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As Long as You Love Me

As Long as You Love Me



Nancy was born in a wealthy family and she used to be the apple of her mom's eyes. However, when her mother passed away, her stepmother regarded her as a bargaining chip to exchange money. Nancy was forced to marry Chad Price, the second son of the Price family, who had an intellectual disability. Being depressed, she got drunk and had one-night stand with a hot stranger named Harvey Price. Harvey was the CEO of the Price family and Chad Price's brother. After the passionate night, he couldn't stop missing this gorgeous lady. In Harvey's life, the most important person was his brother. He thought girls who were willing to marry his brother were all gold diggers. And he tried declining them all. Unexpectedly, he found his brother's fiancee was his lovely one-night stand...

In the dark night...

At the Pacific Universe Hotel.

Nancy staggered herself out of the elevator. Her steps were wobbly. It was obvious that she was drunk.

Her eyes were narrow and her face was bright red. Her head was in shambles and all she could think of was what had happened during the day...

In the afternoon, Nancy's own father had arranged a marriage for her with the second son of the Price family, Chad Price.

The Price family was unmistakably the most prestigious family in the Upper South Fort District.

Being the most prestigious family in the district, many people had tried their best to let their daughters marry into the Price family. But they all backed out after hearing the Price family was looking for someone to be wed with their second son. Everyone knew Chad Price's mental ability was stunted; he only had the mental capability of a six-year-old.

Nobody would ever let their daughters be married to someone like that and let them suffer.

However, Nancy Burke's father was willing to do that instead.

Nancy was absolutely enraged when she knew about this and wanted to leave right away. But Melissa Quinn, her stepmother, used Nancy's younger sister's life to threaten her...

Her younger sister had a car accident one year ago and fell into a coma. She had stayed in the hospital ever since and they needed to pay a huge medical fee every month.

Nancy had just graduated from university this year and had no financial income to support the fees at all. Melissa told her bluntly, "Nancy, you have to get married even if you don't want to. I will immediately cut off your sister's treatment fees if you dare to leave. Let's see how long she can stay alive!"

"Are you okay with her doing all this, dad?"

Nancy questioned her father angrily.

Anthony Burke, Nancy's father, felt a little uneasy. But when he thought of how the company had no more funds, he could not help but sigh and said, "Nancy, just see it as you helping your old man. My company needs a large sum of money, otherwise, it wouldn't be able to go on. I won't be able to afford your sister's medical fees after all these years. We will only be able to live a good life if you marry into the Price family."

"Speaking of which, many people had dreamed of marrying into the Price family. You should be grateful that they were not being picky with you."

Melissa's eyes were full of malice as she sided with what Nancy's father said.

Nancy sneered and retorted, "If that's what people had dreamed of, why don't you let Clara Burke marry him instead?"

Clara Burke was Nancy's step-sister. Melissa and Anthony had always treated her as their precious baby daughter.

Melissa was stunned by what Nancy said.

She wouldn't want her precious daughter to marry a man with only a six-year-old mentality.

But she wasn't able to say her thoughts out loud.

Melissa averted her eyes toward Anthony and wanted him to settle this himself.

"No matter what you say, Nancy, there's no other way around this."

Anthony gritted his teeth. His words were filled with determination that one could deny his decisions.

Nancy was exasperated. She was hopeless and wanted to just let everything go.

But she wasn't able to do so!

She could only comply to them for the sake of her baby sister.

"Fine, I'll marry him."

She left after saying her words and went to the bar by herself. She wanted to drown herself in alcohol so she wouldn't be tormented by the things that happened to her.

After stumbling for some time, Nancy finally arrived at a room.

She tried to look at the room's number.

Her room number was 906, but she couldn't see it quite clearly since she was drunk.

"This should be the place."

She muttered to herself as she took out the entrance card from her bag.

But the door opened from the inside before Nancy was able to open the door herself.

A maid pushed her cleaning cart out of the room, looking like she had just finished cleaning. She looked at Nancy, who was visibly drunk, and asked, "Is this your room, miss?"


Nancy nodded. The maid continued, "I have already cleaned your room. You can go ahead and rest inside."

"Yes, thank you."

Nancy replied and entered the room immediately.

She immediately laid in bed and fell into a deep slumber.


It was ten o'clock at night and the door of the bedroom rustled.

Suddenly, the door to the room 906 was opened again by someone.

Outside the room, a man in a suit spoke respectfully to Harvey Price, "I will be going home, sir. May you have a wonderful evening."


The man answered flatly and closed the door behind him.

As soon as he entered the room, Harvey immediately loosened his tie and undid a few buttons from his shirt.

He was already exhausted working the whole day. He originally wanted to take a bath and rest, but he could not help but to furrow his brows as he thought about what his parents told him during the day.

Harvey's parents had arranged a marriage for his younger brother without him even knowing!

His mother told him that the bride was a nice person.

Harvey had always been sceptical to other women since his brother was handicapped.

He would never believe someone nice would want to get married to his mentally handicapped brother without any ulterior motives.

Harvey's eyes narrowed as he sneered thinking about this.

He had to check on the girl's background no matter what.

His brother was mentally ill and could be fooled easily, but they could never fool him!

After he stood still for a moment, Harvey finally went to the bathroom.

After thirty minutes, he came out wearing a white bathrobe.

The collar was slightly ajar, showing his toned muscles and broad shoulders. His build was tall and he had narrow hips; the perfect proportion of his body was emitting a provocative aura around him.

Harvey walked toward the bed as he was drying his hair with a towel.

A slight glance had made him realised someone was on his bed.

Stunned, he furrowed his brows as he took a few steps further.

He could see it was a woman who was lying on his bed under the dim light.

She was sleeping soundly. Her long hair was spread across the pillow and her petite build was tucked under the covers. He could not see her face clearly. When he leaned in closer, he could smell a strong scent of alcohol from her.

How could there be a drunk woman in his room?

After some thought, Harvey remembered how his assistant bid him a wonderful evening before he left.

It seemed like his assistant had prepared this for him.

Harvey originally did not want to touch her since he was already tired for the night. But the person on the bed suddenly turned herself over.

Harvey was finally able to see her face clearly.

Her face was clean without any flaws and her features were beautiful to perfection. Her white skin could be seen beneath the white dress she was wearing. Her dress was lifted up due to her sleeping position, showing her white, long legs beneath them.

Harvey did not understand why he would suddenly have a reaction.

He was quite surprised.

After all, he was not someone who would be easily seduced.

He might as well just use her to vent out his current desires.

With that in mind, he then leaned toward her...

Nancy was still asleep as she faintly felt something pressed down on her; it made it hard for her to breathe.

After a while, her neck started to feel ticklish. She thought it was her house pet. She murmured, "Stop playing around, Snowball. I want to sleep..."

Harvey could barely hear her murmurs but he couldn't clearly hear what she was talking.

Now, his thoughts were only filled with how excellent the woman under him tasted like.

His self-control that he had always been proud of suddenly snapped at that exact moment.

His cold eyes were filled with passion as he started to desire more from her.

Nancy was black-out drunk and was not aware of what was being done to her. She could only clumsily responded to what Harvey was doing.

"Babe, you need to brush up on your skills. Let me be the one to teach you tonight."

He then forcefully penetrated her without her being prepared and felt something midway.

As Harvey looked at her in surprise...

He finally just realised that she was still a virgin.

Nancy felt a sharp pain and her senses came back for a few moments. She opened her eyes in a daze and exclaimed in shock, "Who are you, what are you doing?"

Harvey gasped as Nancy moved. He leaned in and said to her in a low voice, "Shh, good girl. It won't hurt soon. Be a good girl and listen to me..."

Nancy became quiet as if she was entranced by the hypnotic voice.

She was then held for the whole night until she was too tired. She finally passed out and went back to sleep.