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Only Pamper His Sassy Sweetie

Only Pamper His Sassy Sweetie



After a passionate night with a man, Kara suddenly realized that she slept with the wrong man! The man was not Edmond Marcus, but his uncle, Simon Marcus! The legendary Simon Marcus was known for being decisive and ruthless. He stood at the peak of power in Cowbridge. Everyone respected him. No one dared to provoke him! She ran away quickly, hoping that the two would never see each other again. Unexpectedly, she left a deep impression on Simon. Moreover, Simon, who was abstinent and not interested in women, fell in love with her unexpectedly...

"Oh, be gentle..."

The woman was pressed against the shower screen, her red lips slightly open. Her soft moans were undeniably seductive.

The man behind her was like a hungry wild beast. They did it for a long time.

Way past midnight, the two of them groaned at the same time. Kara Tower's legs were so weak that she couldn't even stand properly. She held onto the glass door, turned around, and snuggled into the man's arms.

The hotel room was dark.

She couldn't see his face clearly nor the cold light hidden behind his eyes. Her soft hands began to draw circles on his firm chest. Kara only felt that the situation was unexpected.

She didn't expect that Edmond Marcus, a playboy who only drank alcohol all year round, would have such stamina.

She felt a little pain. Her slightly hoarse voice was seductive and charming. She touched the man's cheek with her hand. She then said, "Edmond..."

But she was restrained by a pair of hands.

The man was strong. It felt like her wrist was about to break.

Kara suddenly frowned as her face turned a little pale. Wasn't he satisfied with the pleasure just now?

Before she could speak, the light in the bathroom suddenly lit up. She saw a cold and handsome face!

The man's facial features were defined. His narrowed eyes darkened. However, the darkness couldn't hide the bloodthirst and gloom in his eyes.

Kara's eyes suddenly widened as a chill swept through her whole body.

"You're not Edmond?! Who are you?!" Her voice cracked.

"I'm someone you shouldn't have provoked!"

The man's voice was extremely cold, which made Kara panic.

His aura was strong and overbearing. His arrogant gaze and lofty posture verified his statement. She couldn't afford to provoke him!

How could that be?

She had obviously given her hotel card to Edmond. She didn't think too much about it when someone came in and just came on him.

She didn't expect that such an accident would happen!

Thinking back about the previous scene and their posture now, Kara only felt embarrassed.

"Let me go!" She struggled to leave, yet he held her hands tightly.

Her face was burning hot. She felt ashamed and angry.

But she couldn't give in!

Kara raised her chin and looked into the man's deep and cold eyes. She then said, "You're the one who took advantage of me. Let me go, and I won't ponder over this matter. We'll call it even."

"Call it even?"

The man sneered and held her hands together. He raised his right hand and pinched her chin. There was a hint of darkness in his eyes. "You seduced me while thinking of my nephew. How dare you call it even?"

"What do you mean, I'm thinking of your nephew? Who is your nephew? Who does he think he is? Don't take advantage of me and try to blame me!" Kara felt like her bones were being crushed.

She struggled desperately and clawed across his neck, leaving a long streak of blood.

The man's eyes became darker. He said in a cold tone, "Edmond."

Edmond, Edmond Marcus?

Edmond Marcus was his nephew?

Then he was... the famous businessman of Cowbridge, Simon Marcus!

Kara turned pale as she was frightened. She felt like someone had poured a pail of ice water over her.

She had actually slept with Simon!

The legendary Simon Marcus was known for being decisive and ruthless. He stood at the peak of power in Cowbridge. Everyone respected him. No one dared to provoke him!

At that moment, the hand that held her chin moved to grab her slender neck. If he tightened his fingers, she would die on the spot.

She had even seen the killing intent in his eyes.

No, she couldn't die here!

Kara couldn't breathe. She pried her hands free and reached out to grab his weak spot. The man's face immediately changed as he loosened his grip to restrict her hands.

Kara found an opportunity to push him away. She then ran out of the room.

The man moved very fast. He caught up with her in a few steps with his long legs and threw her on the big bed of the suite.

"Cough, cough!" Kara coughed violently. She felt a burning pain in her throat and saw stars in front of her eyes.

She looked up and saw that the man's expression was like a storm. She felt that even if she was angry, her anger was nothing compared to his.

Simon held her down with his legs and glared at her, his eyes burning with rage. "Do you want to kill all the Marcus' future descendants with such vicious means?"

"Hasn't Mr. Marcus ever heard that a woman's heart is the most vicious?" Kara sneered.

Moreover, he had just slept with her and wanted to strangle her to death. She wondered who was more vicious!

"Alright." Simon smiled coldly and lifted his hand to touch her thigh. After a night of torture, she was full of battle scars.

Kara couldn't help but shiver. She was so sensitive that she almost screamed. She gritted her teeth and said, "What do you want?"

"An eye for an eye."

"Ah!" Kara screamed and cursed, "You pervert! Let go of me!"

She shook her fists, but he held her hands firmly above her head.

She wasn't wearing any clothes. Being pressed under his body in such a posture, she only felt humiliated and embarrassed! Her body couldn't help but tremble. She said with scarlet eyes, "You bastard! You monster!"

There was a hint of disdain in Simon's eyes. While he was looking at her flushed face, his eyes darkened. Suddenly, he got up.

"If you dare to get closer to Edmond, I will make you wish you were dead!"


Kara lay on the bed, gasping for breath. Her chest rose and fell. It felt like a million ants were gnawing on her heart.

That bastard!

The sound of running water came from the bathroom. Soon, Simon came out dressed neatly.

He wore a tailored white shirt and suit trousers, revealing his tall and straight figure. With broad shoulders, narrow waist, and long legs, matched with his cold and indifferent face, it was enough to drive all the ladies in Cowbridge crazy.

Kara only felt annoyed. She clenched her fists and suppressed the fear in her heart. She was unwilling to show weakness and said, "A sexual relationship between a man and a woman is common. Why can't I get close to him? Why do you care so much?"

She leaned against the head of the bed, and the quilt covered a part of her shoulder. Simon knew that the body under the quilt was delicate and soft. Her pure body was now filled with marks and hickeys. She looked tempting, seductive, and absolutely gorgeous.

He quietly withdrew his gaze. His eyes darkened with emotion.

"You have a sharp tongue. The Tower family has raised a good daughter."

The threat in his words made Kara break out in a cold sweat. How could he know her identity so quickly?

Moreover, he was warning her. If she got any closer to Edmond, he would target her family.

To him, getting rid of the Tower family was like squashing an ant.

Kara bit her lips and glared at him with red eyes.

She was the one who suffered, yet he still threatened her like this.

She had always been stubborn. Her provocative gaze fell between his legs. She then said in a cold tone, "The son of the Marcus family needs to work harder."

Simon's face suddenly darkened. There was a storm in his eyes...