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The Vampire's Mate

The Vampire's Mate

Author:Beautiful angel


General Romance

"Lulu do u smell that.. " I asked lulu as a strong wonderful scent hit me. It smells like cinnamon Condensed milk and honey. It smells sooo good... I followed the scent all around the room. As I was walking I bumped into something really really hard. F*ck... I can't believe I bumped into the door. I landed right on my butt Seriously who put the door here I brushed off my dress and stood up "What idiot put a d....." My voice trailed off and my blood froze as i stared into a dark pair of eyes. Then i heard the vampire in me say the word that I hated the most. 'MATE!!!!!!!' Meet Luisa Payne... She is the princess of the red Beatles Vampire Clan. She is 20 years of age... Has a body that even wolves want How can one girl be so gorgeous.... She has the body of a literal goddess... She's damn sexy. And then we have Alejandro Shaw... The alpha of the Black Diamond pack. This guy Has the looks that only a Phoenix Posses. He has the female Vampires tripping... His pack is the most deadly.... Dangerous... Vicious u name it. His pack has never and i repeat NEVER lost a battle in history. His pack has the most powerful and dangerous wolves that were ever created by the moon goddess. Alejandro is 20 years old and is a 300% DEMI GREEK GOD But what happens when his pack pays a visit to the red Beatles....!? What happens when Luisa and Alejandro meets....!? What happens when they find out that there mates....!? Will there love survive....!? Will the vampires accept Alejandro as Luisa's mate....!? Will his pack accept her....!? This is a love story between a Wolf... And a vampire.. Enjoy my lovely's!!!!


Hii as u all know am Alejandro Shaw.... Am 120... Which is 20 in human years.

People call me lando for short.

Am the alpha of the black diamond pack... U all already know this though.

*knock knock* I heard a knock at my room door and Stood up to open it.

I looked and it was carl... My second in command.

"Sir... U should see this" he said with a bow.

I stared at him coldly and walked pass him.


I got to the pack meeting room and saw the guys sitting... They immediately stood up when I walked in.

"What's the problem?" I asked coldly and sat down on the big chair.

"Boss... Ermm... The vampires wanna make a deal... They have some really good stuff" carl said and I arched my brow.

The 'stuff' there talking about is actually cocaine.

Don't ask OK!

"Hmm.... Lemme see" I said cause i don't trust those vampires.

There's 3 things i hate on this planet:

1- Rogues

2- Liers


I don't know why the moon goddess created those creatures geez.

He took out a white packet and placed some of it in a straight line on a dish.

I sniffed it.... Damn! It was good.

How the heck did they get there hands on stuff like this?

"Hmm.... If they have something this good... Why on earth would they sell it?" I asked and the guys smirked.



sir... Its the red Beatles clan" he said and I eased beack on my chair.

The Red Beatles are the most dangerous vampires ever.

Well... They obviously know not to play with me though.

Recently... News has been going around that 6 of there warehouses has been burnt down.

Well.... We were the ones who obviously did that.

And obviously there going broke... Soo.... Since they know that were not only the baddest beings on this earth.

We are also Trillionaires... We have soo much money that we could filled a pool with it 50 times.

Soo yeah we are the richest people here.

Soo yeaah... Obviously they would wanna make a deal with us... I mean who wouldn't?

Hmm.... I think imma buy it.

"Boss... What do u suggest?" Kevin asked.

"How much do they sell one box for?" I asked.

"20,000 sir"

"I'll buy 50 boxes" i replied and they smirked.

"Boss.... Make the call" carl said.

I took up the phone and dialed the number... They picked up immediately.

~Hello... Am I speaking with Alpha Alejandro? ~James asked. Hes the leader of the clan.

~Am willing to buy 50 boxes of the stuff your selling... I see u are in need of help~ I replied with a chuckle.

He snarled over the phone... Were actually ENEMIES. Don't think because am buying cocaine from These insects makes me like them.

~Yeaaaah~ he replied and I smirked over the phone.

~Good! I'll drop by your mansion tonight... Make sure u have my stuff ready~ I replied and he hissed again.

~Goodbye Alejandro~ He said and I hung up without replying.

"Boys... Get ready... Were going to the Red Beatles mansion" I said and they cheered happily.


After that I left to my room to prepare for the meeting with the vampires.

I stared at my red eyes through the mirror.

Yeaah I have red eyes.... My hair is also red and white... Even my wolf.

'Mate... When will i find my mate' I heard andrew say sadly.... Hes my wolf.

I sighed.... I really do want a mate... Someone to talk to... To wake up to... To make love too.

Am tired of these wolf whores..... They irritate my soul.

Well.... I did eventually find my mate... But she was not what I thought she would be.


Hii as u all know am Luisa payne... Daughter of the leader of the red Beatles vampire clan.

Am 118 years old... Basically am 18 in human years.

Recently 6 of my fathers warehouses were burnt down.

I know exactly who did that... The black diamond pack.

I hissed at the thought of those mongrels... I hate wolves more than I hate satan.

They disgust Me!

Since the warehouses have burnt down we've lost some clan members and other stuff.

Soo.... To be able to bring everything back my father had no choice but to sell the cocaine he had to Alejandro.

He's the Alpha of the black diamonds pack... There coming here tonight.

I've heard the female vamps talk about how handsome he is.

Really? Wolves are disgusting dogs... There not handsome.

'Lui... When will u find my mate' rebecca said... Shes my vampire.

Geez... I still don't have a mate after soo long... I was suppose to find a mate when i turned 116 but for some reason I didn't.

Little did I know that i would actually find him.... But he wouldn't be what I expected.

Lando and Luisa hmmmmm