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A Serendipity

A Serendipity



General Romance

When Leighana woke up, she was sitting next to a stranger in the same bed. But what made her even more startled was that they were probably both naked under the same blanket, one hand resting on one of her breasts as her face pressed against his neck. Though his whole body ached he forced himself to get stuck in that place without making a sound. At the same time, he silently prayed that their path would not meet with the stranger to whom he had given something that he had kept for a long time. But destiny is deliberately joking. What if the man she was avoiding was within her reach? Will he be able to continue to avoid it if even his own heart and body seem to be enslaved to it as well? Especially and there is something that will connect the two of them. - RubyeGT

  Chapter 1

  "How's your work, sweetie?" Leighana’s mother casually asked, as they eats dinner.

  She was stunned for a moment then looked at her.

  "Ahm ... hrmp ... I resigned, Ma." she said, looking down again and averted her eyes.

  "What ?! Again ?! What do you really want, Leighana? You were just hired two weeks ago, then now, you resigned again? Do you plan to enter all the hospitals here, in Metro Manila?"

  She secretly rolled her eyes at what the mother had said, and heaved a sigh.

  Her mother already knows what she wants. But she seems deaf to insist what she wants her to be.

  But, she can't blame her. Her mother raised her and her brother alone. She did her best for her to graduate in medical school... alone. And now, she has the guts to tell her that being a doctor is not, that she really wants?

  "Ma, you know what I really want,"

  "And I think, that's stupid! You are a doctor, Leighana! You are bound to save lives."

  "But that's not what I want, Ma! I want to build homes, buildings ... I want to engrave my name on every building I build! I want to leave a mark on every bridge I built. In that field, I want to get to know of. " full of frustration, she says to the mother.

  How many times have they talked about it? She could no longer count. All she knew was, she was always defeated.

  As well as she is a good surgeon, she is also a licensed Engineer!

  As a child, she dreamt of building buildings.

  She thought, she would reach that when she took an Engineering course, but that disappeared when her mother insisted on taking her to a medical course after that.

  "You are a doctor, Lei! Accept it. Deal with it!" she said formally before wiping her mouth and standing up. "Find another hospital, and this time, I am expecting you to take it seriously. Many out there are unemployed, appreciate yours." Her mother said sternly.

  "Psh. Defeated. Again." she said in her mind and sighed.

  When she looked at her brother, she saw pity in his eyes while looking at her.

  She felt even more miserable.

  SHE WAS staring at the glass in front of her and seemed to be looking for the answer to her problem.

  When she couldn't sleep, she chose to go out, and cool down a bit. Until she found herself entering a bar and ordering drinks.

  She knew it would not be that easy for her to persuade her mother, for her, to do what she wanted. How many years have they been arguing over that matter? And because of the amount of love and respect she has for her mother, she always loses.

  Urgh ..! How she really wished that she's not the eldest. So that her mother would not expect that much from her.

  "Hi," said the baritone voice that interrupted what she was thinking.

  When she looked at him, she can hardly see his face.

  "Shit! How many margaritas have I drunk for my vision get blurry?"

  Even though she couldn’t see him very well, she knew, he was handsome.

  "And, well .. the muscles .. fuck!" she said in her mind, as her eyes went to his muscled chest, which was very prominent on his tight t-shirt.

  Even though she hadn't seen it, she knew, that he has prominent abs hiding under that tight shirt.

  She secretly swallowed up by the thought.

  "Shit! Why did I suddenly felt feverish?"

  But she does not have time to think about that now. Her brain was too occupied with the weight of what she was carrying.

  The edge of her lip lifted and gave him a sarcastic smile.

  "Sorry, not interested!" instead, she said and turned her gaze back to the glass of margarita in front of her.

  She heard him chuckled. Without hesitation, she took the glass and quickly drank the contents. She felt her throat suddenly dry up.

  How dare he, be sound so sexy, simply by chuckling?

  Fuck, Leighana! You have so many other things that you need to think of, than fantasizing the abs of the man next to you!

  "Not interested, huh? After eye-raping me?" he said, raising his eyebrows.

  She sighed at what he said. Fortunately, it was dark, so, he couldn't see her blush.

  And she knows no defense against embarrassment, but anger.

  A mischievous smile played on his lips, as she turned to him with sharp eyes.

  "Excuse me, mister ... I am not eye-raping you! The nerve! Is it my fault that I appreciated your muscled chest and visible abs?!" because of the alcohol that she drank, she does not know that she blurted out what’s on her mind.

  The man laughed even harder at what she said.

  "Ookaayy." He’s still grinning, as he sat on the bar stool next to where she was sitting. "Maybe it's my fault." He said with mischief dancing in his eyes.

  "Absolutely!" she said with a nod, and raised her glass, to drink again.

  On the corner of her eyes, she saw him sip also, from the glass of wine that she had just noticed he was holding.

  "So, what's a beautiful lady doing in a bar, alone?" he said facing her, as one of his elbow rested on the bar counter.

  Because of the length of his limbs, it seems that she was caged in between his thighs.

  And surprisingly, she find it .. hot!

  It's as if, she really belong there.

  "Urgh ...! What's going through my mind? Must be the alcohol." Shaken, she said in her mind. "Hmm ... then, let the alcohol speaks!" she said and a mischievous smile gradually formed on her lips. "Why not? Just for tonight, loosen up, Leighana."

  "Urgh ...! What's going through my mind? Must be the alcohol." Shaken, she said in her mind. "Hmm ... then, let the alcohol speaks!" she said and a mischievous smile gradually formed on her lips. "Why not? Just for tonight, loosen up, Leighana."

  "Ahmm ... drinking, perhaps?" she said, raising an eyebrow with a mischievous grin on her face.

  "Yeah. Drinking. Stupid question, I guess!" nodding, he says, still not losing the smile. "And since you are alone, mind if I join you?"

  "Oh, I don't!"

  Because of what she said, his smile widened even more. He became even more daring and pushed the seat closer to her.

  Now, that she was actually in between his thighs, she looked at it, and dropped her gaze to his thighs, where her body seems to encaged.

  "Do you mind?" his voice was seductive, she couldn't help but look up at him.

  Urgh ... why was his face so blurry?

  "Nah. Not at all."

  Urgh ... Leighana Alexandra! Cry of the sensible part of her brain, that she tries to ignore.

  "Great. Now, may I know your name, beautiful?" he said, with his puffy eyes.

  "Le-- Lexie!" she didn't know why she said that. "Yeah. Lexie ..."

  "Hmm ... nice name! But, why do I have this feeling that it wasn't your real name?"

  She laughed slightly.

  "Silly. It is."

  She wasn't lying, though! Lexie came from her Alexandra name. She just shortens it.

  It's a trend to nickname!

  She smiled wickedly!

  "Uh ... huh. It is true, then. For tonight, you will be, my Lexie."

  "Your Lexie, huh? Cliché! How many times did you use that line?" she asked, arching her eyebrow.

  He barely laughed at what she said.

  "Does it matter?" he said, grinning.

  "Oh, no. Not at all!"

  "Aren't you gonna ask for my name, my Lexie?" he said, his arms now wrapped around her waist.

  She’s been thinking, what would her mother do if she saw them in such a position?

  "Oh, she'll gonna skin you alive!” said, a part of her mind. "I know right?" the other part replied with a smile.

  "Uhhmm ... what's your name, lover boy?" she said, pointing her index finger down his chin.

  She saw his adam's apple twitched sharply, as he swallowed hard.

  "Hrmp .." he cleared his throat before answering. "It's Ziv, baby." He said, as he looks at her intently.

  She felt him squeezed her hip, where his hand was lying, before it gently stroked up and down. Volts of electricity seemed to flow through her veins, when she felt him lift her blouse slightly to feel her skin.

  "Oh." she reacted uncontrollably as his thumb finger continued to rub her skin. "Nice name. I have a penchant for unique names." despite the erotic feelings that he was doing to her body, she got to say.

  "Yeah? I'm glad you like it, baby. You might as well like the owner, too. Feel the spark?" he gasped, with his eyes full of lust, staring at her. "Feel me." he groaned, moving his body closer to her.

  Their lips are almost touching. She could feel the fanning of his fragrant breath on her face.

  He smells liquor, and yet, it seems that, it made her wanting him more.

  It's like an aphrodisiac to her.

  "Aphrodisiac? Oh my God, Leighana. What were you thinking?"

  She was shocked when she felt his bulge on her buttocks.

  This is not the first time that someone touches her skin. She already had a boyfriend, before. And she’s okay with simple touching and moderate kissing.

  Yes, moderate. When the kisses exceeds the limit, her whole system gets alarmed.

  Her limit? First base.

  Some of her ex-boyfriend called her cold. Killjoy. Frigid.

  Who cares?

  She doesn't really feel, she wanted to do "it", with anyone of them, anyway.

  Maybe they are less experienced, compared to this man beside her, now.

  This man is a pro.

  He knows what button to push.

  He is definitely an expert in seducing women.

  Because right this very moment, while feeling his prick on her side, she knows, all her guards are going down.

  She wants him.

  Good God!