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Loving The Casanova

Loving The Casanova



General Romance

Two childhood bestfriends meet again and played by destiny. Will she change her man into a better one? Until when the destiny play them in the story that was a roller coster ride? When they said casanova, they wanted it all. They are freaking handsome, rich, cute and well they are indeed pretty boys but they are freaking casanova who break the girls heart. Well they fall inlove and find there one true love?

"One's upon a time---"

"Argh! Shut up! Giliana! I'm reading here! You disturbing me, kid!" I wailed. "Lower down your voice

"Sis, I'm also reading here, like duh?" she rolled her eyes.

"Even so! Get out of my sight now or else I'll call Mom to drag you out of here, you want that?" I smirk and laughed.

"Fine! Goodbye witchy!" she run out of my room. "Lo Siento!"

"Goodbye sister! Love you!" I mocked and I heard her murmured something. "Giliana! Don't run! Careful!"

By the way, let me introduce myself, I'm Gianna Isabella Lee. I'm 17 years old of age and I was born in New York and please call me Gia in short of Gianna, okay?

My secret is I am inlove with my casanova bestfriend slash player! Is it amazing? Hahaha! Of all people, why him? He's my oh-so-call bestfriend! But the worst is? He's a freaking casanova!

"Sis? Are you out of your mind again?" she asked out of nowhere.

"Stop it Giliana! Stop mocking me or else I'll beat your ass off!" I roared. "You see? I'm studying here!"

"Ahahaha! Your not studying cause it's your first day tomorrow. Ah sis! Use your commonsense sometimes okay?" she smirked.

"The heck you care?" I raised my brows.

Ah, are you thinking of your crush dear sis?" she chuckled.

"Get out baby, please?" I pleaded.

"Sis? What's with you and your childhood bestfriend Yohane? Are you both in a relationship? Or you still on the stage of mutual understanding? Well, it's to complicated? I wonder if it is."

"Giliana, stop it. I'll be the one will decide it or make a move! And what's with a complicated thingy? Your only grade school and you didn't know everything about that, baby! But you have a point." I sighed heavily. "He dosen't know about my feelings."

"See? I always find myself right." she grunted before she left me.

Argh! That evil witch ruined my day! Her words keeps running in my mind. Ah, I won't wonder cause she have above IQ.

By the way, about myself again. I have two siblings and they are both girls, my older sister Hazelle and my little sister Giliana. My Mom's name is Juztine Mendez Lee and my father is Jade Clarie Lee. And we are living happily in our home!

"Aah! I'm sleepy!" I murmured.

The morning shines so bright when I wake up, I run fast to the bathroom and fixed myself before going to the dining area. I saw them waiting for me.

"Good morning everyone! Rise and shine! My sunshines!" I giggled.

"Hi, baby!" Mom smiled at me.

"Morning, sweetie!" Dad greeted.

"Hey, sis! Good day!" she giggled.

"Hi baby! Morning again everyone!" I greeted again.

"Mom? Dad?"

"Hey? What baby?" Dad was now facing me with concern evident in her eyes.

"Yes, love?" Mommy asked too.

"Where is Achi Hazelle?" I asked out of nowhere.

"She's with her fiancee baby." Mom answered.

"What?!" I asked histerically. "Fiancee?!"

I was so surprise, really?! What the heck is happening? She just only 19 and she have a fiancee now? Really?

"I'm sorry, Mom, Dad." I was stilled. "I can't believe this! Really?"

"It's okay, sweetie!" my Mom. "I know you can't believe this but It's true!"

"She's now in legal age and I know she can handle herself now." Dad voice out. "She's in good hands."

My sister has a fiancee now, am I the next one since I am 17 and turning 18 next month? Oh my gosh!