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General Romance

They say, love is not simply achieved or given. It is not rushed because it is voluntarily provided at the right time. And that’s the big thrill happens between the love story of Kolyn, and Shunter. They became impulsive about love and did not expect that the love they hurried will bear fruit. But an accident happened to them that makes their love story end at a short period of time. They lost everything they had, their child, even their memories of each other. They ended up nothing, and doesn't know each other. But truly that love is powerful, even if you lose your memory, as long as you have your heart, you will know the person you love because your heart knows things that your mind can’t explain. Because they also say, what you have, even if you let go, or you lose it will still come back to you. Because when two hearts are meant for each other, no distance is too far, no time is too long, and no other can break them apart.

  KOLYN didn’t waste any time. She kept all the things she needed most in her small bag that she will bring for running away with Shunter, her boyfriend.

  As she prepares her things, she can't help but to worry because this is the first time she will do it. And it was against her will, but she had to do it to escape what might happen to her if she stayed with her parents. She is afraid of what will happen in the next few days.

  So, Shunter and Kolyn need to stay away to save their love and their future child. Because one of the plans of their parents was to abort the baby in Kolyn’s womb.

  Right after Kolyn done on packing her things, she immediately left her room, and carefully exited their mansion.

  When she finally came out, a smile immediately drew on her lips when she saw Shunter in the distance waiting outside the gate of their mansion.

  She immediately walked closer to Shunter, but she was suddenly stopped when she heard a deep voice not far from her. And she knew who it was, it was her Dad.

  “Where the fvck are you going?” she chuckled when she heard those words coming from her Dad. She felt affright and got so nervous, but she still manage to speak.

  “Where I know I will be happy, isn’t it obvious, Dad?” she nonchalantly said.

  She tries to hide her fear from her father. She's scared of anything that might happen tonight.

  “When did you learn to answer me, Kolyn?” Kolyn felt anger in her father's voice. “Is that what your man taught you?” he continued.

  She felt her knees are trembling because of premonition, but she had to act bravely. “Acting innocent, Dad?” she insulted, “When did you start to be forgetful?” he fearlessly turned his back on his father and walked away.

  His father grinned, “Once you get over to my property, you will never get back in here again. We will forget that you come into our lives! We, your mom will forget that you’re our child,” threat of his father.

  “Now, choose! Us, your family or that man?” He pointed to Shunter.

  She was stunned by her father’s warning, until she could feel hot water running down her cheeks. And as soon as she realized what it was, a smile flashed on her lips. But that smile was covered with pain, and sorrow.

  She did not expect that everything would reach to this point. Where she has to choose who he will go with.

  “Why do you have to do this to me, Dad? I did nothing wrong to you, I did everything you wanted. But why can’t you even give me this little pleasure I ask for? Why? It is as if you have deprived me of the right to be happy already!” She sobbed in front of her father.

  Choosing one in the two important choices makes her hard to think well. Because four important persons involves in the choices; her parents or her boyfriend together with their future child. Because when she chooses one, she will definitely lose one in her choices, which may be her parents or the man she loves and their child. So she need to choose what’s the best for her, because it’s so difficult to decide things if you don’t know the outcome of it.

  “Dad, why do you have to do this to me? I am your daughter, Dad!” She knelt down from where she was standing. She could not lose her family, but she could not lose also her girlfriend, and their future child.

  “Because we know what’s good for you. And choosing that thing you called happiness is just part of your insanity. Where will that man find money? Especially that you are pregnant now, ha? For all I know also, his father banned him from different businesses here in the Philippines that he could enter, even small businesses. So common, back off my daughter.  You have no hope in him. She will just destroy your future. You will only die in misery.” His father laughed like he’s insulting Kolyn’s boyfriend.

  “How dare you!” Shunter shouted from outside as he forced open the locked gate of Mendoza’s mansion

  “Here’s the key!” Kolyn’s father threw the remote control at Shunter, which was the only thing that could open the gate that Shunter was trying to break.

  “As what I said Kolyn, I’m not kidding. Now, go! Choose him over us!” Kolyn just continued to cry. She’s so confused now.

  “Sorry dad, but I need to do this. It’s really hard for me, but this is not just for my own, it's also for my child, my future family. Thank you for what you’ve done to me, for the love and sacrifices. And just this time mom and dad, let me be happy with him. Sorry if I’ll choose him over you, I just chose the thing that I know it’s good for me. And I assure you that I’ll never regret this. I hope I made the right decision,” she mentally said.

  She chuckled as she wiped her tears and stands brave.

  “My decision is already complete, sorry Dad,” she said as she stepped out to their mansion’s gate.

  She cried because of the decision she made. She hugged Shunter tight, and cried on his shoulders.

  “You did the right decision, you don't need to worry. Let's go?” Shunter held Kolyn right hand, and went inside his car.

  But before she could enter, for the last time she glanced at his father as if he was about to explode with anger.

  She smiled, “I love you dad, tell mom that I love her too. Sorry and thank you!”

  She still managed to say goodbye to her father before she could finally get inside Shunter’s car. The love and care that her parents gave her was also unforgivable. She is not that rude. She is still indebted anyway. So no matter what they will do to her, she still loves them.


  WHILE they are in the middle of a trip, they can not help but think, and fear what will happen next. Their family is powerful and influential, so they are sure that their fight is not yet over, it is just the beginning.

  “Just calm down, okay? Everything will going to okay, just trust me,” Shunter said while looking in the rear view mirror. He was the one driving the car, so he did not notice that they had a truck to meet on the road they were on.

  Kolyn tried to smile, “But how? We know what kind of family we both have, and I’m sure they will do everything to find us," she said. She could not contain her nervousness. Her face shows the fear of what their family can do to the two of them.

  “I don’t ca—”

  A loud ten-wheeler truck honked, causing him to stop speaking.

  “SHUN!” Kolyn shouted out in fear. Until their vehicle collided with the truck.

  A few minutes after the incident, Kolyn suddenly regained consciousness.

  “Shun?” she cried as she searched for Shunter. Her eyes could no longer see and she could no longer move. Her head and body were covered with her own blood already.

  “P-please! S-shun help m—ahh!” she moaned in pain. Until she lost her senses. Her whole body seemed paralyzed. She even could barely breathe, so she thought she was going to die, but there was no trace of remorse for anything she had done because she was with the man she loved.

  “Sh-Shu-nte-r,” even though she was having a hard time speaking, she still said the name of the man she loved.

  “I lo-v-e y—,” she was not able to continue what she was about to say when she suddenly lost her consciousness.

  An hour after the accident, ambulances and police arrived. They also came with Kolyn and Shunter’s family who were crying because of what happened to the two.

  They were filled with remorse for themselves when they saw the bodies of the two unconscious because they are also the reason why this happened to them. Perhaps, if they had not thwarted the wishes of the two, not everything would have ended this way. They also think that they should just let the two decide for what they wanted because they know what’s best for their selves—for their relationship.