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Blindly Mated To Badboy Alpha

Blindly Mated To Badboy Alpha




She did not have any dreams about her mate. When she realized how worthless she was going to be, she was positive that he would turn his back on her. "What the living hell! You must be fucking blind, you idiot! Be careful not to fuck up your route!" When he yelled at me, my heart started beating extremely fast in my chest. I couldn't tell whether he was fearful or anxious or whether I was... No way! He can't possibly be my soul mate! Is this the same jerk I've heard so much bad stuff about? Both he and I! But very soon, he will be king over the werewolves and rule the kingdom! I was completely submerged in my thoughts until I felt a hand pushing me down to the ground in an abrupt manner. "Are you seriously not paying any attention to me?! I'm the most powerful alpha that's ever existed! What, you don't recognize my face? And why the hell do I feel so angry right now, and why the hell are my heartbeats so damned deep and strong?" He yelled out while making a loud growling sound. I heaved a nervous sigh and started to crawl across the floor before realizing that my feet weren't doing anything to help me get up. "Get out of the way, you a—!" Once more, he yelled in an authoritative manner. I muttered an expletive under my breath. He yelled, "What the hell were you saying just now?" I attempted to mumble, "I told you that I'm going to try to get up. Simply leave." After grabbing me by the hair, he slammed my back against the locker and demanded, "Look at me now." But in all seriousness... I was not capable! Fuck dammit! I could not see! I was unable to scream despite my desire to do so. He huffed and said in an irritated tone, "You make my blood boil! My thoughts and feelings are... Why the hell are you not looking at me right now? Are you afraid?" I squeezed my eyes shut and let out a long sigh while exclaiming, "I can't see! I am Blind!"


That day was awful, last week after what happened in the corridor next to the lockers between me and the prince Noah black! Hamm. Dammit. Since then, I have been hiding in my room, pretending that I was sick. My parents didn’t force me to go to school. But I just decided to let it go and to face my fears. I was in my senior year, after all. I couldn’t just forget that because of prince Noah.

I have been suffering from nightmares about that day since then—


"What the fuck! Are you fucking blind idiot! Watch your fucking path!" He yelled at me, and my heartbeats raced in my chest.

I couldn't tell if I was afraid or nervous or if he was—

No way! He can't be my mate! The guy I have heard about him a lot and being a jerk?! Me and him! But he is going to rule the kingdom of werewolves soon!

I was drowned with my thoughts until I felt a hand pushing me roughly to the floor. "Are you fucking ignoring me?! I’m the strongest alpha ever! Don't you know who I am? And why the hell I feel so mad now and why my heartbeats are fucking deep and strong?" He shouted with a loud growl.

I gulped nervously, crawling on the floor, trying to stand up, but my feet didn't help me.

"Move your ass now from my way!" He shouted in a commanding tone again.

I cursed under my breath. He hollered, "What the hell you just said?"

I mumbled, "I said I'm trying to get up. Just go."

He pulled me from my hair and hit my back to the locker; he commanded me, "Look at me now." But seriously? I couldn’t! Fuck dammit! I was blind! I wanted to scream, but I couldn't.

He huffed and said in annoyance, "You make me angry! My heart is— Why the fuck you don’t look at me now? Are you afraid?"

I sealed my eyes and sighed deeply, "I’m blind!"

End of flashback—

I just decided to be much more robust and convinced myself that he didn’t make a move since then and didn’t try to reach me. So he just rejected me for sure. And he will forget about me.

Well, that was what I thought.

That’s why I woke up that day, took a lukewarm shower, dressed in my school uniform, and pulled all my strength and self-esteem back.

Yes, I was a fighter but in my own way. Nothing special in me except that I can walk and talk and even read and write without even being noticed. Or in another meaning without even being exposed as a blind!

My teachers and the principal, of course, knew my case, they helped me secretly. But my nose and the strong gift of how I could smell the scents around me helped me more.

I was ready; I stepped down the stairs wishing a good day to my parents and waved them out of the house waiting for the school bus to arrive.

The driver of the school bus pushed the horn to me. He knew as well that I was blind. But I asked him not to help me at all. I walked confidently inside the bus and took a seat next to the driver. I always asked her to leave it empty.

After all, I can’t see, so I might make a wrong mistake and sit on the students' lap. And I can't deny how awful and horrible students there were. Being born to the most potent alphas or from the royal family was horrible, giving them a terrible and worst behavior.

And that was something I did my best to escape.

But— My seat was taken— And I found myself sitting on a manly lap. I hopped off immediately, gasping and gulped nervously. But I have pulled again, “have a seat, baby, everyone knows your secret now.”

I trembled a bit and tried to stand up “who are you?!”

He chuckled in a witch tone, making fun of me “see guys! I have told you that she is blind! Her secret is exposed now! She didn’t know that I was sitting in her seat.”

And that was a humiliating situation to me, and I wanted to cry until someone saved my ass.

“what the fuck are you doing to my mate?!”

What the hell was that? Did I hear that wrong?! I’m getting deaf too!

But no! It was him! Prince Noah black. Everyone muttered in the same breathing, “your mate?”

Noah black pulled me to his chest, and then he announced loudly, “everyone, isabella is my mate. So dare to fuck up with her, and I will make your living like hell! Not just the school days.” He threatened all the students, and no, he wasn’t joking.

He dragged me down off the bus, and I stopped him, “where are you taking me? Thank you for helping me, but you can’t just say that I’m your mate.”

He pushed me inside his car, then started up the car and increased his speed to feel the oxygen in my lungs escape away. I begged him, “please stop. Please.”

And he halted the car all of sudden after two minutes. And by the noises, it was apparent that we parked in front of the school gates. He leaned closer to me, leaving no breath at all, and whispered but in a stern tone, “listen to me, Bella—”

I mumbled, protesting, “I'm not Bella!”

He growled, “you are Bella now. Only my Bella. You are my mate. And you will be mine soon. So watch your moves because I will be watching you. Dare to play around with any guy, and I will smash your head. Got that?” He warned me.

And I skipped a burst of laughter from my mouth, “are you serious?”

He leaned in, and I just smelled his body scent and his cologne getting closer then he shoved my lips with his tongue into an intense kiss. He pulled away and sighed, “fuck, dammit! You are really my mate! So yes— You are mine.”

Was I dreaming or what?!