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Attention! These Best Vampire Novels You Can Never Miss

Attention! These Best Vampire Novels You Can Never Miss

2023-01-17 14:55:19
  • Sex With A Vampire

    Zelle Burke

    **On-going** Sam Daniels is trying to keep her head above water. She moves from her small island home to life with her sister in Gosport, UK. Her life consists of travelling to work in Portsmouth, an hour each way, and making a name for herself at her tech job at Mega Inc. One of her favourite past times is when she can relax and let loose with her sister and go clubbing. It's not a frequent occurance, so she looks forward to when their schedules sync and they can hangout. Nothing can prepare her for the attraction she feels towards a dark, mysterious stranger who catches her eye. Dancing with him all night, she can't help but feel an immense pull to him. When the party is over, she loses track of him and instead makes her way home. After putting her sister to bed, she hears a knock on her door. She's surprised to see her mysterious stranger on her doorsteps. Feeling brave, she decides to invite him in. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't realise how different her life will become.
    Vampire ★ 0
  • The Devil's Thirst Trap


    The winter season turns out well for the carefree Zoey Smith, a twenty-four-year-old who holds the town's safety in her hands has a dark secret until someone by the name of Alexander Griffin, a rich, sadistic vampire who knows this secret decides to turn her life upside down, these two will now have to live together. Will there be bloodshed or love blossom between these two?
    Vampire ★ 0
  • My Boss Is A Vampire Lord

    Coffee Author

    Bloom Hayworth bhave been working for Shaws industries since she was just an intern and she didn't mind their weird and strict company rules until she breaks the most important one. No Employee must remain in the building from 10:00pm. Bloom gets thrown into the supernatural world and finally meets her infamous boss Alexander Azazel Shaw. Bloomi so thrown into the supernatural world but things gets more complicated when sparks starts to fly between her and her thousand year old vampire boss.
    Vampire ★ 0