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The Hopeless Love

The Hopeless Love




  Why Jane married to Edward. The reason is ... love. Why Edward married with Jane, the reason pay the debt of gratitude. Jane knew that Edward didn't love her, so she aborted their children twice. However, the third time - she wanted to give a birth to the child. But Jane saw that Edward kissed the other woman. Jane hold the test report, full of tears in her eyes. "Edward, let’s get divorced..." She can't keep staying with him anymore.

It was late at night.

Jane had just showered and put on her clothes, then walked to the bed. She picked up the phone on the nightstand and glanced at it.

It was one quarter past zero.

Edward, he might not be back?

She lay down and closed her eyes. Her fingers gently rubbed her lower abdomen. She was happy and excited, as well as hesitate.

What the doctor said during the day occurred to her.

"The inspection report has come out. The baby is less than two months old and the baby is not stable enough. Do you plan to give birth to the baby or have an abortion?"

She did not dare to give the doctor a definite answer, because she was not sure neither.

Even though she was looking forward to the joy of first being a mother.

This was her first child. She had been married to Edward for more than a year. It was so difficult for her to be pregnant.

The baby was also the only bond between them, apart from the marriage certificate.


In the bedroom, there was a nightlight. Jane was in a daze and heard the sound of a door opening from the entrance.

A moment later, a tall figure covered her.

The man's finger was very cold, causing her to wake up.

"Edward ..." She noticed that something was wrong, but before she could finish the word, she was kissed by him.

Edward's kiss was not overbearing. It was just like his whole body. It was cold and cold with a hint of mint.

Jane only felt that her body had cooled down. She raised her hand in shock and stopped him. "Edward ... no!"

The doctor said that she had just found out that she was pregnant. She could not ...

The action that Edward was preparing to stop.

In the dark of the night, the man stared at her with his inky eyes, deep in the bottom, and a wave of unknown meaning surging.

"What's wrong?" His voice sounded a little dull and a little dissatisfied.

No man likes to be stopped halfway while having sex.

What's more, he was the eldest son of Rochester's family, the most popular bachelor in the city.

Jane did not dare to tell Edward about the pregnancy. After swallowing, she lied softly, "I ... I feel unwell today, I went to the hospital to check up"

In the quiet air, they could only hear the breathing of each other.

Jane was so nervous that she didn't even dare to look at Edward's eyes, but she knew he was waiting for her.

She said, "The doctor said that I have a slight gynecological disease. It's best not to ... no, that ..."

“So what?” Even she didn't say it, Edward knew what it meant.

His cold eyes hovered over her unnatural face as if he was measuring the truth of her words.

Jane knew that Edward was not a fool. He would know about her going to the hospital for a gynecological examination sooner or later.

So describe‘pregnancy’ as 'gynecological disease'.

It was impossible for Edward who was highly cleansed to be in such a situation ...

Jane was so nervous that she could not breathe.

She knew how much the man thought, but she really could not ...

“I'm sorry ...”Jane pursed her lips, muffled.

Edward was silent for a moment and did not answer. He just stared at her. After a long while, his heavy body suddenly fell over.

With a slap, he turned off the light on the bedside table, then covered the bedding for her.


This was the first time that Jane had rejected Edward.

Even though Edward did not say anything, Jane still felt a trace of displeasure from the man.