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Personal Mistress

Personal Mistress

Author:Mia Lebreau



How does one's life perspective change with the death of a parent, especially when a person is from the royal family? Princess of kingdom Wallander, Hazel never suffered any hardships of any kind. She never had her wish rejected by her parents. Yet, kind. But, as soon as she was almost an adult, her father forced her to marry for a chance at power, or perhaps he was afraid of someone? But both the King and Queen lost their lives to the enemies. Hazel saw sudden behavior change in her surroundings people, which soon turned her life into hell without letting the rest of the world know from marrying the man who was famous for the rumored as heartless and finding the real culprit behind the death of the King and the Queen and motive.


Morning dreams are always sweet. I was dreaming of riding a horse in an open field around the kingdom border. It was only a wish that never came true. So, I usually dreamt about that.

Wake up and shine, miss. Lydia came to my room daily with a cheerful smile to help me get ready on time, invading my peaceful dream.

When we were much younger, we used to play together, so she was kind of my friend and my helper.

It's not good to wake me up, Lydia. How can you wake up this early in the morning?

I think every child in our kingdom has a problem waking up in the morning, but you are the exception.

Enough of your blabbering Hazel, You should now get up and take a bath, or you can be late today too, your wish.

Let me take 5 min sleep more, Lydia, please.

Ah! You are such a lazy princess.

Come out of your bed, replied trying to break my contact with the bed.

If nobody is around, we tend to speak informally, as friends do.

As usual, you are going to get scolded by your parents for being late.

I was always scared of my father when he scolds me.

Apart from that, I am the one he loves the most.

Fine, I am getting up. You always find a way to get going.

Hazel, you'll get to know how to wake up on your own after marriage.

Now go and wash up. I have prepared your bath.

Sure miss, I replied.

After I had finished showering, she prepared my dress, which was pink colored and embroidered. She asked to sit me down and curled my hair.

Princess Hazel, don't waste any more time as you are already running late.

Bye and thanks for everything, I replied with a smile.

When I entered the dining hall, everyone was already sitting and waiting for me. and could feel everyone's gaze on me when I was walking to my seat

Good morning, I said to the king and others.

Good morning dear. Did you have a good sleep? Queen asked.

Yes, mother.

She showed me a sweet smile.

And then when father started speaking.

It's already the 5th in a week when you are late, princess. We always have to wait for you.

I apologize for it. I'll try to be on time.

Good morning. My elder brother Daniel replied with sparkling eyes, the only way to survive a royal ceremony.

He is the most handsome man. Every princess falls head over heels for him. But, He rejected all of them. I don't understand why.

Good morning, Daniel, I replied.

Let's begin with the breakfast, my father announced.

We all started eating when he drops a bombshell.

Hazel, after a week, King of Prussia will be visiting us to marrying you.

This sentence made me choke on my food.

What father, I am still 17. How can you marry me off at this early age?

Every other girl is married off at age 15 only and looks at you whining like a baby.

Even your friend Lydia is married.

Father still, I don't want to get married. How can I live without you all? Think about me with a pout.

But he replied in a stunning voice as every girl is married off it's nothing new.

I slumped down. And now, I didn't have any interest in eating.

Queen, please look after the servants and make sure no mistake is there in welcoming our son-in-law


Don't worry. You can rely on me to handle everything.

I had enough. Angrily, I shouted, I don't want to get married.

Thinking they might change their decision.

Why don't you understand, Hazel honey? Our enemies surround us and, we need allies to win this war.

So, there is no easy way to get the power of another kingdom except to marry you off to one. And to make a secure position for your brother as the future Ruler, we need to do that.

I think at least you can do this to help your brother.

I was shocked at how they saw me as a material to get power.

It means you were raising me like a pig to slaughter one day. Am I a doll who is used to exchange in return for power?

Enough princess, you are forgetting to whom you are talking.

But father, I don't think marrying her off is the only way, Daniel responded.

At least my brother understands me, not like my mother pretending not to hear, I shouted at my mother.

Go to your room Hazel, no more words. Prince will be here and no more talking.

I ran back to my chamber and cried the whole time, cursing that prince. I wonder how my father could do think like this when someone knocked on the door.

Hazel, open the door. I am Daniel.

Go back, Daniel. I am in no mood to talk.

You should know that I am on your side.

It doesn't matter to me. I am not in the right mind to talk to anybody at the moment, why don't you understand?

OK, but at least don't cry. I don't like to see you crying, and then Daniel walked back.

I couldn't relax my mind, so I thought it would be better if I slept. Thinking might wake up. I'll feel better.

In the evening, I woke up to the noise of sword fighting and soldiers' screams.