Then it turned to the left circling the fountain before it stopped at ten steps pearled marbled stairs. When the one holding the wheel got out of the car, he adjusted his uniform first before he opened the backseat door.

The eight passengers including the drivers in black sedans also got off and lined in rows bowing to the man inside the limo.

Italian black Oxford leather shoes tiptoed the pearled marbled tiled floor. Then a slender leg in black trousers. Hard rock wide back in a black tux.

The specimen emerged in the car door in the full-back view. As he turned around, he was the only focal subject in the frame. Everything was blurred. Tousled dark brown hair that you could brush with your fingers. Thin well-trimmed eyebrows that sloped downward in a serious expression paired with those light brown deep orbs and kneeling eyelashes. Sharp pointed nose looked more alluring when he looked over his shoulder. A strong, defined, and aloof aura had drawn into a hard line across his face. His thin lips, perfect and ripe for kissing.

Height of 190 cm, he could be the new James Bond in his tux!

"Young Master, Madam is waiting at the lanai!" Their butler bowed upon opening the door.

His steps on the shiny tiled floor were catwalks indicating grace and refined manners he had learned since he was little.

As he went inside their French Normandy mansion, the butler closed the wide entrance door.

Behind the maple tree, hands nailed on the trunk and her mouth hung open gasping for her breath, drooling saliva at the corner of her lips, her eyes gawped as she lifted her head at the closed door.

"He's here!" Samantha Reynolds or Sam for short, one of the Michaels' servants, moaned in a whisper.

"What do you think you're doing here?" when suddenly, her best friend Laila, also a servant like her, slapped her bottom which made her scream in fright.

"Ahh! Of all my body parts, why do you always torture my butt?" she frowned as she turned around rubbing her, she thought already tomato red bottom.

"Are you daydreaming about him again?" Laila asked as she grabbed her hand.

She was her bestie but she was two years older than Sam. She used that reason to victimize her with spanking or nagging or if it was her black Friday, both!

"So, what if I always think I am his girlfriend? I feel happy doing it!"

With Sam's defensive tone and I-don't-care-about-your-opinion look, Laila grimaced at her while shaking her head.

"Sam, you need a psychiatrist!"

"You're not the first one who said that!" she just shrugged off.

Indeed, the first one who told Sam to stop reaching for the star was her one and only suitor, Jaden.

Jaden and she had the same age. He was also one of the workers here in the mansion. He was one of the Michaels' gardeners. He maintained the Bermuda lawn and the orchids their Madam Lauren had planted.

He was also her neighbor in their small village which was an hour's ride from here. His father was the same as her dad, a driver of Master Christopher Michaels, Albert's father. He was a tyrant business tycoon and owned a lot of giant companies in the country and abroad. Jaden's mom was one of the chefs.

So, all six of them served this high and mighty blue blood family.

Jaden had been pursuing Sam since they were in high school but she always told him, he had no chance for someone had already taken her heart.

When he asked who, Sam simply replied, "My imaginary boyfriend!"

She was already in college and just turned eighteen last month.

"Sam, if I were you, I should not cling to him. You see the women he dates. You are soooo out of his league!" Laila reminded.

Like she didn't know the kind of women Albert dated. She could either be a superstar or a socialite or like him, a brilliant independent woman from the corporate world.

She was aware that she was absolutely out of his league but who cares, she still liked him!

When they were passing by the lanai that was covered with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and it was by the lap pool, she saw the love of her life talking with his stepmom while they had two cups of green tea on the small wooden table.

Sam halted while Laila was holding her hand so what happened, she was moved backward by force and almost fell back to the ground.

"Ouch! Sam, what are you doing?" she exclaimed.

Her voice drew attention to the two people talking in private at the lanai. Mrs. Michaels turned around while Albert... he frowned at once.

"Samantha, Laila! Good thing I saw you both!" Mrs. Michaels called them to come in.

She was adamant but Laila nudged her elbow. They pushed the button of the sliding door and went inside.

"Yes, Madam!" they both answered in unison while bowing down.

"Albert is going to have a simple party with his friends here at the pool tonight so I want you to prepare the food and everything!"

When Sam heard he was having a pool party, she imagined him and his friends' girlfriends. Sure, the pool was going to be wild tonight she thought.

When she glanced at him, he was also staring at her. She suddenly became conscious with her looks that she felt burning red on her cheeks and it reached her ears.

"Did you eat something luscious that you forgot to wipe your mouth?" his stone-cold voice stunned her to the core that she stammered as she pondered on what he said.

"Excuse me, Young Master! What is it?" she asked in a very respectful manner avoiding pissing him.

But he didn't reply. He sneered instead. Till it was Laila who gestured for her to touch the corner of her mouth.

She slowly did what she said and was shocked to the core. There it was! One of the most embarrassing moments of her life was witnessed by him. A drool spot at the corner of her lips!

She turned around and wiped it with her hand while pursing her lips and glaring at Laila. If Laila could read her mind, Sam was cursing her in her thoughts.

"Yes, Madam. We'll do it right away!" Laila replied in haste as she dragged her again leaving their masters staring at them.

When they arrived at the servant's quarter, she scolded her right away.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't notice it, okay!" she was controlling her urge to laugh.

"Of all the people to see my... him?" Sam exclaimed.

She could still feel her face burning in probably at the moment beet red.

"Sam, you need help. Really!" Laila uttered instead.

"Why does Sam need help?" when Jaden came in still wearing gardening gloves and dungarees.

"She drooled in front of her prince charming!" Laila chuckled.

"What? You're exaggerating! Young Master just saw something at the corner of my mouth!" she corrected.

Jaden squinted his eyes on her like she was a bug in the garden.

"What you said and what Laila said were the same!" he then uttered with a tone of jealousy.

"Whatever!" Sam shrugged off her shoulders and left the two alone in the quarter.

As she was going to the kitchen to check on what to buy for the party, she accidentally bumped into a strong broad chest. It hit her head hard and she winced in pain.

"When are you going to stop being clumsy!"

That voice!

She was startled upon hearing his roar. She didn't care if he was going to scold her the whole day for as long as she could hear his deep baritone voice and be with him this close.

For her, this was once in a lifetime!

"I'm sorry, Young Master! I was not paying attention!" she softly whispered as she lifted her head.

With his height, she was a bit short even maybe if she wore stilettos.

"Exactly my question! When will you stop being clumsy? The servants in this mansion are trained to be tactful and moved with elegance. Could you do that for me this evening?" he stressed every word onto her face.

"Sir?" she just gawked at him.

"D*mn, I can't think well if I am this close to him!" she complained inwardly.

She was stammering and her legs were wobbling like legs of broken furniture.

"I said, could you not embarrass me this evening?" he made his voice louder which made her almost jump to her feet.

"Yes, Young Master!" She immediately uttered as she bowed her head.

He walked past her right away. Pursing her lips hard, Sam scolded herself in an instant.