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Insomnia Story Series

Insomnia Story Series




Sophia: I didn't ask for my mother to get married, I didn't ask for five protective step brothers, and I definitely didn't ask for him to become my daddy. Victor: I'm an alpha, a werwolf, I'm a possessive beast. She's my new step sister, my new baby, she's mine. The family: We only find our mate once in our life, when our brother, future alpha, proud daddy dom found his mate,but only for her to be our new step sister we knew we were in for a ride, welcome to the family little sis. This is a DDLG story, you've been warned.


Insomnia Story Series

Book One

Insomnia Story


---The Wedding.

Sophia POV

I can't believe she's making me go to her own wedding!! My mother is getting married, how many kids could say they went to their parent wedding, well apparently I can.

The name is Sophia, I'm sixteen and it feels like my life just ended. My mother who was a single mother her whole life decided that she had enough with the single life and want to get married, yeyy her.

I wasn't against her having a life or getting laid, god knows she need it. I'm objecting to me being dragged around the country.

I'm a city girl, I'm born and raised and LA, I can't do country, forest doesn't appeal me, I don't even like the snow. Okay I never saw it before, but doesn't mean I'm missing much.

Today is the cursed day, today is her wedding, I hardly knew her new husband, it was love from first sight.

She told me it was made to be, and she tell me not to rush into getting a boyfriend and still she'll marry someone she just met.

If that wasn't the worst part, then this must be it. He have five kids, five sons to be exact. I'm used to having my own bathroom and not sharing how am I supposed to live with five step brothers.

Not one, not two but five!! Their youngest is fourteen, meaning they are all teenagers. God, why is life so cruel on my poor soul.

Mom wasn't gonna wear a big white dress, just a simple sundress one, she had some light make up on and she looked beautiful.

She have long jet black hair, brown eyes and a heart shaped face. I on the other hand had my looks from my dad her Highschool sweetheart. My hair is practically white, no I'm not into the silver trend it's how I was born. My eyes are hazel colour and I'm too pale compared to her olive skin that's look tanned and healthy.

Thankfully mum never hated me for looking like him, she never called me a mistake or a fault, she loved me. I'm mommy's little girl or at least I used to be, as I grew older people would think we are friends never mother and daughter which is okay with me.

My mom is my only friend, she's my secret keepers even my embarrassing ones. When I get too scared or stressed I'll go to little space to help me, my little age is about three maybe four depend. I never regress too much, and momma never hated me for it, she took care of me even then.

Now that we're moving, did I mention that we're moving? Let me say it again we are FUCKING MOVING across the country, I don't think I'll be able to be little me again.

The new town we're heading to isn't LA, there everyone know each other. The school is simple two buildings, everyone been together since kindergarten.

And here I come the new girl, I hate being new, I might not look like this but I'm really shy. Especially around new people, and new faces.

"Sophia time to go" my mum yelled from downstairs, I could hear how happy she is.

I'm only doing this for her, once I hit eighteen I'm back to LA and to my life.

I did a last check on the room before I leave, everything was set in boxes and went into the van. Everything except my personal items, my iPad, phone, charger, earphones and of course my teddy bear. He'll be scared to sit alone in a van the whole way there.

I got him into my backpack and left the room saying goodbye to my old and only bedroom.

I went downstairs and got in the car with Fredrik, my new step father. It's just him, mom and I. We have an appointment at the church for them to be married then we're off the road to our new home.

I'm dressed for the occasion in a baby blue sun dress and some flats, I can't walk in heals to save my life. Even Fredrik was dressed in some jeans and a button up shirt, his tattoos were showing all over his hand and neck.

Who knew my mom would go for the tattooed bad looking guy, but I'll give it to her even for a guy in his forties he's in a very good shape with strong muscles.

He's also twice my height, mom is taller than me by few inches but him, I hardly touch his chest. I still got two years to gain some height or so my doctor says.

The ceremony were fast and straight to the point, I announce you husband and wife, they didn't even get to the part of kissing the bride, we just left.

I got in the back of the SUV, and put my earphones on, music on, world off.

I must have dosed for a bit since I was shaken awake by my mother, did we make it already?

We got into a restaurant for early dinner since we'll be driving through the night. I didn't appreciate my nap being cut short so I was grumpy while in the restaurant.

Nothing looked to be appealing for me so I just shrugged and let my new "dad" to choose for me.

I nibbled a bit at my food and drank my Pepsi, until they were finally done and we could leave.

"You hardly ate anything Soph" Fredrik comment.

"Not hungry" I just mumble.

"It's a long way home" he warn me and I just shrug.

We get back in the car and I fall asleep again with my earphones on.

I was actually comfortable in the silent car, having nice dreams until I felt us stop.

There was car door opening and closing and then some murmur.

Finally I was picked out of the car by some strong hands probably Fred, for some reason he sniffed me and growled. I must be dreaming, right?