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It's My Turn

It's My Turn




Ashley killed her Half-Sister Sarah in order to get married to her boyfriend and spread the news that Sarah eloped. She was successfully about to get married to Ronald when Sarah arrived with Ronald’s elder brother and Ashley’s plan got ruined. Ronald asked Sarah, why did she elope and why doesn’t want to get married to him. Sarah put forth the condition that if he wants answers to his questions then get married to her as she is or if he distrusts he can marry Ashley. Now, what will be Ronald’s decision? Why doesn’t Sarah want to answer any questions? Will Ashley let them be together?



Her own sister pushed her from the bridge and make her fall into the river and now she was sinking deep inside the water with only one thought: why did she do this? Why?

Before she could realize anything or call anybody for help, her head banged to hard rock, head reel and after that, she remembers nothing.

“Ahh, ouch.”

She was trying to open her eyes, but a sharp flash of light pierced her eyes and she couldn’t open them. Her head was aching as it will burst. Even though it was paining, she opened her eyes and saw the entire place is looking white.

‘Am I in heaven?’

‘No, I am not. The sharp smell of disinfectant filled to my nostrils made me realize that I am not in heaven but in hospital.’

“Sarah, are you ok, how are you feeling now?”

A familiar voice dragged her attention. She looked and found Stefan in front of her. Stefan Walter whom she loath till last evening to even have a look, but now she knows he is genuinely concerned for her and it’s all reflecting in his eyes.

Sarah tried to get up, and Stefan supported her.

“Sarah, I know you are injured, but you have to hurry your pace, otherwise Ashley will take your place and get married to your fiancé,” Stefan said.

Sarah frowned when Stefan mentioned Ashley. A picture of flashback ran in front of her eyes and Ashley’s all deeds came into her mind.

“Sarah, are you listening?”

Stefan again called her. Sarah knows Stefan is talking for her interest, but she was motionless. Till now whatever happened with her, it’s all because of Ashley, her own half-sister.

For the first time, Sarah’s witty brain and foresight failed her, and she didn’t see the true colors of her sister before, who pretend most caring and loving to her and innocent in front of everybody.

When Stefan saw she didn’t move, he called a nurse to hand her over a pair of dress for Sarah and ordered to change her hospital gown, so that she can move.

“No, Mr. Stefan Walter, miss Sarah is not stable. I can’t discharge her in rush.”

The doctor denied signing Sarah’s discharge papers, still, Stefan was indifferent.

“I don’t care about your opinion; I need to take her from here and nobody can stop me.”

Stefan said with rage and beckoned to the bunch of bodyguards behind him, who moved fast to plan to take miss Sarah from the hospital.

‘I can’t let her waste even a single minute in this hospital. She is in this situation because of me. Only if I would not come in her life and tried to split Sarah and her boyfriend Ronald Walter apart, she wouldn’t end up like this.’

‘It was me who entered their life faking myself lunatic to revenge on Ronald and his father for killing my Valerie and to reach my goal I manipulate Ashley and seek her help to split Sarah and Ronald apart.’

‘Despite my crafty plotting, Sarah made me realize my mistake and help me mend my ways, then it’s my responsibility to make her reach at her marriage canopy on time.’

“Boss, miss Sarah is ready.”

Stefan’s assistant informed him, and he walked inside Sarah’s ward.

Although Sarah got to change, her head still had bandaged on and she was stumbling while walking, Stefan noticed this. He leans towards Sarah and picked her in his arms.

Sarah felt uncomfortable by Stefan’s action, but she didn’t resist either, perhaps because her emotions were numb. She was heartbroken by the deception of her sister.

Stefan made her sit in his Rolls Royce’s copilot’s seat, and he sat on the driving seat after beckoning his guards to follow them.

The river drowned Sarah so far that she was hospitalized at the outskirt of ***** and that’s why Stefan was driving at his fastest speed to make her reach on the time.

While driving Stefan looked at Sarah at the corner of his eyes and his heart ached to see her all silent with no expression.

“Sarah, I….. I am, Sarah I am sorry, it’s all my fault.”

Stefan doesn’t know what to say, so he simply apologizes for his mistake which made Sarah end up in this situation, after all, it's all started by him.

Sarah turned her head towards Stefan and said with no expression, “When I unveil your lie, why didn’t you tell me about Ashley being your crime partner.”

‘Ahh, that’s a gargantuan mistake I have done when I didn’t tell Sarah that her sister is deceiving her behind her back.’ Stefan thought.

“As you made me understand and I mend my ways, I spoke to Ashley and she promised that she will mend her ways, I didn’t realize that she is so obsessed with Ronald’s love that she will try to kill her own sister.”

Stefan said truthfully, but Sarah still didn’t reveal any expression. Nobody can guess what was going on in her mind.

“Hmm, then why are you here in search of mine?” Sarah asked.

“When I found Ashley is up to something I asked her to confess in front of the entire family and tell what did she do to you, but she was so cunning that she seizes this opportunity and reveled in front of my family that I am not lunatic and came back for revenge on them and my family disowned me.”

“Everybody gets what they deserve, you don’t worry.”

Sarah said in a painful voice and turned her towards the window, lean back, and support her head at the back of the seat. Stefan gave a deep glare at her calm face and again turned his head at the road ahead.

‘Sarah was looking like a silent sea before the storm approaching. I didn’t get the meaning of her words but she is definitely thinking something deeply. I have a gut feeling that she is suppressing her anger to vent it out when the time comes.’ Stefan thought.

“What are you going to do now?” Stefan took the opportunity to ask, but in return, he got only a blank glare from Sarah.

“Sarah,” Stefan called her again, but she only nods her head.

‘I am Sarah Cooper; my life was peaceful until few months before I came across my half-sister Ashley.’

Ashley did so many things behind my back from which I was oblivious to date, but now I introduced the shady sides of Ashley. She has done what she wants, now it’s my turn.