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Mr. CEO, Please Sign Your Triplets Express Delivery

Mr. CEO, Please Sign Your Triplets Express Delivery



"President, you have a delivery." Mu Sijue walked over and opened the box, and surprisingly, it was a baby that was crying. There was a small card in the baby's arms with Jiang Nuanuan's name written on it. A layer of ice instantly enveloped Mu Sijue's face. Jiang Nuanuan! Jiang Nuanuan! A year ago you slept with me and disappeared after getting money. Now, you got pregnant secretly and even wanted to abandon the child! How could you be so cruel! Six years later, at the airport. Mu Sijue was waiting for a specialist who could treat his child's leukemia. Just then, he saw a woman coming out with two babies talking and laughing. The woman's side face? Wait? Was she Jiang Nuanuan?!

In the building where Mu Enterprises was located.

The air in the company was tense. Half an hour later, Mu Enterprises would acquire a multinational group.

The elevator arrived at the top floor, only to reveal Mu Sijue in front of the rest. He wore no expression on his beautiful face.

His secretary's heels tapped on the ground as she followed behind him, saying, "Mr. Mu, everything for the negotiation is ready. However, we received a present from the other party. Would you like to open it?"

It wasn't weird that the other party continued to send them gifts to bribe them into giving a high offer.

Mu Sijue didn't stop moving forward when he heard it. He said in a low voice, "No, I won't change my offer even if they give me a satellite."


The sudden cry of a baby startled everyone.

The secretary came in and opened the package. As soon as the content was revealed, everyone was shocked. Inside it was a baby boy, who was waving his arms and crying sadly.

"President, what should we..."

At a loss, the secretary's arms went weak, and the baby fell into Mu Sijue's arms.

Mu Sijue and the baby locked eyes. Unexpectedly, the baby stopped crying and stared at him motionlessly. His big eyes made people feel sorry for him.

It was as if the baby had tugged at Mu Sijue's heartstrings.

He looked down at a card in the baby's arms. It wrote, "Mu Sijue, I'll hand Mu Yuan to you. Please don't ever teach him how to say 'Mom'. Just make sure you protect him and make him happy. From, Jiang Wanwan."

Mu Sijue's face frosted over. He clenched the hand holding the card and looked around his surroundings. Only his secretary was left in the room.

The scene of a certain woman tricking him to go home and forcing herself onto him from a year ago came to his mind.

"Where's the sender?" Mu Sijue asked, gritting his teeth. His gaze was piercing.

The secretary shivered with fear. "Downstairs with our new business partner who just arrived."

When Mu Sijue rushed downstairs, Jiang Wanwan was nowhere to be seen in the crowd of people in suits and leather shoes.

"Ha! She ran real fast, didn't she?"  he thought.

A year ago, she tried everything to marry into the Mu family for money. She drugged him, had sex with him, took a sum of money, and left. A year later, she came to Mu Enterprises at the risk of being caught by him.

How dare she come here!

However, the baby started crying, and Mu Sijue had to return.

Outside the building, Jiang Wanwan, dressed in a security uniform, had walked out of the crowd and gazed upon the building with her heart in pain.

"I'm sorry, Yuanbao..."

"I have no choice," she whispered

She loved Mu Sijue, but he hated her.

A year ago, she lied to Mu Sijue to get into his bed. Naturally, she got pregnant, but she had triplets.

She gave birth two months ago. The twins were healthy, but the youngest boy was diagnosed with congenital leukemia.

Moreover, he was RH negative.

The medical cost was insane, and it would be hard to find a matching bone marrow.

Even if she managed to get the money, she wouldn't be able to find a suitable donor with her ability. My Sijie was the only one who could fulfill both conditions.

She knew Mu Sijue hated her, but Mu Yuan was his flesh and blood. He wouldn't be able to hate his son.

It was a bet on her part to decide to do this.

Knowing that Mu Yuan had arrived in Mu Sijue's hands safely, Jiang Wanwan breathed a sigh of relief. She held back the pain in her heart and turned around with tears in her eyes, leaving.

Perhaps they would never see each other again...


Six years later.

Dijing City International Airport.

A tall and slim woman was seen coming out in graceful steps. She was fashionably dressed and pulled a suitcase. Her heels were clicking on the ground.

Behind her were two adorable five-year-olds. The twins looked exactly the same.

The boy was wearing casual clothes. His face was tensed, but he looked cold. The girl was wearing a pink dress and had two braids behind her. Her skin was fair, but she was smiling, which made people want to pinch her chubby cheeks.

"Qibao, slow down. You dropped something." The boy trotted and bent down to pick up the fluffy trinket on the ground.

The little girl wore a backpack. Her braids swung as she turned around, and she had the most innocent smile on her face. She looked cute.

"Thank you, Xibao. Don't tell Mom, or she'll nag at me again." Qibao removed her backpack and whispered to her brother.

Xibao snorted. "Have I ever betrayed you?"

"Hehe. Thanks, brother. You're the best. I'll teach you how to do the card trick later." Qibao patted her brother's head as if she was much older than him.

Xibao dodged in disgust. "It's an equivalent exchange! You teach me how to do the card trick while I teach you how to use the computer, which is more advanced."

As the two of them were talking, Qibao attached the trinket back to her backpack. Then, the two yelled and ran over to the woman talking on the phone.


Their childish voices touched the hearts of the passers-by. No words could describe how envious they were.

They couldn't help but wonder which family the adorable pair of twins belonged to.

After hanging up the phone and turning around, Jiang Wanwan saw the twins rushing toward her. She felt warm in her heart and smiled. "Qibao, take it slow with your brother. Watch your steps."

Qibao smiled widely, and her tone was cute as ever as she said, "Got it, Mom. I will look out for my younger brother."

"Mom, I am a man. I should be the one looking out for Qibao," Xibao said as he stood beside his sister.

The two stood side by side, and they looked at each other in unison, laughing. They looked like angels from heaven.

Seeing the children getting along, Jiang Wanwan smiled with relief.

But the next second, her face darkened.

What would it be like if the three children were smiling and laughing like this?

It must be better than now.

From the moment she returned to the country, Jiang Wanwan had been feeling uneasy.

Six years ago, she passed Yuanbao to Mu Sijue and disappeared.

She lied to him to have sex with him. Then, she left a child with him. He would tear her into pieces if he knew she was back, wouldn't he?

Dijing City was a scar to her. If her adoptive mother didn't say it was something urgent and that Mu Yuan was going to get a bone marrow transplant, she wouldn't have returned.

Yuanbao had a rare blood type, which was RH negative. Even if she knew Mu Sijue was invincible, she was worried he wouldn't be able to find a donor for Yuanbao.

If he could find a suitable match and the operation went well, she swore to bring Yuanbao back to her side and make up for the love he missed out on all these years.

"Mom, what's wrong? Let's go." Qianbao and Xibao interrupted her thoughts. Jiang Wanwan didn't realize that the children were ahead of her and were waiting for her to catch up.

Jiang Wanwan smiled. "Okay..."

The next second, her smile froze as soon as she saw the handsome man in front of her.