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Was I just a bet to you?

Was I just a bet to you?



General Romance

Namiya, the new girl of the school is really beautiful. She is so cheerful everybody likes her. Everyone is her friend except the group of seven boys. They don't like her but they also don't hate her. They just wants to play a prank. Kim Taehyung aka Min Yoongi's friend give him a challenge to win her heart and then broke it after some days of their dating. What happens when she finds out Yoongi's intentions?

  Namiya's POV

  I woke up extra early in the morning because its my first day at new school. I'm really excited to make new friends. I did my morning routine and wore blue jeans with white shirt and white converse. I put my hair on a braid and applied some liner on my eyes. I got downstairs made my breakfast and ate it. Then I took my bike's keys and locked the door behind me. I started my journey for school.

  After I reached the school all eyes were on me. I parked my bike and got down then I fixed my shirt and go to the principle's office. I took my schedule and go to my first class.

  It was lunch time by this time I had so many friends. But I got really close with this girl named Elizabeth Cahil. She is so much like me.

  Beth-"Hey where are you lost?"

  Me-"Nowhere. What is your next class?"

  Beth-"Math, yours?"


  Beth-"Ow You have class with the devils. My condolence are with you."

  Me-"What do you mean?"

  Beth-"You have class with the famous Kim Taehyung and Min Yoongi."

  Me-"Who are they?"

  Yoongi's POV

  I was sleeping peacefully until Jeon the fucking Jungkook pinched my ear. I swear one day I am gonna kill them.

  Me-"What the fuck is wrong with you?"

  Jk-"Nothing. Just wanted to annoy you." He said smiling sheepishly.

  Me-"Just one day. Just one day will be enough for me to kill you Jeon Fucking Jungkook."

  Tae-"Cut the crap Yoongi. Did you guys hear about the new girl. I heard she is very cheerful and beautiful."

  Jimin-"She is. She was in my math class and damn man she is really beautiful and everyone were desperate to be her friends. But one thing was sure she not only had the looks but she also had the charm. She is really friendly."

  Jin-"So what. Why are you guys making it such a deal. She will only be famous for days then everyone will forget her."

  Me-"What's her name?"

  Joon-"Shin Namiya."

  Hobi-"A beautiful girl with a beautiful name. Great."

  I haven't met her yet and I'm already annoyed by her.

  Me-"Whatever I am going to the rooftop. And don't you guys dare to follow me there."

  At the same time, Namiya's POV

  Beth has remind me thousand times not to talk with the "devils". She is really scared of them. I mean what will they do to me if I talked to them? I don't know. After talking to Beth I was at the roof for some fresh air. Now I was going downstairs. As I stepped the last step I bumped with something hard and fell.

  ???-" Fuck." When I opened my eyes I saw a blonde boy above me. When he saw me...its like the time has stopped. His eyes were really mesmerizing.

  Yoongi's POV

  I fell on somebody. I looked down  and saw the most beautiful blue eyes. Her face was perfect. I was leaning on her. Then realization hit me and quickly got up.

  Namiya's POV

  When he got up I also got up and pulled my bag to my shoulder.

  Me-"I am sorry I was thinking about something and didn't notice you."

  ???-"You should be. Next time watch where you are going." He said and left to go the class room.

  Me-"Hey that was rude." I shouted. He just turned around and smirked at me and left. What the fuck just happened! I quickly go to my class room and the teacher asked me to introduce myself.

  Me-"Hello I'm Shin Namiya. I hope we all can be friends." I said smiling. The teacher smiled at me and pointed to an empty seat.

  Teacher-"Go sit there." I bowed politely and go to my seat. And to my luck the blonde boy was behind me and smirking. God I hate that smirk. He started poking me from behind.

  Me-"What's your problem?"

  Blonde boy-"Nothing."

  Me-"Then why are you poking me?"

  ???-"Yoongi don't disturb her." A blue haired boy said and smiled at me.

  Yoongi-"I'm bored man."

  Teacher-"Is there any problem mister Min?"

  Yoongi-"No ma'am."

  Teacher-"Good." Then I realized he was Min Yoongi with whom Beth asked me not to talk. And the blue haired boy was Kim Taehyung. Damn I wasn't supposed to talk with them.

  Yoongi's POV

  I like the girl. She is so pretty. She is so cute when she is annoyed, her nose scrunchies up, her cheeks turn a little pink, her brows makes a thin line. I'm crushing over her. However the class was end I thought I will annoy her a little more but she rushed out of the class. I was about to go behind her but...

  Tae-"What were you doing Yoongi?"


  Tae-"You were literally drooling over her. Do you have a crush on her?"

  Me-"No. Pfft what are you saying man? Me? Have a crush on her? No way!"

  Tae-"Whatever lets go."