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Saved By The Beast

Saved By The Beast

Author:Achilles M.



WARNING: MATURE CONTENT! “N-No… I didn’t do anything.” “I will fucking kill you, woman! I’ve been so tired of your stupidity. I told you not to talk to strangers—” “P-Please, don’t hurt me. My… My body is still aching—” “Shut up!” his voice roared inside the room as he lifted my collar, pulling me near him. “Are you still gonna lie? I saw you talk to that man—” “I… I didn’t say anything,” I managed to reply amidst my fear. And at this moment, I knew that he would play and punish me again. *** Helen spent a cruel life with her stepmother and stepbrother—they treated her like a slave. One wrong move, her stepbrother, will punish her may it be physically or sometimes, sexually. *** Helen Emerson lived in the dark for a decade since her father died due to a car accident. When her father was alive, she was treated like a princess, but when he died, she was treated like a rug. Not until she met Lucius Carter—the man people fear the most because of his rare green eyes and what he’s capable of. However, they don’t know that the man has many secrets aside from having his scary green eyes. He is a beast. However, it doesn’t change that he was the one who saved her. She lived with him and didn’t expect that she will fell for him. Until one day, she finds out his deepest secret, which has something to do with her. Will her love remain, or will she do her best to kill the beast?

Chapter 1


Would God forgive me if I plan to kill those demons who made my life miserable?


I clutched my blouse and wiped my tears away. My hands started to tremble; my heart started to thump fast. I don’t want to hear that voice because I know that he will be going to beat me again.


I hugged my legs as I buried myself in the corner of my small room. I covered my ears with my palms to shut the voice that echoed inside my head.

“No….” I mumbled. My chest started to tighten as my heart seemed wrapped with barbed.

I curled my toes, and at this moment, the door burst open, leaving a loud bang as it hit the wall.

“Fuck it!”

I close my eyes and don’t want to see him. Not this time. I’m tired—my body wanted to give up.

‘Don’t open your eyes,’ I pondered.

I screamed at the top of my lungs when I felt his grip on my arms. ‘No matter what happens, don’t open your eyes,’ I thought.

My lips twitched when I could feel the familiar pain that lingers in me.

“How often do I have to tell you that you need to answer me when I call your name!” his stern voice pierced into mine, weakening my body.

‘Don’t open your eyes,’ I repeated to myself.

However, his grip gets tighter, making me whimper in pain.

“Open your fucking eyes—”

“P-Please…” my voice faded.

“If you don’t open your eyes, I will fuck you hard as hell!”

Upon hearing it, I opened my eyes and met his dark orbs, filled with lust and anger. My body began to shake fiercely.

“P-Please… I need to rest—”

“It’s just two in the afternoon, bitch!” He uttered and threw me on my small bed as if I were just a sack of rice.

I gasped and searched for more space when my back met the headboard. When I noticed him smirking, my fear became more evident.

As the hem of my dress began to lift, his gaze was drawn to my exposed legs.

“You’re gorgeous, Helen.” He walked closer to me as his gaze roamed around my body. He wet his lips as if he saw delicious meat.


Noah’s smile grew wider, and in just a blink of an eye, he reached for my legs and started to caress my left, making me shiver in fear and disgust. I pushed away his hand, and I angered him even more. One moment, I felt his palm land into my cheek, making me whimper in pain.

“How dare you!”

“P-Please… I need to rest—”

“Part your legs!” he shouted, and I winced when I felt the droplets of his disgusting saliva into my face.

Enduring the pain from his slap earlier, I did part my legs because he would do worse on me if I hesitated.

Shaking in fear, I managed to part my legs. “I… I’m begging—”

“Shut up!” he cut off the hum through my words.

I saw how his eyes glimmered when he saw the part he loves to play with.

“Mom and Liza are not home. So, I can freely do whatever I want to your pussy,” he asserted, wearing his lusty tone. “And I can’t wait the time where I will thrust my cock inside your pinkish pussy,” he added.

I can endure the pain when Noah slaps me, but my body gets weaker when he’s talking like a hungry demon who wants a taste of my flesh.


“I am not your fucking brother!” he shouted and pierced his icy gaze on me.

“You are…” I twitched my lips when he crumpled my skin on my left leg, “—my brother,” I added.

Noah formed a sly smirk on his lips. “You’re giving me more reason to beat the hell out of you,” he said and gritted his teeth.

His hands grabbed the garter of my underwear and pulled it down, exposing my mound.

“Fuck! Don’t you hear it?” He looked at me with his devilish smile. “Your goddamn pussy is inviting me,” he said and laughed thunderously.

I was about to close my legs when he stopped me. “You’re really great in boosting my anger, huh. Don’t worry, my Helen….”

His voice made me shiver.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I tried my best to escape in this hell, but they always caught me.

I screamed when Noah pulled me down, making me lay on my modest bed. And I know what will happen next.


“Just shut up!” he asserted and grabbed my two hands, pinned them above my head as he sat on my side, and started to rub his thumb on my clit.

I always expect this.

Noah always treats me like a toy. If I dared to move, I would receive a hard slap or a punch in my stomach.

I clenched my jaw. The familiar feeling and pain registered to me once again. And I can’t help to feel disgusted with myself.

“Fuck it! Moan!” he shouted even if I was in front of him.

But instead of doing what he wanted, I spit directly into his face.

“Fuck!” he cursed even louder and stopped rubbing my clit. “You bitch—”

“What are you doing, Noah?”

The voice that came from a distance stopped Noah’s hand from landing on my face. My tears streamed down. I breathe rapidly.

“Liza,” he muttered.

I could sense the shock in Noah’s voice.

“I thought—”

“Didn’t I tell you to stop touching Helen’s pussy a week ago? You promised me! Torture is torture! But I am your fiancé!” Liza’s angry voice roared inside the room.

Another demon showed up. I closed my eyes when Noah closed my legs and pulled down the hem of my dress.

“I… I can explain—”

“You promised—”

“I know. I know, babe—”

“Shut the fuck up. Now, I want you to fuck me in front of Helen,” Liza demanded.

I don’t know how to react, I wanted to laugh, but the pain is way heavier than their idiotic and demonic demeanor.

“Hey you, bitch! Open your eyes!” Liza uttered as she stepped near me. She smirked when I met her gaze.

I gritted my teeth when she started to remove her clothes.

“Don’t you dare close your eyes, or else you will get fifty whips from me,” she warned.

“Babe… let’s do it some other time—”

“Shut up! You broke your promise,” Liza said as she turned to her fiancé.

But curse them as they can do wicked things. If my evil stepmother is here, I’m sure she will get delighted seeing these two fuck each other in front of me.

“Who’s more beautiful? Helen or me?” Liza, the psycho, asked her fiancé, and I saw how Noah smirked and what he replied made me puke.

“Of course, you,” he replied and reached for Liza’s boobs.

I was about to turn away when Liza reached for my jaw, making me wince because her grasp tightened. “Watch!”