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My Omega

My Omega




Jasmine's world consisted of two things...her grind and surviving the world of werewolves and her past. As an Omega, her past has never been something to brag about, given that she'd not had many choices in the manner to do so when bragging meant her life. Blending into the human world she steered away from a pack as a rogue and used what ever sanity she had to survive.

I rubbed my eyes from being so tired. It was nearly going on a quarter past ten and my body was already aching from my last few dances. My boss rick was growing weary of how long it was taking me because he said that the dance he set up was a very special. No one fucked with the special dances or they would be at the bottom of the list. Bottom of the list girls don't make money and money and me had a very healthy relationship.

Not only that, he had instructed me to look my best and well I was sure what I was wearing was enough to fulfill his request. A golden bra with gold rhinestones with matching panties with garters made again, of gold material. My hair was up in a pony releasing my long tresses to fountain over giving me a innocent look. I loved to sprinkle just enough glitter on my cleavage after coating my body thinly with oil. I used that as my way of escape if an asshole decided to take home the beauty when they were only a guest in the house of Mr. Rick daddy.

I go by Jazz but of course it is short for Jasmine, I am a stripper, mainly lap dancing but only when I was requested. I wasn't the big time, call on the best type stripper but one that appeased certain taste of powerful men who wanted to control, dominate and control———for only thirty minutes, depending on their money. Being that I left my pack, I was spoken to go mad if I didn't find other werewolves but for some reason, that didn't happen to me.

I was poor, of course I was being on my own but I once had it all, literally the nice things and never hurt for anything until I was robbed for everything I had, possibly another werewolf that caught my wild scent. Then after that I got fired because having the nice things meant that I had cash stashed and I couldn't buy them. I lost my nice apartment and now I stay in an old broke down apartment with roaches and vermin unfortunately. Hell, I had no idea what it was scratching but I do know I slept with one eye open. It would take a minute to get what I needed but being at this place less than six months wasn't getting me a rental house anytime soon.

I glanced in the mirror one more time. I was a light chocolate, 5'4 African—American female werewolf, thick with curves and honestly, I despised the way I looked, for reasons of my past. My hair was a light brown and it was thick. I was extremely shy, I know ironic for a stripper, right? I was quiet, and I had one fear, I was terrified of white men. Dancing for them was difficult but I swallowed and went ahead thinking of the money it would give me. I guess you're wondering why but when I was a child I was teased over my skin tone by a neighbor and his sons. I can remember being laughed at even for me being full figured.

I was lost in my thoughts and I feel the burn under my eye lids coming. I just knew I was about to cry when…

The door flew open and my boss Rick stood there. I could tell he was pissed he began shouting at me to get my ass out the room before the customer. I rushed out not wanting to get fired, I just couldn't!

Walking into the VIP room I noticed a black man with a bald head in a business suit. He smelled like smoke but never—the—less I was not important and this was the job I had to do.

After a few minutes of this nasty man trying to grope me, I take in this amazing aroma, something wonderful, I look around for the source and met a set medium Brown eyes and my wolf yelps in my mind. She'd been silent and broken but now she was speaking. "No, be quiet!" It was too little, too late for that. I was damn near entering my ripened age and now she was yelping mate!


All the while yelling at my wolf, I was suddenly pulled from the customers lap, I felt shocks so I knew instantly who it was I could feel the sweet tingles from his touch. I had heard about how it makes you feel, I always felt it was a myth but mate? Me, did he know I was an omega? I start to shake badly, memories of my childhood come into my mind and I start gasping for air trying to get away but to no luck. He was strong and the power that emanated from him was enough to make my head swim. I thrashed about in his arms but he tightened his grip and knocked my customer out cold. As I struggled to get a loose he then growled in a deep, demanding, authoritative Roar. Instantly I stopped and whimpered submissively like the omega I am. He seemed angry and did not care about the fact that I was uncomfortable, he was our mate and I was terrified of him.