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Child Of The Moon

Child Of The Moon




For many years, viruses had spread like wildfire and mankind has been depopulated to its half... Kai Uchida is a Japanese prodigy residing in the US, a mysterious man who developed a miraculous vaccine to save his younger brother Kaito, even though not only did he increase the body’s immunity tenfolds against these body wrenching agents, he had cured and yielded figures that are mighty and unsusceptible to diseases... Yet who would have thought that what follows was a werewolf-vampire awakening era? Heaven blessed humans with werewolf powers to dispel weakness and fragility, but the underworld objected and in order to prove their stance they gave rise to vampires. History repeats itself with two headstrong mystical beings fighting for power... Or at least hopefully, coexistence in order not to repeat the mistakes of the previous kings... Kai Uchida chosen by heaven rules all the werewolves as the supreme alpha king, pursuing his luna Violet Williams a Japanese runaway, and as the truth of their past with lots of mysterious events unfold, a huge turn point that even he didn’t see brought them closer and stronger in their fight. On the other hand, the underworld deemed fit the vampire king to be Luther Blade, a smart and decisive businessman, he has never lost a battle. Would he finally meet his nemesis? This time the tables changed and one of the kings had an upper hand. His success had been foreseen a long time ago. But, who will be the supreme ruler of this era in the end? Or would they seek earth’s destruction again, for the supreme power to take measures and neutralize both sides?

This is 2030, artificial intelligence hasn’t hit the market, cars don’t fly in the sky, global warming hasn’t been settled yet, the human race didn’t discover a new subsidiary planet to ravage instead of earth. But instead, people have been laying in the swarm of disease for many years.

Directing their focus on developing vaccines, their only mean is to draw the human race back to its glorious days. Ever since viruses uncovered their veils in late 2019 and have set off a global pandemic.

 Many variants have followed due to the frequent exposure of the human race to these body-wrenching agents accompanied by the failure of vaccines to prevent infections.

The situation advanced and new ones emerged like Dhixet-24 and Qviromn-27 viruses, but whether these agents were man-made or nature’s course in both cases it was mankind’s retribution. 

Foredoomed, the overall resilience of the entire race had been profoundly diminished. While this healthcare crisis had carried on for more than 10 years, only vile means of protection and minimum exposure with others had safeguarded only half of mankind.

Until a destined experiment had turned the tides, but could it be for the human race’s salvation or further destruction?

For now, they had to urgently grasp this ultimate straw to prevent their extinction, but who would’ve known that the age of despair and loss would turn into a mystical creature revival roundabout situation.

In an isolated alley a man drowsily laid back with his head facing the sky, a smile flattered his handsome face, and in his hands was the formula of the vaccine he took the lead to develop with his team. This vaccine would boost immunity and strengthen the body’s nature allowing it to heal against any pathogen within seconds.

Surprisingly, such a vaccine not only guards against viruses, yet also prevents cancer, diseases and even fastens the healing process of Immuno induced diseases.

Only this thought made his two years of hard work with many sleepless nights finally pay off, for his promise to his younger brother had finally come to an end.

Kai Uchida is a 27-year-old Japanese prodigy doctor with a double major, earning a Ph.D. in cellular and molecular biology with a business degree and graduating at the young age of 24.

Unexpectedly, what brought him to enroll in such a field wasn’t his love to pursue science. It was a mere but cardinal promise he had made for his little brother, who had spent almost his entire life in hospital. Thinking to this point, Kai chuckled at himself as he thought of that little troublemaker, 'this is the most right thing you have urged me to do brother, yours and many others long painful journey had come to an end.'

Two hours earlier, taking lead as a postdoctoral research associate, he had developed a promising vaccine with the ultimate stability and immunogenicity, the result has been confirmed that the nucleo-AX vaccine had successfully finished the final step of the three-phase clinical trial with a wide range of animals. Especially chimpanzees, since they are human's closest relatives because in 2030 different mechanisms to test the success of vaccines emerged after the rapid depopulation of mankind, thus humans weren't deemed as test subjects.

Targets were divided into healthy, infected, and samples who contracted severe symptoms or viral-induced diseases. The results in seconds to a few minutes were seen, with success the samples drastically returned to normal even extremely affected ones.

Such a miraculous result was witnessed and praised by many senior scientists.

An emergency meeting was set for tomorrow to discuss through media announcement the urgency for immediate mass production, and rapid distribution all over the world. Thus once discussed the plan would be implemented for the following week.

This young man, as a result, was granted a week off to help him recuperate and get the rest he has painstakingly earned, starting from this night, and still, the chief didn’t forget to remind him to be present and join the press conference for his vaccine announcement. “ Kane I will call you when everything is arranged, even though I know that you hate participating in these events, but now you have to take into account that you developed the formula … I am proud of you son .” Jasper Franklin, the head of their lab said as he patted his shoulder with a smile urging him to leave and enjoy his vacation.

 Kai, known as Kane in the lab, is a handsome tall man with a height of 1.9m, chestnut hair, and red, almond hawk eyes surmounting his tall face with a sharp chin. He had a quiet and cold personality and no one knew his thoughts nor his background except for the higher-ups, and that’s old Jasper, so he sure wasn’t approachable. He nodded lightly as the corners of his lips raised slightly, he then went to the locker room and changed his clothes before heading out.

Once he stepped outside, the darkness had already enveloped the sky leaving a full moon to faintly illuminate the surroundings, even though it was late and deserted, he didn’t feel the slightest uneasiness. He strode to the alley and had a sense of peace, then recalling what had been mentioned earlier only after a long time he got up, neatly straightened his suit that outlined his tall and sturdy figure. He then headed to the basement, he drove his black Maybach straight to the hospital where his little brother resides. Kai had to deliver the good news first before that annoying sworn brother of his.


With this thought, he stepped on the accelerator and reached the Tri-K Conglomerate hospital. Once he entered the elevator, his left hand ached but that kind of pain was more of throbbing, it yearned for something and once he glanced at his hand he couldn’t tell if it was his imagination, a ring actually appeared but disappeared in instants. With knitted eyebrows, he kneaded his forehead and thought he needed to rest once he gets home.

Reaching the VIP ward, he heard faint laughter coming from the ward and had a bad premonition towards the man in there.

After he saw that man’s back, cold air enveloped kai’s figure as he stood silently at the door, meanwhile the bodyguards hurriedly bowed in respect toward their young master. But even with the commotion outside, that man inside didn’t stop blabbering until he felt a pair of cold eyes piercing his body.