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Hopeless Admiration

Hopeless Admiration

Author:Akwaah K



Embree is a girl with dreams. Big dreams and that is the only thing her eyes are set on. Finish with high school and get straight into her dream job. A Swatt agent. She doesn't want anything else because it's the only thing that excites her. The rush of adrenaline, the pumping blood in her veins that rushes through her, the thrill to punch something. All this practical part of it. She's a strong girl after all.But there is one thing. Her sister Kayla. She is a problem that rises everyday or should we say makes a problem arise? A constant fit is always between them. Fights, arguments, pranks, you name it. They both have done it all yet it just seems to be a non-stop thing. So what happens when Embree's father decides to put an end to all this by introducing something never heard of? Everything is put to test after that. Everything Embree has hoped for is set on fire and she has to stop it. Everything, is put at risk. So that's when Levi intervenes in and helps her. But that is, if Em


"I swear Kayla, you always do this. You need to learn what time is," I hiss out as I put my hoodie over my head.

My heart racing so fast, and that is saying something. I hastily grab my bag and roughly swing it over my shoulder and yank the door open with a bang.

Kayla stands there with a bored expression leaning against the wall opposite my door, as soon as she sees me, she straightens up and starts walking down the hallway.

"And she shows me attitude now," I mutter under my breath.

"Heard that!" she calls out but I just roll my eyes in annoyance.

"Hurry! We have got to get there on time," she says once I get down the stairs.

"Well, who's fault is that? So you take the blame not me," I run down the driveway and into the driver's seat of my car.

"Just shut up," she mutters and I know well that I won this argument.

"Just because you are older doesn't mean you are always right," I roll my eyes but try to hide my victorious smirk as I drive through the busy roads.

"Oh but I am," I bite my lip at her pissed off expression.

Once arriving, I get out of the car and slam the door locking it. Walking ahead, I start to think in my head what we might do today. I grip my keys hard in my hand trying to relieve the tension in my body. I haven't even gotten in the building yet and my adrenaline is already showing.

A knock brings me to a halt in my steps. Groaning, I turn around and adjust my eyes to the morning sun, bringing my hand up to my eyes, I try to see the figure in my car moving. Squinting my eyes, I see that Kayla, is stuck in my car.

How amazing.

I smirk knowing it's called karma for not waking me up earlier for today.

Her muffled scream reach my ears bringing pleasure. Oh, the fun of having your sibling trapped in your car when both of you are running late.

"What?" I scream, exaggerating by cupping my ear with my hand.

"Embree! Open this damn door!" I bite my lip to stop myself from bursting into giggles.

"I can't hear you. Did you say close lock the door?" She screams even louder to get me to open it. But the fun doesn't end here.

I turn around with a smirk on my face and start to walk back towards the entrance of the building but lingering slightly. When her screams stop, my mind starts to think of all scenarios that could happen. So just before I turn around to check up on her, I hear a splash.

Water. Inside. My. Car.

"How's that?" comes her reply.

I hesitantly click my keys to open the doors. But just as she gets out, I turn the other way and enter through front doors.

My breathing still normal after that little run to the front, I look around to spot anyone seeing that but no one is here. No one except Miles, at the small reception desk right in front of the door.

"How's that extra—long shift going Miles?" I ask him as I run to the right side where a hallway is.

"You know how it is. The same," his bored tone tells me enough. But I don't stay long to have a conversation, I walk straight to the designated room for today.

I enter through the many blue doors and notice the lights off. Tapping the wall next to me, I am unable to find it.

"Boo!" Without flinching, I quickly swing my fist from I heard the voice and hear it roughly hit the person.

The lights automatically turn on and I blink few times before realising who it is.

Groaning and whining, Roy stands there holding his cheek.

"Oh for god sake Roy. You know it was a bad idea," I say with a small smile playing at my lips.

"Yeah... should have known," he says with his blue eyes staring back at me. I tilt my head because I am suspicious of his behaviour. He is too easy to read.

"Alright. Spit it out," I motion with my hand for him to talk.

Instead of answering, his face turns into a smirk. A bad feeling sets in the pit of my stomach and I know what is about to happen.

Just as I turn my head to look at where he is looking, and find no one, but just before I question him, my feet are swiped off the floor as a leg knocks me out.

I brace for impact on just in time extend my hands and land in a push up position. Pros of having done training. I push myself up with enough force to pull me back on my feet.

"Kayla I swear you—"

"Girls. That is enough, we don't need the same routine every Sunday." Dad walks in with his head held high, in his gym clothes, he nears us with a stern expression.

"Just how many times am I going to walk in with you two still creating trouble and throwing fits?" He asks. Just like he does every single Sunday.

Coming to training is very beneficial, especially when you are getting trained by one of the best. My dad is what you call, my role model. Him being one of the best people I have looked up to. So, I don't say anything in return in case I sound rude.