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Chasing The Moon

Chasing The Moon

Author:Dona Crystal



Maria Drew is a young girl who got admitted to a famous university she dreamed about all her life. It was a way to get into a beautiful life. She belongs to a poor family. Her father is sick. All she wanted is to find a job and look after her family. Mike Anderson is a werewolf and a future alpha. Maria had a bad encounter with Mike which led him to hate her. Fate is that Mike is the son of one of the owners of the campus. He is also her classmate. He started bullying her whenever he got the chance. Mike became the bad boy of her life. She is the girl who he hated all his life. But moon goddess made her his mate. What happens when his finds out that the girl he hated became his mate?

It was a cold November night.

Like every other night, I woke up from the deadly noise of my dad coughing from the other room. I jumped from my bed. My bed can hardly be called a bed. It was in a very bad condition which could nearly hold me. My family was poor with hardly enough to fill up our stomach. Our house was in a very bad condition that a small storm was enough to destroy it completely. If only I could find a job I may be able to help my parents.

I was the only child of my parents. They were cobblers who work day and night to feed me and provide me with proper education. During some days they earn only little that they even forget to fill their stomach. Dad used to earn very well a few years ago but now he couldn't earn so much because of his bad health. His loved designing and making shoes for everyone. He always made me many lovely shoes when I was little. Little pink princess shoes, blue glitter ones and red boots. But fate ruined us.

All my life I watched their miserable state. I never complained about my life even to God because I don’t want to blame anyone.

My dad had health issues. He was not able to work for more hours because of his condition so I used to help him whenever I get time from my studies. All our savings went to his medicines.

“Maria, fetch the water from the kitchen.” My mother ordered.

I rushed to the kitchen and poured some water for my father.

I ran back to his room and gave the water to him. He was shaking from the cold. My mom helped him.

She was trying hard to control her tears. I rubbed the back of my dad so that he can control his breath. I know he was trying so hard.

Our little earning was not enough to buy him medicines. The doctor said that he needs better medication to get his health back which reminds me that I need to work harder besides my studies so that I may be able to help him in some way. I will be 18 next month. The first thing I needed to do is to find a part-time job that won't be a disturbance to my studies. I made a promise to my parents that whatever hardship I was facing I won't go back from my studies.

I looked to the ceiling and sighed " We need to find a new house. A small one will be better. That the first thing on my bucket list.”

I went to check on my parents.

"Oh, they fell asleep. I need to get back to my room. I am feeling tired.” I took the old woolen blanket from the cupboard and covered their bodies.

I went back to my room. Hundreds of thoughts came on my mind but I rolled on my bed to get better sleep.

The next day I got up from my bed early in the morning feeling half sleepy and tired. I went to the bathroom. After freshening myself I went back to my room and put on my blue blouse and knee-length black skirt. I tied my hair in a messy bun and went to the kitchen to cook something.

I checked on my parents before going to the kitchen. They were sleeping soundly. So I went back to the kitchen to cook something for my parents. I made pancakes and coffee for my parents. I served everything on the table and went to call my parents for eating. Then I rushed to my room to get ready to go to my class. After I got myself ready I went to eat breakfast with my parent.

I washed the utensils and cleaned the kitchen. After waving goodbye to my parents I rushed to the bus stop. Yes, I needed to catch that stupid bus before it was too late.

My school was situated a few kilometers away from my home. My school was like a second home to me. The only place I enjoyed. The heaven on earth. The teachers there were really friendly and helpful, especially my language teacher Miss. Rachel Sunny. She was like a second mother to me who always helped me during critical conditions.

My closest friend was Nancy. She was a sweet young bubbly girl who was so close to me. She had been my best friend since we were six.

“Hey, Maria. Good morning. ” Nancy rushed and hugged me as soon as I entered the classroom.

“Oh look at you glowing early in the morning. I am jealous “ she made a face that looked so funny to me.

“Look at you cracking jokes early in the morning. I am jealous of how you are so enchanting and energetic early in the morning “ I copied her face.

"I wasn't joking. So are becoming beautiful day by day. You need to tell me your secret. “ she said.

“So how is my bestie doing, “ She added.

"Nothing new dear. It's the same, sleepless nights and nightmares that won't give me peace to my life and mind " I replied to her.

“ I am so sorry dear. I almost forget about your parents “ She added.

“It's okay Nancy “ I smiled.

“ Everything is going to be fine one day “ She smiled and hugged me.

“ All you have to do is get to that college miss Rachel told you about Maria “ she added.

I smiled at her.

That night I dreamed about the fairy tale life that I always wished I had. In my dream I saw a boy. He was handsome, tall. and well build. I saw him coming towards me. His feathery lips touched mine. His warm hands hugged me. I shivered from his touch.

But the stupid alarm woke me up. I tried to remember his face. But it was all blurred. I cursed the alarm clock. I never had a boyfriend before. I always wished I had one. So he comfort me from all this troubles I had in my life. I was interested in boys who were friendly and not cold ones.

"Ouch "

A loud thud with along with a electric spark travelled my body.

"Shit" I cursed.

Looks like my little toe decided to give a warm kiss to the wooden leg of my bed. Seems like my boyfriend will be one hell of a guy. Even my toes can't stop thinking about him.