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Warmth Of The Dark Ades

Warmth Of The Dark Ades




Helleon Eummer Addingston, the spoiled brat and a flirty one. She used to use boys as her happy pills not until one time, she met this very private man named Dawn Xnydyxx Hadley. She found out that she's suffering from a Leukemia one time she got admitted because of the evident red spots on her skin. She got it from her mother. That destroyed her almost perfect life. Something incident happened to their families; Dawn Xnydyxx and Helleon Eummer. That made them to forbid to love and be with each other. Timothy Addingston; Helleon's father, was being accused as Bricianna Hadley; Dawn's mother's love affair. That was a complete chaos between, should they have to continue their wild love? As Helleon slowly lost her hope in life. She suddenly lost her trust on Dawn and her father. Everyone around her are out of reach. However, she have someone with her who never did dare to leave her side. Ethann Gladstone, one of her suitors, but what if? the world will be more cruel to her? And what about Dawn? how is he? Is he still inlove with her after all the struggles they've been through?

I wiped down the tears that had been flowing in my eyes. The little sobs can be heard from me but this man in front of me seemed doesn't care about it.

“Ethann please, I just want to see him.”

“Can't you understand? Are you that stubborn just because of that man? Goodness Helleon, you need to rest! If you want to see Dawn then let him come her!” I suddenly felt uneasy because of his baritone and heavy voice. “I granted your wants so many times, I helped you escaped so you can go to your friends but now, it's too much! I'm so tired of taking care of you, tired of granting your wishes. Helly, stop that stupidity! You're tiring!”

I can feel how my heart broke. Then, I realized what I am doing. Am I being selfish? People around me used to say “Oh dear Helly, we will help you pray for your condition.” but where are they now? They cried after hearing the doctor announced that I am suffering from an Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. It caused the paleness of my skin since then but now, those people are out of reach.

“You know, Dawn can't visit here. Daddy would be mad and there's a lot of bodyguards here. Please Ethann…” I pleaded to him while my tears are flowing and I don't know how to stop it.

He can't come visit me here as after the incident of our family happened, Daddy hired men to be my bodyguards here. Their eyes should be at me and those men has large intimidating muscles. They might punch me once they caught me escaping.

“I told you Helleon Eummer, you're tiring. If you want to see that Dawn again, then it's for you to think how to escape from your bodyguards.” he said emotionlessly and walk out the room.

I am tiring. Yes. If only it were only that easy to just disappear in this chaotic world, then I would have done it before. However, I cannot just disappear like an immortal, I don't want to leave Daddy and Dawn. As well as my best of friends.

Minutes passed, I continued sobbing and crying while playing with my fingers. If only, it were that easy to get Dawn here. I miss being with him. I suddenly remembered the last moment we had before the chaos happened. We were happy as crackheads that night. Those warm and hot hugs from him, his hypnotizing kisses, I miss them all.

He's the man that I couldn't ask for more, he's more than enough for me. I prefer fighting this bullshit leukemia with his arms hugging me than fighting this and taking tons of tablets alone.

He's the only man who understand every inch of my personality and attitude. He stayed with me despite of my immaturities before.

And Ethann, I don't know what's with him. He is one of my hundred of suitors way back in highschool and senior years but just like them, I shut 'em all down. As in, thumbs down. That's why I really don't know why is he here with me now.

I took a nap with tears in my eyes. I am not totally alone though, I have Dyxxie with me who's peacefully sleeping beside me. He's a white cat that I got from my best of friends Shannie.

I yawned as I woke up from the loud snore from Dyxxie. I felt a heavy unknown thing on my stomach—oh, it was Dyxxie laying there. The white cat seemed understand what his owner feels now. He looked like he's hugging me. I didn't bother to move my body for him not to wake up.

But when he heard the loud click of camera from my phone, it wokes him up. I captured a photo of him. My moody yet clingy cat lose his temper. He walked away! I tried to catch him but he's fast so yeah, I just let him.

I felt like I need to pee so the moment passed by, I started to stand up and walk towards the comfort room's door beside my bed. The surrounding is peaceful to the point that the defeaning silence made me feel uncomfortable. Actually, I'm not used of being alone in a room. The monsters inside my imagination might came out oh my gosh!

I walked out the comfort room after doing it. As I walked out of my room, I can't see any bodyguards. Turn to the left side, there's none. Turn to the right, I still don't see even just a silhouette of the bodyguards. I smiled devilishly when an idea popped up on my head.

I searched for my pink glittery phone and immediately scroll my phonebook to search his name. There I saw it! I immediately click the 'call' button the moment I saw his name.

“Helly? what happened?” I heard him said concernly.

“At the hospital's parking lot now, Dawn. Pick me there! Hurry up, see you!” I giggled seductively.

“Fine, I'll be there in three minutes. Be careful, I love you.”