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Mated to a Useless Vampire

Mated to a Useless Vampire

Author:Kitty Star


General Romance

Kael was furious when his sister sent him a box with cabbages written on it. Even though his sister knew he was sensitive to cabbage, she sent it nevertheless. So that's what he did: he threw it away. What he didn't realize was that the package contained his two-year-old girl's niece, not cabbage. A few days later the sister called and asked how her daughter was doing. Kael was surprised to find out because the contents of the box were not cabbage but his sister's daughter. Now he had to figure out where he would look for the kid if the smell of her was no longer visible due to the rain. Melissa is a completely useless vampire. One day she got involved in a riot and she was the one who was discarded. They thrashed her and threw her into the dumpsite after she was presumed dead. She wanted to die in the midst of the torrential rain and garbage, but then she heard a noise. She looked for it fast, and when she did, her heart nearly broke. A girl with mud smeared all over her body. She lifted her and brought her to her house despite her precarious predicament. She washed the girl before putting her to sleep. But she was taken aback when her ear protruded from her head like a wolf's. Melissa is now anxious because it is prohibited for werewolves and vampires to live together. She couldn't, however, abandon the little kid.

Melissa Lewis, a 22-year-old woman. She had been living alone since she was sixteen years old. Her late grandma had left her a little house.

Her grandma was her only family, and she doesn't know who her biological parents are.  The house was old and had numerous broken parts. And because the roof has holes, it gets wet every time it 

rains, just like it is now.

She quickly grabs a bucket and placed it in the center of 

the hole to catch every last drop.

Melissa profited enormously from this because she didn't have running water and had to bathe and do washing in the rain or a river. Despite the difficulties of life, she remained resolute.

Melissa couldn't think of anything to do on that wet day, 

so she went to an acquaintance who promised to give her a job. Melissa had been out of work for several days and had

 spent all of the money she had saved. She was also hungry, so she hurriedly changed into an old raincoat to avoid getting soaked in the rain. She walked towards her destination after closing the old door. Her acquaintance's house was a little out of the way, and she was merely walking. She can't afford to take a taxi because she is short on cash, so she walks.

When she was walking along the side of the road, a car abruptly overtook another vehicle, causing the road's water to splash her.

"What a stroke of terrible luck!" she exclaims to herself.

Even if she screamed in frustration and wrath, she couldn't do anything.

Because the car appeared to be expensive, she assumed the owner was wealthy.

And Mellisa is well aware that the wealthy are

 unconcerned in the least.

"Bless that jerk rich!" she exclaims. When she saw how soaked she was, she could only curse the owner of the costly car. Also, the car did not come to a halt. She was enraged, but she had to continue walking to her friend's house. She needs a job to feed her starving stomach, or she will starve to death.

"Take a look at who's here."

Arnold was waiting for her when she turned back. The man who gave her beyond the pain when she was

 young and even to this day. In their stead, Arnold is the gang's leader. A bully. He is accompanied by three men and a woman. Perhaps the lady is his girlfriend. Melissa realized she was in jeopardy once more because the woman was the reason she had lost her job at the 

coffee shop where she worked. This woman created a ruckus, and her supervisor fired her despite her attempts to explain that it was not her fault. But her boss still believes that scheming woman. Because she gets nervous when she sees them, Melissa can now hear her heartbeat so swiftly.

"D-don't..." her voice trembled as she begged him to let her go.

But with his two hands, the man strangled her even more. The three guys and the woman can't stop themselves from laughing at her. She was crying because Arnold was not paying attention to her. He was quickly flung to the ground when his female friend approached him. He kissed the woman as he turned to face her.

Because of the pain from  Arnold's strangulation, Melissa coughed one after another.

She can't help but feel sorry for herself.

A vampire can't do anything because he's weak and ineffective.

She is helpless in the face of these scumbags. She is unable to defend herself.

"Baby, do you know her?" inquired a flirty female voice.

"Yes. She's a worthless vampire," Arnold replied in a jumbled manner. "She was an outsider since the vampire clan could not accept her because she was weak. On the other hand, we are a powerful vampire who is accepted in the clan and not a weak one."

The woman smiles as she looks at me. "Do you mean we can kill her?" Her voice has a terrible tone to it.

"What's to stop you? She isn't that important, after all." Arnold consented, and the three guys were given orders to beat Melissa.

Melissa, who had been sitting on the ground, was immediately approached by the three. They thrashed the girl violently until she was covered in blood on her face and torso. They stopped hammering her when she was knocked out.

"No," Arnold stated emphatically.

"We can't leave a sign of what we did to her because we might be discovered by another vampire, and you know  we're not supposed to kill our kind."

"Then what are we going to do?"

Arnold commands, "Bring her and dump her at the dumpsite."

Melissa's lifeless body was dumped in the trash by three males who were uncaring about her.