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Breathtaking Journey With Mr. Mystery

Breathtaking Journey With Mr. Mystery



Stephanie was the heir of the biggest real estate enterprise and was going to marry Hanson, the president of BD Group. At her wedding with Hanson, the sex video of Stephanie with different men broadcast on the screen, making her become the biggest laugh stocking in this city. What's more, her sister took out a medical report, which showed that Stephanie was already pregnant with another man's kid. Hell, Stephanie was an innocent girl and she never did that! However, the wedding was canceled as she involved in the scarlet scandal. Shortly after, she was kidnapped by a billionaire and forced to bear his kid. When she escaped away from the horny bed demon, she happened to watch her fiance commit adultery with her sis. It was they who framed her up at the wedding. To take revenge on them, Stephanie had no choice but to climb onto the hot billionaire's bed...

In the first-class cabin of a cruise ship, a young girl was lying on the king-size bed. Her bare body was exposed under the glaring light. 

Her name was Stephanie Miller. And at that moment, she felt extremely hot.

The heat circulating in her body was getting on her nerves. 

It felt awfully uncomfortable.

Stephanie felt like she was in a dream. She kept telling herself that she needed to wake up. But no matter how hard she struggled, she failed, feeling light-headed.

Around her, there seemed to be people talking. However, she could not make out the content. All she could hear was a buzzing sound.

"Mr. Christopher, it appears that she has been drugged." An old female doctor, clad in a white coat, stood next to an extremely tall man. She asked respectfully, "Should I get the drugs out of her system first?"

Under the glaring light, the man's back looked noble and elegant. However, the words he uttered were indifferent. "There's no need. Check her body first."

Yes." The doctor then walked to the bed. She scanned the ice-cold instrument in her hands against Stephanie's skin bit by bit. Whenever the instrument brushed her skin, she would let out a moan.

Her soft moan provoked the expressionless man. As he felt his body getting aroused, he furrowed his brows in annoyance. "D*mn it!" he cursed inwardly. It seemed that being single for too long was not a good thing.

Just as he was about to leave, the doctor put away the medical instrument. She could not hide the excitement on her face as she said, "Mr. Christopher, her epiphyseal plate has ossified properly. She is still a virgin. Based on her blood test report, we can conclude that she's the person we're looking for." After pausing for a moment, the doctor asked, "Should I get rid of the drug in her body first?"

The man called Mr. Christopher was Christopher Rodrigues. He did not reply but just walked elegantly to the front of the bed. His powerful and ice-cold aura instantly dampened the surrounding atmosphere. Stephanie's restless body seemed to be searching for the source of the frigidity as she squirmed toward the edge of the bed.

He was silent for a moment before commanding, "Get out." His voice was deep but powerful.

"Yes, Mr. Christopher." The doctor left, closing the door gently behind her. 

In a daze, Stephanie vaguely saw a person in front of her. However, her vision was still blurry. 

She shook her head hard, trying to clear her head so that she could have a clearer look at the man's face. All of a sudden, a black figure appeared in front of her. Her petite body was pulled into an embrace. 

Before she could react, her body was p*netrated by an unfamiliar swelling sensation. The tearing pain made her no longer have the strength to struggle. Her body was like a plank floating at sea, letting the man invade her.

Staring at Stephanie's gorgeous face, Christopher frowned and jumped out of bed suddenly.

On each end of the first-class cabin's long corridor stood a row of men in black. In front of the leader, there was a fat man tied with rope.

Once the cabin door was swung open, all the men in black lowered their heads. The leader walked up to Christopher. He pointed to the man on the ground, saying, "Mr. Christopher, I caught him trying to sneak into the cabin."

Christopher glanced at the camera in the man's hand, then at the cabin door behind him. Without any hesitation, he ordered coldly, "Throw him into the sea."

He would not let anyone who dared mess with his woman off the hook.

The next morning, Stephanie was woken up by her best friend.

Holding her aching head, she opened her eyes and saw her good friend, Raina Archer, staring at her with concern.

Raina immediately asked, "Stephie, are you alright?"

Stephanie touched her head lightly. "I'm fine, it's just that I'm having a headache."

Not only did her head hurt, but her body was also aching as if she had been run over by a vehicle. 

Stephanie propped herself up. She was still wearing the same pajamas that she wore the night before. Then, she lifted the quilt stealthily. Apart from some wrinkles, the sheet was white without any stains.

Recalling the previous night, Stephanie smiled wryly. It seemed that she had a wet dream.

She rubbed her sore arms. Never did she expect a wet dream to be so realistic. Besides the swelling feeling in her body, she could vaguely see the silver-grey eyes of the man pinning down on her. Everything seemed real.

"Stephie?" Raina waved her hands before her eyes. She stared at her worriedly, asking, "Are you alright? Did something happen last night?"

What could have happened? She just had a wet dream. 

Stephanie blushed. She did not tell Raina as it would be too embarrassing. She turned to ask Raina, who was also her roommate, "Raina, do you know anyone with a pair of silver-grey eyes?" Worried that Raina would misunderstand her, Stephanie quickly added, "You see, some people have brown eyes, while some have blue eyes. I'm just wondering if there is anyone with silver-grey eyes?"

Raina extended her hand and touched Stephanie's forehead. "You don't have a fever. Why are you talking nonsense? Some sharks and dolphins have silver-grey eyes, but they are not human."

"Ah, sharks and dolphins..." Stephanie thought to herself.

She felt that she must be disoriented after having a wet dream. Did her twenty-year-old body yearn for a man so much?

"Alright, alright. Get out of bed quickly. Since we're docking in the afternoon, let's enjoy the scenery while we still can." Raina grabbed Stephanie's clothes from the bedside table and threw it to her. "By the way, have you seen my camera?"

Stephanie answered while getting dressed, "No. Didn't you bring it to the casino last night?"

Raina shrugged. Then, an imperceptible panic flashed across her eyes. "Why would I bring a camera into the casino?"

The vast blue sea stretched as far as the eye could see.

Stephanie couldn't keep her eyes off the dolphins who were chasing after the ship, as if she wanted to see if their eyes were indeed silver-grey. 

"Hey, are you thinking about Hanson again?" Raina asked while swirling the wine glass in her hand. "Well, the ship will dock soon. You'll be able to see him in no time."

Stephanie didn't even turn her head as she replied, "He said he has an important meeting to attend, so he wouldn't be able to pick me up." Leaning on the railing, she stared straight at the sea. Suddenly, she patted Raina and pointed to the spot where the dolphins were circling. "Raina, isn't that your camera?"

Raina poked her head out. Indeed, there was a black camera floating among the dolphins.

Raina waved her hand unnaturally. "I wouldn't know if it's mine. All cameras look the same, anyway." She took a sip of wine and changed the subject, "Hey, have you ever thought that instead of working, Hanson is actually having an affair with another woman?"

"Having an affair with another woman?"

Stephanie had been dating Hanson Wallace since high school under her parents' instruction. It had been four years since then. She didn't really love him, nor did she dislike him. Regardless, she had never thought of the possibility that he was cheating on her. After all, they would be engaged a month later.

However, she was puzzled by Raina's question. Shouldn't Raina be concerned about her camera instead? Previously, she looked nervous when she found out that her camera was missing.

Looking at Raina, she couldn't help having an inexplicable feeling in her heart.