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My Evil Husband

My Evil Husband



Wen Qing was a superstar, while her fiance Lu Yuan was a new director. On the day before their wedding, Wen Qing caught Lu Yuan cheating on her. She was so calm that she filmed their steamy scene, then slapped them hard. Wen Qing didn't cancel their wedding. Instead, she invited more media to present. As revenge, she refused to marry Lu Yuan at the wedding and played a video. At this time, countless lights and cameras were aimed at the big screen, recording the lustful scene.

"Dear, slow down..."

A moan came from the bedroom on the second floor while Wen Qing stood rooted at the staircase. Her fingers gripping the armrest became pale from the force.

Tomorrow, she was marrying Lu Yuan, but her fiance was fooling around with another woman at their home!

Wen Qing felt coldness seep into her bones, and her heart seemed to break into countless pieces.

Looking at the clothes scattered on the floor, she was clear on how passionate their lovemaking was. 

Her hands and feet were cold. She forced herself to calm down, then took out her mobile phone and started recording the scene. 

The bedroom door was not closed fully. After recording what just happened, she turned around into the kitchen and grabbed a glass of cold water. 

When she kicked the door open, she saw two bodies writhing and moaning against each other. 

Wen Qing didn't even blink. She poured the cold water on them and left the room. 

She said before leaving, "Lu Yuan, I'll only give you five minutes."

Five minutes later, Lu Yuan dressed simply and came down. Zhao Zizi walked behind him while smiling provokingly. 

With a pained expression, Wen Qing stared at them. 

She did not have deep feelings for Lu Yuan but she still liked him.

Lu Yuan was merely an inexperienced director. At that time, Lu Yuan had pursued her for half a year after meeting her through work. 

Wen Qing thought he was quite honest, and he treated her well, so she decided to give it a try. Later, after getting along with him, she felt that he was indeed a good person.

That was why she agreed when Lu Yuan proposed to her.

But she would never have thought that she would discover the affair between him and Zhao Zizi on the day before the wedding!

"Wen Qing, since you found out, I won't hide it from you anymore," Lu Yuan held Zhao Zizi's hand and sat opposite her. "Zizi and I really love each other. I'm sorry, I won't attend tomorrow's wedding."

Wen Qing looked at them holding hands and found it extremely ironic. 

If they were truly in love, what did she mean to him?

"Why?" She clenched her fists and tasted the smell of blood on the tip of her tongue, "Why would you propose to me then?"

Everyone in the film industry knew that they were going to get married.

Once the scandal of her fiancee having an affair was exposed, her career would definitely be affected!

Lu Yuan definitely knew how serious this was!

"Why? Wen Qing, do you still not understand what's wrong with you?"

Lu Yuan seemed to be provoked by her words. "You are so domineering! When we're together, I felt like a good-for-nothing. Everyone mocked me behind my back and said that I did not match you. Yet you've never cared about me... you only care about yourself!"

After that, he gently held Zhao Zizi in his arms. "But Zizi is different. She's nice and caring. I feel respected when I'm with her. I don't want to marry you!"

Zhao Zizi bit her lip and looked at Wen Qing innocently. "Lu Yuan and I really love each other. Please, just let him go!"

"Ha!" Wen Qing sneered, "Zhao Zizi, it feels great to be a mistress, isn't it? Do you know that I paid for everything in this house, including the bed that you were in just now?!"

"He's just a poor director. Do you think you'll be rich and famous being with him?"

Zhao Zizi bit her lower lip hard, and there was a trace of unwillingness in her eyes, but she did not speak.

Lu Yuan was irritated by Wen Qing's words. He glared at her and said, "Wen Qing, don't go too far! You can scold me, but don't bully Zizi! I'm telling you, I will never marry you!"

At this point, the last trace of affection for Lu Yuan in Wen Qing's heart disappeared!

She suddenly got up and grabbed the porcelain vase before smashing it hard on Lu Yuan's head. 


With a crisp sound, Lu Yuan fell to the ground.

Zhao Zizi screamed and hurriedly knelt down to help Lu Yuan up.

Wen Qing lowered her head slightly, her eyes were full of annoyance, "Lu Yuan, what did you f*cking think? Don't you know what kind of person I am?!"

The remaining sadness in her heart dissipated. She took a step forward impatiently and kicked him in the crotch, "Let me tell you, we're getting married no matter what!"

Lu Yuan's head was covered with blood, and his balls were kicked. He immediately started crying out in pain. 

Zhao Zizi raised her head and glared at Wen Qing, "Wen Qing! Don't go too far! Otherwise, karma is going to come for you!"

"Karma?" Wen Qing raised her eyebrows lazily. There was anger burning in her eyes. "You are the one that should worry about the Karma!"

After that, she took out her mobile phone and fiddled with it lazily, "Here are the pictures of you guys having sex. If Lu Yuan doesn't marry me tomorrow and ruin my career, then I shall make sure everyone sees these pictures and knows what kind of person you are."

Zhao Zizi was so scared that did not dare to speak again.

Her parents were teachers. If they knew that she was a mistress, they would definitely beat her to death!

"All right, get out of my house!" Wen Qing said coldly, "Don't dirty my eyes!"

Zhao Zizi hurriedly helped Lu Yuan up, who was in so much pain that he couldn't even speak. The two of them ran away in a mess.

As soon as she left, there was only Wen Qing left in the living room.

She sat on the sofa wearily and looked around.

It was a lie to say that she was not sad. After all, she had really looked forward to this wedding.

After a long time of thinking things through, Wen Qing raised her head and took out her mobile phone to call her manager, Loo Na, "Please help me confirm the wedding itinerary tomorrow. Inform the reporters to come on time and live broadcast it on the Internet. Don't make any mistakes..."

Even if the wedding tomorrow was full of chaos, she needed it to be held smoothly!

After hanging up the phone, Wen Qing was in a bad mood. Zhou Qianqian called to ask her out for a drink, so she went.

But at that time she didn't realize that such a decision would earthshakingly change her life.