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Wrong Surrogacy For The Devil CEO

Wrong Surrogacy For The Devil CEO




After being cheated on by her husband with her best friend on her first wedding night, Rosalyn decided to be a surrogate mother. However, her insemination partner was not the one she had originally chosen, but Lorcan Valentino, the dangerous and heartless bachelor of the city. "I'll give you whatever amount of money you want, but you can't let the child know that you're his mom." "I'm broke right now but I won't sell my child to you for money.” "You don't have any other choice but to stay here till the birth of my child or I won't mind chaining you.” Rosalyn knew Lorcan could go to any lengths to snatch her child away from. She plans to go abroad but only finds herself forced to pay her husband's debt who runs away from the loan sharks. Now, she had no choice but to go to Lorcan for help. "Are you still a virgin?" he whispered against her cheek, "I don't mind sleeping with a pregnant woman."

Rosalyn's pov.

In the church.

In the ceremony, taking a deep breath and sucking in my nervousness, I walked towards the man who I have been in love with for a long time. I gazed at the man of my dreams with a wide smile as I felt like I couldn't be more happy than this.

It's like I have achieved everything and now I just look forward to my happy marriage days.

Nick, my incredible husband, offered his hand to me, his eyes gleaming with adoration as he looked down at me as if he had gained all the happiness in this world. His expression resembles my own.

"You look really beautiful," He whispered with a hint of giddiness and I felt my face burning.

"You too," I told him back with a shy expression while the priest read the speech.

"You can exchange the vows now," the priest says.

“I, Rosalyn Falone, take you, Nick Burke, to be my wedding husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish until death do us part," I completed while smiling and with wet eyes.

“I, Nick Burke, take you, Rosalyn Falone, to be my wedding wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish until death do us part," He kissed my forehead, and I sighed in ecstasy.

Marrying the nicest man I have ever met filled my stomach with a tingly sensation. He’s worthy of my love in every way, he is just perfect.

We received blessings from the guests. I laughed when my eyes drifted towards my best friend, Ana, who was cheering the loudest. She's also the one who caught the flowers.

After the ceremony was completed well, I made my way back to the bride's dressing room to get out of my dressing gown.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I missed my mother very much. My facial features, preferences, and everything else are similar to hers.

Though she had a failed marriage she always wished for a happy marriage for me. It was one of her wishes to see me in a wedding dress standing with a man who adored me and me only.

I felt my chest tighten as I remembered how my mother suffered in her marriage. The memories were unpleasant enough to give me trauma to the point that I decided to be more cautious in my relationship with men. So, I decided to not have sex with my boyfriend before marriage. I wanted to wait until the night of my wedding.

I know it can seem to be primitive for some and unfair for Nick but I never get to worry about it or feel bad because Nick agreed to it and never forced me.

Thinking about tonight that I will give my cherished virginity to my lovely husband makes me shiver in anticipation. I feel happy, nervous, shy, and excited, everything at the same time. I tried to get a hold of my emotions but they just kept overflowing on my face.

"Nick! Fuck me harder! Oh, yessss, fuck! Ahhh! I'm cumming!!"

While I approached my bedroom, I heard a female voice and thought I had heard it wrong. Who could be possibly doing something outrageous in the bathroom of the bride's room?

"Oh! Ana! Open your legs for me! Oh gosh yeah! It’s so fucking good!“ Nick’s voice followed.

“Nick, what a jerk you are, ha ha! How did you come up with the idea of having sex in your wedding room?" Ana giggled, with a lustful voice.

I began to tremble, even not feeling the dress sliding from my hand as I was paralyzed on the spot. I couldn't wrap my head around anything.

That..voice..that voice was Nick's. No, no, he should be in the hall, busy greeting the guests now. We just married today and he loves me so much. He has no way to be here and f-

"Nick fucking hurry up before your stupid wife comes."

The b-belonged to Ana.

I can get a voice wrong but the name. My husband and my best friend, the two most important persons that I trusted with everything, are having sex on my wedding day.

Tears instantly welled in my eyes as they began to stream down my cheeks when they couldn't hold on to the pain of my betrayal. I restrained my wobbly legs to collapse on the ground while my sanity was nowhere to be found.

How could they do this to me? Just a few minutes ago we vowed in front of our families and friends. I just had my dream wedding, so how could things change so drastically?

"My stupid wife is stupid enough to not to doubt anything even if her husband and best friend are gone for a few more hours. She's practically a tube light. You just come here,"

"Hey! Don't be so rough ha ha!"

"Why, don't you always like it when I'm rough with you?"

I could hear their laughter and the ominous sounds they were making. And it seemed it wasn't the first time they were cheating on me. I felt a sharp pain in my heart as if someone was squeezing it without any mercy. I sobbed as I slapped my hand over my mouth to restrict the voice coming out of my mouth and make them beware.

How could they do this to me?

"And even if she is dumb, we can't let her find out about this. We need her to bear a baby for us." I heard Nick telling her while Ana laughed.

Another strike to my heart but I couldn't feel any pain because it was already in pieces. A baby? Why did they need me to bear a child for them? If they wanted to be together, Ana can’t be a mother?