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The Chase

The Chase




Miranda has always been haunted by a nightmare that turned reality. She has always believed that it's better to consider a dream, a dream. But what if a dream doesn't want to be left a dream? What about the hot chase? What happens when she falls in love with the wrong person and gets entangled in the web of conspiracy and death? And who seeks after her life? Her father-in-law!


  Unknown's POV

  Running, hopping, walking and tripping had became my walking gait. I kept on running while looking backwards once in a while to notice if those men were still following. I stopped to restore my breathing pace. I was almost choking on my breath. I hid behind a tree as I noticed the flashes from their torches as they searched this dense forest for any sign of me.

  I went on a crouching position to hide myself properly but since it was nighttime and I had no means of light, I could not realize there were thorns, behind me. They pricked me and I whimpered. I almost yelled, then realization dawned on me. They were still searching for me. I quickly covered my mouth with my palm.

  I watched in horror as they traced their steps towards the tree I used as a refuge. My heart beats a lot more faster than its usual pace. I was dead scared. What do I do? I thought in fear.

  "They are getting closer." My subconscious screamed. "What do I do?" I thought in panic. I looked round me and I could not see anything I could use to fight against them. I can't fight and I get scared easily. As it is, I'd been shot already and it contributed to the pain I'm having right now.

  I closed my eyes in fear as they approached the tree. Probably it's time to go. Let fate take its course. I closed my eyes firmly as I await my discovery and death.

  "Oh no! It's just a grasscutter!" I heard the husky voice that belongs to their leader. "But it seems to be a girl's voice." Another one said.

  "And are you blind? Can't you see it's an animal that jumped out from that place?" The leader asked in annoyance. I opened my eyes in disbelief.

  "What the hell! They had not even seen me and I was dead already." I thought as I looked at the wrong tree the leader pointed at and I heaved a sign of relief. They turned back to continue their search. As soon as I noticed they were out of sight, I stood up and started running again.

  I thought I had escaped when I heard their voices again.

  "Oh God, I'm dead." I cried silently as I continued to run.

  "There she is! Get her."

  Come what may, I must escape. I can't die in this forest. It was at this crucial period that I blamed myself for refusing Dad's training. He had always asked me to join his recruit training.

  "Dad, I'm so sorry for not listening to you. It'd have been an advantage to me now. Oh God! What do I do now? Why is there no one who can rescue me?"

  I looked back as I saw that they were almost meeting up with my pace since I was getting tired already.

  "Just pray, something might happen." My subconscious advised.

  "Pray!" That's a thing I do not know how to do. I've forgotten how to pray. But I should at least offer my last prayer. I stopped running, closed my eyes and offered my last prayer.

  To be either saved now or die with ease. As I concluded my prayer, a bright blinding light shone over my eyes and I squinted my eyes while trying to open them.

  "Good morning" a voice called. "Huh!" My eyes opened in shock.

  "Good morning?" I said aloud.

  "Yes, good morning. You've been asleep for quite a long time." And who the hell is speaking? I thought.


  So it's all a dream but who says dreams doesn't come true?